11 Dec 18
Grouvy Today

As the holiday season approaches, maybe you want to offer or offer a new mobile phone! But it is not easy to navigate the different models offered by the manufacturers. We offer you a selection of the most interesting smartphones, to help you find the best smartphone, less than 200 €, for Christmas. Heading animated […]

08 Dec 18
The Naked Troubadour

INTRODUCTION A great many people get mad these days if you start quoting the Bible. I had a woman insisting to me recently that the Bible was written in the seventeenth century by some church people appointed by the king who were creating a book with which to oppress the people! She said that even […]

06 Dec 18

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06 Dec 18
Android Brothers

Today, all of the modern Android phones come with their own video players that are pre-installed. Most of these are decent and have basic features, but surely you can find better ones if you look for them. But the main question here is how can one search for the best video player for android? Here […]

30 Nov 18
Tech Viral

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f we search for the media player on the Google Play Store, we will find tons of Android apps over there. Such a huge number of choices always confuses users and they end up installing the wrong media player. So, to make things easier, we are going to share 10 of the best Android Video […]

30 Nov 18

Papyri Archos. ®©Artsydhude 97-18 ™XenoGrapx

29 Nov 18
Things & Stuff

For those of you who enjoy third person fantasy sandbox games, let this game teleport you to a world of your choosing – Gaia or Archos. Gaia is a smaller ‘starter’ world which was just introduced, but if you wish to transfer your characters between worlds, be warned it’s a bit of a challenge and […]

24 Nov 18

​Abstracted Life. papyri archos f1.b45 13Au 🙅💉👊🆙🆕📴 ©Artsydhude 97-18 ™XenoGrapx

21 Nov 18

Digital media adaptor is a device used for connecting a computer to a home media system that enables transfer of digital files and audio content to and from electronic devices and media devices. Thus enabling users to search different online media and transfer them to an audio or visual equipment that is combined with the […]