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20 Feb 19
Vogenix Self Tanner

2019-02-19 16:48:45 With a finger on the pulse and a tight hold on new and independent brands, for many, Net-A-Porter is the first name that will spring to mind when it comes to a destination well versed in creating a tight and thoughtful edit. But, for those wishing to clean up the way in which […]

19 Feb 19

  What is actually massage therapy anyway? A single thing our company can point out for certain is that it has come to be a quick expanding line of work. A number of years earlier, you certainly never also been aware of massage therapy. Yet ever since interest has grown greatly. Also insurance policy firms […]

18 Feb 19
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Its a New Year and Your Work Situation Has Not Changed, If Anything Its Giving You The Blues. Written by Dr. Rebecca Davis Don’t get depressed because you are not where you want to be professionally. It is rough out there in the working world. Bills get higher and pay gets lower. But hang in […]

18 Feb 19

When it comes to natural ingredients, tea tree oil is often overlooked. However, its power shouldn’t be underestimated because this wonder ingredient can remedy a number of skin concerns. Its properties mean it’s excellent at banishing blemishes, rebalancing oil levels and soothing the skin.
But that’s not all; this versatile oil can…

13 Feb 19
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The Report Rose Oil Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2017-2025 provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and company profiles for key industry participants. – Rose Oil Market: Introduction Rose oil, is an essential oil extracted from the petals of roses through extraction processes such as steam distillation, solvent extraction, or […]

12 Feb 19
TET Events Tribune

Raffles Hotels & Resorts is raising the bar when it comes to rest with the launch of an intuitive and thoughtful well-being program designed to help guests unwind, get a peaceful night’s rest and wake up feeling refreshed. The new Raffles Sleep Rituals service, introduced as part of the brand’s commitment to enhancing the comfort […]

12 Feb 19

Aromatherapy and emotions- Aromatherapy can calm and ease anxiety in PTSD sufferers- “Lavender is a wonderful essential oil for PTSD because it can help to alleviate fear, anxiety, stress, panic and depression, as well as reduce nightmares and sleep disturbances. Bergamot can relieve anxiety and fear too, and if anger and rage is a symptom […]

11 Feb 19

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it seems like a great time to embrace some pampering so you can be your own Valentine no matter your relationship status! On this #MerchMonday we have a round-up of beautifying and relaxing products for a Valentine’s Day packed with self-care! Deep Steep Lavender and Chamomile Bubble Bath There’s […]

10 Feb 19

Having stayed at the JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach before, I was very impressed by what the hotel had to offer, so I decided to return to this property. This time, however, I had decided to book the Deluxe Suite as there was an Amex promotion with a S$150 cashback for any S$500 spend […]

09 Feb 19
Herbalist CBD Oil

The great thing about glycerine ( M & P ) soap is it’s strength. There are so ma.ny techniques that you can customise your soap for your own personel use, for children or or even for special skin care needs. When I began to from how to get more of one’s amazing nutrient I found […]

09 Feb 19

In recent years there has been a surge in interest over essential oils. The three main methods of use are inhalation, topical application, and ingestion. Inhaling can be performed by smelling the oil directly from the bottle or mixing a few drops with distilled water in an appropriate diffuser. Applying oils to the skin must […]