Arca Swiss

23 Jun 19
Camera Jabber

Slik has announced a new range of PRO CF carbon fibre tripods, along with two new Pro ball heas.

23 Jun 19
Sony Alpha Blog

Leofoto LS-324C + ball head LH40 is an an excellent carbon fiber tripod : compact, light, very sturdy

19 Jun 19
Pretentious Narcissistic Website

Some first impressions after picking up an Arca-Swiss P0 Ball Head recently.

Why? It’s interesting. It’s an inverted design so that the panoramic base is above the ball, ensuring a level platform for panoramic photography. Basically it eliminates the need for a leveling base. Combined with the 9oz weight, it’ll reduce as much as 1.5lbs from my systematic tripod setup.

I quickly discovered the reason for the weight savings: the base of the ball head is made of polycarbonate, most likely Delrin. The rest is made from either magnesium or aluminum, depending on the part. Regarding the design, it also has no protruding parts beyond the pano lock lever. The ball lock is performed by a rotating collar around the middle of the body, resulting in a sleek design. The ball is also aspherical, a feature used across Arca-Swiss’ whole line, that increases friction to prevent your camera from loosely flopping over when the ball lock is loosened. A very elegant solution to a universal issue with all ball heads.

17 Jun 19
Sidereal Trading Pty Ltd

NN3 MK3 with Nadir Adapter w/ Lower Rotator Mini Pkg

The NN3 MK3 is lightweight and compact. The Nadir Adapter allows for 180° vertical rail rotation to allow for the camera to shot straight down helping to eliminate the footprint (nadir). Arca-Swiss compatible and like the MKII suitable for compact cameras, Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras, and even smaller DSLR’s with lens up to 50mm.

17 Jun 19
Sidereal Trading Pty Ltd

The New NN3 MK3 w/ Lower Rotator D10 Pkg.

The NN3 MK3 is lightweight and compact. Arca-Swiss compatible and like the MKII suitable for compact cameras, Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras, and even smaller DSLR’s with lens up to 50mm.

14 Jun 19
Internet Ninja

Price: ~$54+  | Pledge | Link SPINN design’s CP.01 is a plate that attaches to the bottom of DSLR or mirrorless cameras. Hook your strap into the CP.01 and your camera won’t swing or slip while you’re moving. It also keeps the strap out of the way of your hands and the camera’s controls while you’re shooting, and is compatible […]

14 Jun 19
Firearm Rack

Savage has added the new MSR10 Precision Rifle to their rifle lineup giving you yet another option for a precision-focused AR-10 sized rifle. Currently, the rifle is only available in .308 Winchester with more calibers likely coming in the future, no official word on what calibers will be coming or when though. Here is to […]

11 Jun 19
Smallrig Reseller

When you step into professional filmmaking or photography, you don’t just need a professional camera, but other accessories too like lighting equipment, camera rigs, Fujifilm camera cage, SD cards, etc. to enhance the efficiency of your camera as well as for incredible filmmaking experience. Camera cages not just provide security to camera against damage, but […]

11 Jun 19
Market Research Nest Reports adds “Global Tripod Heads Market Growth 2019-2024” new report to its research database. The report spread across 161 pages with multiple tables and figures in it. A tripod head is the part of a tripod system that attaches the supported device (such as a camera) to the tripod legs, and allows the orientation […]

06 Jun 19
Hermes & Hubris

A2A S.p.A. is an Italian utility company born out of the merger of two independent Italian companies, AEM (Azienda Energetica Municipale) of Milan and ASM Brescia (Azienda dei Servizi Municipalizzati) at the end of 2007. It is the first Italian operator in the private urban waste sector to work 24 hours for an energy production of 1.5 TWh. It is the […]

06 Jun 19

One of the pieces of gear that Blonde Robot loaned me for my trip to New Zealand was the Punk Billy Tripod from 3 Legged Thing. I was give the option of a couple to choose from their range and thought the Billy would be a good fit.

04 Jun 19

Der er ingen told i EU. Kun lande uden for EU fx. kшb i Norge skal der erlжgges told og moms. Hvis der altsе er told pе bшger, det aner jeg ikke det fjerneste om. Sе sшrg for at handle inden for EU. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future […]

01 Jun 19
The Center Column

In the previous post, I used a torque gauge to measure the amount of torque generated on a camera and lens under windy conditions.  From this, we then directly calculated the amount of tripod stiffness necessary to hold the camera steady.  While this is great, it is still a theoretical calculation made after many borderline […]

01 Jun 19
LightCentric Photography Blog

My recent series on my “evolution” got me thinking a little more about “gear.” I have done this before, in perhaps a different way. As photographers, we spend a fair amount of time on art and a fair amount of time on gear. But the gear tends to be heavily stilted toward cameras and sensors. […]

30 May 19

A week of R&R has quickly rolled past and tomorrow I am starting the second of two back-to-back landscape workshops to the Great Ocean road in Victoria and World Heritage Forests and Wild Coasts of Tasmania. Although I have been to Tasmania countless times in the course of my life I never tire of returning […]