25 Jun 19

Galaxy Radio DX99V2 for Sale ※ Download: Galaxy dx99v cb radio mods Galaxy radio mods It comes with an easy-to-read meter displaying scales for Signal Strength and Power Output. How do you know if it has mods? Details Turning up the Transmitter’s wattage Adjusting the modulation for maximum output without distortion. Also run the ground […]

24 Jun 19
Hiding in the Shadows

Eating healthy for some comes easy for others its hard. As there are many diets people have talked about are ketogenic diet. The Ketogenic Diet is a high fat, low carbohydrate, controlled protein diet that has been used since the 1920s for the treatment of epilepsy. The diet is a medical treatment and is usually only […]

01 Jun 19

Latar Belakang Mikrofon adalah perangkat yang mengubah gelombang energi mekanik atau suara menjadi gelombang energi listrik. Berbicara ke dalam mikrofon menggairahkan (menggerakkan) diafragma yang digabungkan ke perangkat yang menciptakan arus listrik sebanding dengan gelombang suara yang dihasilkan. Mikrofon adalah bagian dari kehidupan sehari-hari. Mereka digunakan dalam telepon, pemancar untuk radio komersial dan siaran televisi, radio […]

28 May 19

New Phillips AG-3016 Cartridge & Needle/Stylus Astatic P1006 Electro-Voice 185 – Buy – New Phillips AG-3016 Cartridge & Needle/Stylus Astatic P1006 Electro-Voice 185

23 May 19
Prince's Diaries

tonight,i feel the spark between our fingertipsecstatic,as they grazed my on my skin, astatic,dancing to the rhythm of the current.time that flowed endlesslynow static.a bit problematic,finding a cozy place just for the two us.your eyes,magneticdrawing me towards i lay on your shoulders,the night,dropping a cold blanket on us.ending a hot summer day,didactic.i ask for […]

12 May 19
shahzade bau

Meaning of a Budget Define a budget How can you create a budget?. Planning for revenues and expenditure is very important in real life, we really have to know about how much coming in and how much money coming out. You will learn how to prepare a scale of preference and priorities you are wants.Watch […]

29 Apr 19

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is a radical departure from its predecessors while also walking a tightrope between being diffrent and keeping familiar elements.

24 Apr 19
Shona Lee Photography

Narrative Photography Sequence A pitcher tells a thousand words. So narrative photography can range from just a single image to a collection of still photographs. Telling stories through visuals surrounds us in our everyday lives. Therefore, the design brief for this assessment is to tell a story through a sequence of coloured images. The images […]

07 Apr 19
Top Band Chordal Hopper

The three microphones L-R are the Astatic D-104, probably the #1 mic that hams used with the KWS-1, the Shure 51B “Sonodyne” – used mostly by recording artists like Nat King Cole, Turner 99 – the oddball of the three, I don’t know what it was used for in its day. The three keys L-R […]

02 Apr 19
Akila Chowdhury's History of Resistance in the Middle East Blog

Graffiti We are all familiar with the saying that actions speak louder than words. Such a saying manifests itself in the street art/graffiti of the 2011 Egyptian revolution. In this context, multiple opinions, conversations and debates occurred on Egypt’s walls in the absence of verbal communication. As numerous scholars have established, social media was certainly […]

31 Mar 19
Top Band Chordal Hopper

The Astatic D-104, 10-C and 10D – classics and used with the KWS-1 There are so many cool microphones, but I will cherry pick a couple decent one’s and also will pick a set of keys to use with the Collins KWS-1. Astatic D-104, Shure “Sonodyne” 51B, Turner 99 I replaced the old dried out […]

24 Mar 19
Top Band Chordal Hopper

I had big fun in the KY6R shack today – I used my DVM to triple check the wiring of my re-capping plus replacing a selenium rectifier and replacing a suspect 0B2 tube. I also found a pair of 1 1/2 amp Buss fuses that I hear are hard to find. The fellow who owned […]

18 Mar 19
Top Band Chordal Hopper

This is the High Voltage side of the power supply. I have the low and high voltage schematics together, and will go over every change I made and make sure I did it correctly. Then I will turn it on and give it the old “smoke test”. I also need to make sure I have […]