24 Jun 19
Groovenut Records Blog

本日はRock/Sampling Source LPを16枚追加しました。 Groovenut Records → New Arrivals(1週間以内の追加分) → Just In(本日追加分) 商品詳細ページへ アーティスト名:Can タイトル:Can(LP) レーベル:Laser コメント: ドイツを代表するロックバンドであり、クラウトロックの代表的グループCanの79年リリースレコード。こちらは同年リリースのUK盤。Michael Karoli、Irmin Schmidt、Rosco Gee、Jaki Liebezeit、Reebop Kwaku Baahの布陣での録音。Q-Tip「Manwoomanboogie」でサンプリングされたB2「A Spectacle」、流線型のグルーヴが心地良いフュージョントラックA3「Sunday Jam」、ドイツ感をビシビシ感じるA1「All Gates Open」やA2「Safe」などナイストラック満載の名盤です!! 収録曲: SIDE-A 1.All Gates Open 2.Safe 3.Sunday Jam SIDE-B 1.Sodom 2.A Spectacle 3.E.F.S. Nr.99 4.Ping Pong 5.Can Be 試聴ファイルリンク: 試聴ファイル 商品詳細ページへ アーティスト名:Holger Czukay タイトル:Movies(LP) レーベル:EMI コメント: クラウトロックの雄Canの創設メンバーでJah WobbleやBrian […]

23 Jun 19
Empty Verse

An Aubade.

22 Jun 19

Eibhear Walshe is Director of Creative Writing at University College Cork.   His works of literary criticism include books on Colm Tóibín, Kate O’Brien, Oscar Wilde and Elizabeth Bowen. So Walshe is an expert on good writing and on how to write. In The Trumpet Shall Sound, a novel about the life and works of Georg […]

21 Jun 19
Todos Santos Stalker Blog

In prep for getting my next album recorded & happy to announce have friends joining me on this one 🎸 as well as brilliant local talent in charge of engineering and production. Celebrating with a fun show later next month at one of my fav venues in Todos Santos. Will have Ker Rie G’Able on drums and Daniel Prather on guitar […]

21 Jun 19

Shiner, by Eva HD, Mansfield Press, 108 pp, $17.00, ISBN: 978-1771261210 Eva HD’s first book of poetry, Rotten Perfect Mouth, was published by Mansfield Press in 2015. Shiner followed a year later. A science lecturer and poet friend of mine, who is disdainful of most poetry, introduced me to her. “Now there’s a poet worth […]

21 Jun 19

Kulon Progo. DIY,  –  Dalam rangka memperingati HUT Kemerdekaan RI ke-74 Tahun 2019, Pemerintah Kecamatan Panjatan, Kabupaten Kulon Progo,  melaksanakan Rapat Koordinasi yang dilangsungkan di Pendopo Kecamatan Panjatan, pada hari Kamis (20/06/2019), mulai pukul 09.00 WIB. Rakor dihadiri oleh Camat Panjatan (Setiawan Tri Widodo), Danramil Panjatan diwakili oleh Serda Edi Susilo (Babinsa Gotakan), Kapolsek […]

21 Jun 19
little thoughts

I’m linking up with This Ain’t the Lyceum today for the weekly seven quick takes blog party 🙂 Head over to catch up with everyone else! Our city has a family pool pass option for the summers, and it’s half price if purchased before Memorial Day weekend – so I decided to try it out […]

20 Jun 19
The Emerald Hedgehog

Some poetry collections are difficult to form an opinion on not only because it feels like they push the boundary between the poet’s and the speaker’s life and experiences, but also because they focus on such universal themes that it’s difficult to engage with them in any way other than to filter the poetry through […]

19 Jun 19
A Celebration of Reading

Some time around the Y2K scramble my daughter gifted me with a copy of Tin House Magazine: Issue 11 if I recall. Since then I have acquired and buried one wife, experienced one pesky stroke, gained a son-in-law and two delightful grand-children, read a few books, received social security, surrendered my driver’s license, and moved […]

18 Jun 19
AU Music Library News

New to the Stacks! Aebersold Jazz Nothin’ But Blues MT 68 .A33 2015 Aebersold Jazz How to Play Jazz and Improvise MT 68 .A33 2012 Aebersold Jazz The II-V7-I Progression MT 68 .A43 2012b Boris Grigoriew 78 Studies for Tuba MT 485 .G75 1983 Phil Snedecor Low Etudes for Tuba MT 485 .S64 1996 Leonard Rose Orchestral Excerpts for Cello MT 306 .R67 O74 1953 v.2 […]

17 Jun 19
Barking Foxes

Our next meeting will be on the 29th of June.  13:00-15:00  Barking Library Agenda Bring along your poem from the Spanish Festival to read out and discuss We will be learning about an Aubade:  An aubade is a morning love song (as opposed to a serenade, which is in the evening), or a song or poem about lovers separating […]

16 Jun 19
This is how I am searching.

… as if there’s something in the fridge still fresh we failed to see last time we checked…

14 Jun 19
Archy Worldys

Brands are now trying to modernize the image of the seductress without falling into sexist archetypes. A delicate balance to find. By Vicky Chahine Posted 14 June 2019 at 14h28, updated at 01h40 Time to Reading 5 min. Subscribers article The new SoftStretch advertising campaign from Chantelle. CARLOTA GUERRERO This seems anecdotal from France. However, […]

13 Jun 19

I thought it would be a fun way to mark the fiftieth installment of The Paris Cinema Project by taking a very informal look at changes in the Parisian cinematic landscape, as well as some consistencies. To accompany my posts, I often take images of cinemas, or spaces that used to be cinemas, from the […]