22 Apr 19

Hi, everyone. It’s Quadrille Monday! This is a dVerse creation—a poem of exactly 44 words, not including the title. It must contain the given word. The poem can take any form: rhymed, free verse, or even a Haibun. I often think of the quadrille as a sort of fun poem, and perhaps this can be […]

21 Apr 19
Rochford Street Review

Moonlight on Oleander: Prose Poems by Paul Hetherington, University of Western Australia Press 2018, was launched by Cassandra Atherton at the National Library, Canberra in 6 September 2018. I am really honoured to be launching Paul Hetherington’s book of prose poetry, Moonlight on Oleander in this beautiful venue – it’s a bibliophile’s dream! I should […]

21 Apr 19
the creative lexicon

of dawn– fuchsia, amber, becoming white clouds like small sheep grazing on blue a white truck sees mine and passes up by the manure heap I’m painting the valley hay rolls like dough near the bend in the road edges of trees unfurl green strolling to the place where the wild plums blossom and I […]

21 Apr 19
This Triangle of Truisms

Originally posted on Malcolm Guite:
? the sun is on the rise The Lord is Risen! He is risen indeed Alleluia! For this Easter morning I am posting the fifteenth and final sonnet from my Stations of the Cross sequence, but also adding a new Easter poem, which takes the form of an Aubade, a…

21 Apr 19
Malcolm Guite

  The Lord is Risen! He is risen indeed Alleluia! For this Easter morning I am posting the fifteenth and final sonnet from my Stations of the Cross sequence, but also adding a new Easter poem, which takes the form of an Aubade, a traditional form, set as a dialogue between lovers and the break […]

19 Apr 19
Author J. Steven Young

Richardson Bay as seen from Ring Mountain, Tiburon, California. Photo: Frank Schulenburg (CC BY-SA 3.0 ( In the May issue of Harper’s, Joe Kloc tells a story about a community of people called anchor-outs, who live “on abandoned and unseaworthy vessels” in California’s Richardson Bay, “doing their best, with little or no money, to survive.” […]

19 Apr 19
The Vale of Soul-Making

As if one is a shadow stitched to the other, they sit, knees bent & parted, cradled in the basin of the clawfoot, her belly to his spine. She leans into him, her cheek resting against the blade in his back, & watches the window above the pull-chain warm from bath water to blue. He […]

16 Apr 19
Todos Santos Stalker Blog

” #WednesdayMusic this week has the super talented Barry Cloyd and is pal David Raitt entertaining us in the Beer Garden at Todos Santos Brewing Please be advised if you are planning of dining with us we highly recommend making a reservation, as table spaces are limited and filling up. Reservations can be made via Messenger @Todos Santos Brewing Phone 6121452023 […]

16 Apr 19
The Blogging of Storm 647

Store apps trumpery id com.inzenstudio.tapvoyager hl en my gameplay playlists of games s . Up to date s rdqstc severe check me out on the amino app. . Time of arrival the one up on the speed, the faster you will ring in at the . Star tap idle space clicker gameplay android ios t […]

15 Apr 19
Vallum: Contemporary Poetry

Aubade We scattered his ashes from the bridge into a northern river, the rapids below, as logging trucks pounded the bridge, the sun fierce, brief. Weeks before, we’d sat together as I read a poem aloud about a man, a death, the words caught in my mouth, something in me sudden, that knew he was […]

10 Apr 19
The eNotes Blog

Poetry selections in high school are too often limited to a hallowed few—Shakespeare and Petrarch, Whitman and Dickinson, Langston Hughes, Sylvia Plath, and perhaps Billy Collins—if poetry is included at all. While these canonized favorites can enhance any unit of study, they can leave students feeling like poetry is a thing of the past, which […]

10 Apr 19
is it monday already

There is loneliness in the way how morning’s half-eaten energy bar peeks out of the wrapper at me when I open the fridge at night. There is futility in the way how the carpool makes a ritual out of our insincere attempts at meaning good-mornings on our way to work. There is despair in the way […]

10 Apr 19

V and T both asked me recently (and separately), when was the last time you were truly happy? i felt that this was an annoying and unproductive question, but truth be told that says a lot more about me and my unwillingness in recent years to live a little deeper, a little truer – hell, […]

08 Apr 19
Canowindra Poetry

the aubade drifts away …floats on zzzs amassed above my dozing form   that aubade came at 6am …amid my stirring came some words   as all the world outside awoke and all of night was vaporised the gentleness of dawn crept up   and tapped me gently on an eyelash pulled me from my […]