Armand Marseille

16 Jan 19
Doll Marché

Dolls are known in all cultures and are one of the oldest and most widespread forms of TOYS. A doll in its most basic form is a cone-shaped figure which can be made of clay, wood, stone, bone, cloth or different natural materials. It is believed that in prehistoric societies, dolls made in a human likeness […]

09 Jan 19
Backseat Mafia

It is said that blood is thicker than water and to a greater extent that appears to hold true for most people. That doesn’t mean we necessarily like our brothers and sisters, spend much time with them or have anything in common. One thing that does bring families together is the illness or death of […]

07 Jan 19
Miss Molly quilts

Annie Louise is my mother’s doll.  I always thought that she was a china doll, but when researching dolls and doll clothes from the early 1900s, I decided that she didn’t look like a china doll.  She was a bisque doll. Her face is not shiny.  I couldn’t find any dolls that looked just like […]

29 Dec 18
World's Today's News

It was beyond the Yen Thai Bay, beyond the Coral Sea, on the land of the wind and the fairies, where the stars meet the moon in secret, where the evening sun rests. She closed her eyes so much that the singer France Gall Finally they did not open them again, leaving us only their […]

30 Nov 18
Archy Worldys

Samuel Moutoussamy vs. Monaco. – SEBASTIAN SALOM-GOMIS / SIPA Samuel Moutoussamy was scheduled to hold this Friday evening (20.45) in Saint-Etienne. Prior to his arrival in Nantes in 2016, the midfielder had not been held in Lyon. Some accuse Moutoussamy, a discreet and dumb man, because he is almost too altruistic in his playing style. […]