16 Mar 19

They are hard to find, a pain to grow and lose their sexy aroma within a week Tfoxes – the non-chocolate type, I'm sorry – they are edible mushrooms, like mushrooms. Unlike mushrooms, they grow underground near tree roots and the best truffles are wildly, madly, wait-how-much? expensive, sometimes up to thousands of dollars per […]

13 Mar 19
Jerry Marquardt

This week’s ♨♨♨ HOT ♨♨♨ DEALS Tuesday March 12, 2019 FEATURED COUPONS COUPONS.COM Save $1.25 on any ONE (1) Dunkin’ Donuts® coffee product Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) Olive Garden Salad Dressing Save $0.75 on any one (1) State Fair® Corn Dog Product (4 oz or larger) Save $0.75 on any ONE (1) Tums® […]

12 Mar 19
Journal of the Hangar

I have a story. my friend. Let’s call him luke. Luke is and was the coolest walking guy in the room. He can dance, he can sing, he can rap, he’s handsome, he can talk to any woman, can fight, good a video games. Really anywhere he went where he was known was a welcome […]

11 Mar 19
The Fellas Get Chilly

Author: Smoochie Boy If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve said or heard someone you know say “Shade Check”. What happens after this invocation is proclaimed can only be described as a combination of kinky wonder and dark enticement. In an instant, everyone present who has seen the shadows, stepped in the shadows, stomped […]