19 Feb 19
Voir Des Film en Streaming Gratuit et Des Film online Streaming Gratuit

By Jennifer Fox With the many stress factors that working people are suffering from in their offices, they find comfort on that things that they have given to their beloved families who are the purpose on why they are allowing themselves to be confined on their offices for long hours. The thing that most people […]

19 Feb 19

Theme Song: Kazoo Kid Trap Remix – Mike Diva As the three of us entered the door to the warehouse, I grew back to my full height all at once. Ow oof ouch my bones. Fay turned back into a Mismagius, then seemed to think for a moment and turned back into a human. Lyra […]

19 Feb 19
Innovative Images Photography by Robert Berger

Introducing our affordable studio portrait photography mini sessions for kids and children from 2 to 12 years old! Introductory rate $150.00 plus tax(reg. $200). Our in studio mini sessions are available for birthday portraits( or beautiful child portrait), dance, and Christmas! More special themes will be added. We have hundreds of artistic specialty portrait backgrounds available […]

19 Feb 19
Sound Books

emote Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day for February 19, 2019 is: emote • \ih-MOHT\  • verb : to give expression to emotion especially in acting Examples: “It’s not always immediately obvious, but sometimes you fall in love with a band for the way the singers emote.” — James Reed, The Boston Globe, 24 Jan. 2012 […]

19 Feb 19

imusify’s mission is to provide an open-source innovation space for developing new means of music distribution, consumption, and engagement. imusify is building a music smart economy to allow for the direct exchange of value between artists, fans, and other stakeholders, giving our community the power to control the future of the music industry. submitted by […]

19 Feb 19
Razeen Khan NMA

I found it extremely difficult to follow Lev Manovich’s writing. It was repetitive and dense in my opinion. What I took away from the reading was that Lev Identified 5 principles that classify what new media is I also found the Myth of interactivity to be the most interesting part of the chapter. “The principle […]

19 Feb 19
Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme

I’ve known children’s author/poet Rebecca Kai Dotlich for a number of years and have been a big fan of her writing for even longer; conversely, I’d never even heard of author/illustrator Fred Koehler until he signed on to illustrate my debut picture book, Flashlight Night (Boyds Mills Press, 2017), and we’ve since become internet friends and supporters of each […]

19 Feb 19
To Whom It May Concern,

To Whom It May Concern,   I always spell February wrong. Im still not convinced auto correct got it right. Time has been something on my mind lately. Time and the grand scheme of things. Its been a year since everything changed for me. A year used to seem like all the time in the […]

17 Feb 19
Conscious Electronic

ODESZA enlists MEMBA, ford., MILD MINDS, Kodak To Graph, Running Touch, and Chet Porter on ‘A Moment Apart Remixes.’ Listen here.

19 Feb 19
Lux Exposé

Virgin Group Founder Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Voyages President and CEO Tom McAlpin announced that Virgin Voyages is officially open for business. Its first ship, Scarlet Lady, is now open for bookings for her maiden voyages that kick off on April 1 and last till October 21, 2020. A boutique-style, mid-sized ship is designed to […]

19 Feb 19
Got A Million Rhymes

When I think of music, many memories come to mind. However,  the most salient memories are earlier in my life. When I was really young the music I listened to relied pretty heavily on what my mom was listening to, as it was a lot of what I knew and so I came to love […]