03 Jun 19
Bon Bon Lifestyle Webazine Ivan Black is a British artist with 20 years of experience in creating mesmerizing kinetic sculptures. His work reflects a fascination and kinship with the mathematical patterns found everywhere in nature e.g. waves, leaves, shells, the human form etc. Tending towards the minimalism in design, his work reveals how order silently governs our seemingly […]

17 May 19
Just Pieces

Mistaken for thugs.  Sometimes mistaken.  Thoughts aren’t harmless.  Had to survive.  Made them compliments.  To complement my own perception.  Why I turn up now.  Check my side profile.  Rich Thugger.  Real Warrior.  Toast a fashion poster.  And I’ll… Slow roast ya with the roaster if you think it’s jokes bruh. Ha!  I’m an artist now.  […]

03 May 19
Newsy Today

From a rooftop greenhouse to a roof entirely in stained glass and a spire made of light, architects from around the world have been letting their creativity run wild with the task of rebuilding Notre-Dame’s burned out roof. The roof and spire of the Paris landmark were destroyed in the blaze on April 15, with […]

17 Apr 19

Entrevista con el Artista. Jadore Tong es un artista, inventor y diseñador francés, camboyano. Es conocido por su magnífico proyecto en Berlín llamado “The Elephant”, que cambió completamente el espacio urbano, ya que lo hizo más colorido.

05 Apr 19

Winstons Coffee

We know #artbasel is over, but we just found this and loved it too much not to post. * #EspressoMartini #hkcocktails #hkbartender #hkbar #coffeecocktails #deathbeforedecaf #eyesopenwideawake #artcentral #martiniglass #winstonscoffee #saiyingpun #kennedytown #hongkong #coffeeisthenewblack * Original post: @mrblackspiritshk via WINSTONS COFFEE