17 Feb 19

As much as it is practically impossible to write a fair appreciation of one’s teachers, it might be worth trying. Sadly, this often means that to some extent, the writer becomes the central figure at least in the introduction. Maybe this is why so few people do it. Most of my teachers are now dead […]

15 Feb 19
Archy Worldys

Reading time: 9 min You prepare carefully to warm up your spouse. It is you who make an appointment in case of sexually transmitted disease. You worry about your partner's pleasure more than yours. Congratulations, you are a heterosexual couple. The concepts of mental charge and emotional charge ("emotional labor »en English), popularized in France […]

15 Feb 19
Archy news nety

Reading time: 9 min You prepare yourself carefully to warm up your partner. You are the one who makes an appointment in case of sexually transmitted diseases. You are more concerned about the pleasure of your partner than yours. Congratulations, you are a heterosexual couple. The concepts of mental charge and emotional charge ("emotional work […]

14 Feb 19
A Pilgrim in Narnia

C.S. Lewis’ love story with poet and author Joy Davidman has been made famous by Lewis biographers and, especially, the stage production and film, Shadowlands. Abigail Santamaria’s fairly recent biography of Davidman, Joy: Poet, Seeker, and the Woman Who Captivated C. S. Lewis–which I have reviewed here–goes some distance in helping us see the story from another angle. Some […]

11 Feb 19
Todos Santos Stalker Blog “Variety show including over 20 different numbers – song, dance, skits, live music, drums, poetry. The community struttin’ its stuff!” Sat Feb 16th, one night only.

11 Feb 19
O at the Edges

  Aubade (Inca Dove) Such delicacy evokes the evolution of hand and wing, a growth reflecting all we’ve come to know. Two doves sit on the fence, cold wind ruffling their feathers. What brings them to this place of no shelter, of wind and rain and clarity defied? Fingers often remember what the mind cannot. […]

10 Feb 19
Thomas Graham

PEPE CARVALHO is Spain’s most famous detective. In 23 novels over 32 years, he idled in Barcelona’s cafés and bars and fell in and out of love; sometimes he solved cases. Often more gripping than the machinations of criminals were his observations of the transformation of post-Franco Spain, particularly Barcelona, Carvalho’s adopted city (he hails […]

09 Feb 19
Megha's World

First Published in the Mojave Heart Review Memories slip on the silent back of the dunes those shape-shifting sands are treacherous you see as they promise you an eternity till the next whiff of the fleeting wind that catches their attention and dancing and glimmering in the hot sweltering heat of the sun they morph, […]

08 Feb 19
Peacock Journal

Beauty is a museum-quiet stillness that allows all our senses to fully bestow a sense of calm, clarity, charity and empathy, on ourselves and hopefully on others.

08 Feb 19
Lisa Kelly

London Grip Poetry Review – Lisa Kelly February 7, 2019 Julie Hogg is impressed by the unorthodox but skilfully crafted poetry of Lisa Kelly Philip Levine’s Good Ear Lisa Kelly Stonewood Press ISBN 9781910413296 £4.99 The title of this pocket volume, the seventh book in the Thumbprint series by Stonewood Press, caught my attention. Lisa Kelly has […]

07 Feb 19
Todos Santos Stalker Blog

Wow. What a line up of class act music coming at us starting tonight (Thursday Feb 7th). Music loves us and we love music, let’s get together to celebrate =) Some of my talented friends that are playing around town: The Cordovas with Los Tolines tonight, Friday with David Raitt & The Baja Boogie Band, […]

07 Feb 19
Clarisse de Monredon

Avec Orchestre de Chambre – à cordes Bach  – Mozart – Glass Orchestre Symphonique Bach                           concerto en ré mineur et fa mineur Beethoven                 concerto n4 Pascal Dusapin :       A Quia Thierry Escaich:      concerto pour orchestre Thierry Escaich:      Scherzo Fauré                         Ballade Glass                           concerto Grieg                          Concerto Mozart                       […]

06 Feb 19
Musings Of My Soul

Being someone born and brought up in Kerala, I seldom got an opportunity to explore other parts of India. Yes, there had been trips during school and college tours with friends and after marriage, we had explored places as both of us love to travel. Still, I was not much familiar with the Tamil culture […]