08 Jan 19
CityBike Magazine

“Ducati” is a polarizing name here at CityBike World Headquarters. Editor Surj tends to emphasize the tiny coffee cups and bike night lifestyle of Ducatisti brand loyalists, An rides one of the most intelligently modified SportClassics…

02 Jan 19

These startups and their passionate founders are trying to revolutionize existing B2B solutions. Find out what they are working on. Actioned Fiona Adler Founder As more and more teams are working remotely, the need for better team productivity systems is evident. Fiona Adler has worked with local and remote teams for the past 15 years, […]

27 Dec 18

People become needy and clingy for several reasons. Rarely does needy and clingy behavior reap the desired goal. Being needy and clingy repels others rather than bringing them closer.

20 Dec 18
Wasted Talent

It All Comes Down to This We all thought we were faced with the worst possible matchup last year when Josh and Jafar faced off in the the Naomi Bowl.  This year it is somehow worse.  Due to Keegan’s ineptitude and what I can only imagine is the work of Satan himself, we have Donald […]

11 Dec 18
CM Adult Reviews

I know it’s been quiiiiiite sometime since I did a lube review but the reality is, I don’t use lube that much so it’s far and few between that you will see lube reviews. This time, I used the Astroglide Natural Feel Liquid. Let me start off by saying this is my FAVORITE lube I’ve […]

06 Dec 18


destiel-is-cockles-fault: Astroglide: Unapologetic Destiel shipper AND Misha lover= Love at first sight (for me lol)

04 Dec 18

if you want to learn how to provide an excellent body massage centre in Kolkata, congratulations. Massages are a totally special act which could without a doubt bring human beings collectively – whether or not it be thru therapy or part of an intimate putting. there are many elements to giving the quality feasible massage. […]

25 Nov 18
World Site News

Getty ImagesAlberto Guglielmi Happy National Orgasm Day! If you didn’t know that was a thing, that’s ok. I prefer to live every day like it’s National Orgasm Day. Between this and International Women’s Orgasm Day next week, the Gods of Random Holidays really want to make you aware of the state of your orgasmic life.…

23 Nov 18
Sanjana Body Massage parlour 8420986363

If you want to discover ways to supply a body massage parlour in Kolkata, congratulations. Massages are totally special activities that can simply convey two human beings collectively – whether it be thru remedy or a part of an intimate placing. there are many elements to giving the quality viable message. In one-of-a-kind articles, we’ll […]

17 Nov 18
bread and boredom

“It’s not even food. It’s about as edible as Astroglide and made from the same stuff,” Bourdain declared. [On truffle oil] Stop putting that stuff on mac and cheese. It’s gross.

15 Nov 18

Low self-esteem can harm a relationship, and brushing it off won’t make it go away. Hence we asked 8 experts, “How to deal with low self-esteem in a relationship?” Learn from their helpful tips below. Gabrielle Freire Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Self-esteem develops and evolves throughout our lives as we build an image of […]

14 Nov 18

Astroglide is one of the most popular lubricants on the market, and for good reason! This water based formula has been a favorite of lovers for years, thanks to its superior performance and feel. Water based, this lube is safe to use on any adult toys, with condoms, and for both solo sessions and partner…