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23 Mar 19
Learn to Make, Make to Learn

Inspired by Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride, this talking animatronic pirate skull and crossbones is probably one of my more ambitious projects. The 3D printed skull is one of the most complex and time consuming models I’ve printed so far. From the beginning, I wasn’t exactly sure it was all going to come together. […]

23 Mar 19

Sending media, documents, location and contacts To send media over WhatsApp Open a chat with a contact or a group. Tap the paper clip icon. Select the type of media you wish to send. Camera enables you to take a photo or record a video. Album allows you to send an existing video or photo […]

23 Mar 19
Johnny Liu

  Summary of Class Readings The term “Speculative Design” introduced in this article “Speculative Design: Crafting the Speculation,” is a new way of design thinking and methodology. Speculative Design aimed at shaping our imagination towards to the future, as it is relatively distant from designing for commercial demands rather it is about exploring possibilities from […]

23 Mar 19
Chérie Du Vin

by Paige Donner Today’s episode of Paris GOODfood+wine from this springtime in Paris is an interview with renowned Restaurant Critic, Andy Hayler, a quick tutoial on CBD Edibles, and a short report on Food Waste In Paris. Click HERE to LISTEN To start the show off today, I present a CBD Tutorial with a footnote on CBD Edibles […]

23 Mar 19
The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts

In this episode of Addicts Live, Alissa, Patric, and Safi are talking all things State of Despair.  They break down the latest mini-event to hit our Springfield’s, talk prizes, item limits, and loads of new land.  Plus, they take a look at what could be next in our pocket-sized towns.  And playing a little State of Despair Trivia!
You won’t want to miss all the laughs this episode has to offer!

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23 Mar 19
Jimmy Hamilton aka The Street Preacher

The theory that God has grace to all men is a heresy that is vigorously opposed by the Reformation’s doctrines, most thoroughly. To be a friend of the Reformation is to be an enemy of ‘Common Grace.’ It lies at the root of the present and growing apostasy in the Western churches today. It is […]

23 Mar 19

Hello fellow book nerds! I saw Seafire around and finally got into it. I enjoyed the story and just saw the new covers and holy moly are they amazing! They definitely encompass the story more and I’m honestly so happy with the new look. Would you be a pirate? Happy Reading! Rating according to Goodreads: 5-It […]

23 Mar 19

Android apps for Chromebooks have been available for quite some time now. They still suffer from the basic problem that they did (still do) on Android tablets. Most Android apps don’t really take advantage of a larger screen and aren’t optimized for landscape mode. Naturally, not many Android apps have been updated to support Chrome […]

23 Mar 19
IELTS in Taiwan and Around the World

You need to listen to the audio and then complete the summary by filling in the gaps. The summary uses synonyms and a lot of paraphrasing. And the summary might come from a small part of the recording, or from a longer section, so be prepared for that. Tips. Before listening, you must: Read the summary […]

23 Mar 19
Compass Instagram

It is worth checking out. The game includes 28 dominoes. It is similar to the card game spades. It will provide you with the basics of many games. You are able to challenge up to three virtual opponents within this on-line variant of the timeless game. When you see people play dominoes, on the opposite […]

23 Mar 19
Aim High Jump Often

Students insert a PHOTO Ask students to find or take a photo. It could be: objects they will be using in the lesson (Equipment set up in science or ingredients in cooking); Symbolic (find a photo that represents ???); Selfie (For a cover page, biography or group task); or creative (using ‘these’ 5 objects stage a photo […]

23 Mar 19
stgeorge knits

In between other things, I made a little lace shawl. I had some acrylic and viscose blend yarn I couldn’t find a use for, and thought a small scarf/shawl would work with it. It’s a very subtle light green, light grey and off-white yarn. I found an interesting, yet easy, pattern by Novita. I don’t […]

23 Mar 19

[ad_1] But not the Nolan flicks.DC Universe celebrates Batman’s birthday with free access March 30th Batman is about to celebrate his 80th ‘birthday’ (his first appearance in Detective Comics) on March 30th, and DC Universe is using that as an opportunity to hand out more freebies. That means free access to a wide swath of […]