Artisan Book Reviews

19 Mar 19
Aal-e-Qutub Aal-e-Syed Abdullah Shah Ghazi

Until recently, the mainstream history of scientific ideas has failed to acknowledge numerous Islamic scientists and their great efforts and achievements throughout the centuries. This short article seeks to contribute in redressing this injustice by highlighting Muslim contributions and attitudes towards the progress of chemistry. Salim T S Al-Hassani* and Mohammed Abattouy** Figure 1: 15th-century European […]

18 Mar 19
Hillcrest Heights Neighbors

Click here to add an event Hi y’all, it’s Claire. This week in Wheat Ridge, you can learn about the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy, check out Trivia, Open Mic Comedy, or a Burlesque show at Violet’s Venue, drink beer with the Jeffco Democrats, and more! Keep scrolling for the deets… Rec Center Schedules Wheat Ridge Rec Center […]

18 Mar 19
Homestead on the Range

Looking for ways to expand your small-farm dairy business? Milk offers many opportunities for diversifying your product offerings! Here are some common ways to add value to farm-fresh milk. Cream Cream is not one of the more popular value-added dairy products around, but it does have a loyal following among health-conscious customers. Fresh, raw cream […]

18 Mar 19
Donna's BookShelf

    Today I am reviewing Murder Simply Brewed, the first novel in the Amish Village Mystery Series by Vanetta Chapman. Here is a brief synopsis: Spring has arrived in Middlebury, Indiana, and Amber Wright can see profits in sight for her collection of Amish artisan shops—until she receives a call that Ethan Gray is […]

16 Mar 19
Newlywords Blog

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary for a loved one’s 40th birthday gift, a collaborative memory book could be the answer. Personal, heartfelt and unique, this unique gift celebrates a person’s life through the eyes of friends and family. If you want to bestow the gift of love and admiration with a […]

16 Mar 19
Story Artisan Press

***** I watched the NYT documentary about Malala Yousufzai six or so years ago. Since then I had been curious about her father.

16 Mar 19

By Chris Onuoha Osasuwa Asemota is the Chief Executive Officer of HustleSquare Company Limited, a new technology based service provider with focus on artisans. He is also a co-founder comprising two others – Steve Asemota and Tshela Boyo who are based in Canada. Osa Asemota who has been in the oil and gas sector for […]

15 Mar 19
Pure Textuality PR

A woman betrayed … Knitting artisan, Layla Watson, is a master of her craft. Life in Fate Valley is good … until she discovers her boyfriend has been cheating on her. On a whim, she signs up for a shifter-human dating website and gets an instant match: Liam Nash. A Christmas wish … Liam has […]

15 Mar 19
The Emu

For some time now, I’ve been interested in the trend for renaming perfectly good months to repurpose them. My extensive research for this blog tells me that this practice has a name all of its own – these new months are called ‘punths’ – which is actually vaguely clever – it’s a word describing a […]

14 Mar 19

A friend of mine was visiting from San Francisco, and she told me one of her favorite breads is brioche. I’ve made other enriched breads before, like my Sourdough Hazelnut Chocolate Babka, but never this French classic. I honestly cannot believe how well this bread turned out, it was rich, soft, buttery, and shred-able, basically […]

14 Mar 19

Here at Taste of Prague, we have this secret competition with Vienna: we want all the guests of our food tours, and all the visitors to Prague, enjoy our city more than Vienna. Not that we have anything against Vienna. We actually love that place. But still, when many of our guests visit Prague, Vienna […]

13 Mar 19
Wandering Darlings

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you would never be unhappy with a visit to Quebec City, especially with kids. We were there in the winter, when it was below freezing every single day and we still had the time of our lives and our kids did too! If you’re looking for a […]