30 Nov 18
Hunter College Writes

Modern society has radically changed from the use of coal and electricity to the use of Artificial Intelligence. The belief of a fourth industrial revolution arises, an economy held by the mobile internet, and artificial intelligence. The new technology affects every industry, as well as physical, digital and biological advancements; it even challenges ideas about […]

04 Oct 18
Ubersreik Campaign

  Format: PLAYER NAME: Family Name / Description / (Class : Career) / [Options] Remember, it is easy to change career in WFRP, so these entries on one hand may mark out a clear path to follow in a chosen profession, or may simply be a reference to a life you are just about to give […]

27 Sep 18
Ubersreik Campaign

The village of Buchendorf sits amongst gentle hills on the banks of the River Teufel. A collection of twelve wooden homes make up the bulk of the village, with four farms (the furthest three miles north) also considered to be in the Buchendorf boundary. The edge of the vast Reikwald Forest lies close to the […]

24 Sep 18

Welcome to our discussion of Ray Kurzweil’s How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human thought Revealed. This book was requested by one my fine readers; I hope you have enjoyed it. If you aren’t familiar with Ray Kurzweil (you must be new to the internet), he is a computer scientist, inventor, and futurist […]

19 Sep 18

The Healthcare Needs and Rights of Youth Experiencing Homelessness,  is an article just published in the Journal of Adolescent Health this September of 2018. By the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine (SAHM) Authored by: Meera Beharry, M.D. Texas A &M Health Science Center College ofMedicine McLane Children’s Hospital, Baylor Scott &White Temple, Texas Scott […]

28 Aug 18

San Francisco’s new homeless policy is yet another example of revanchist urbanism from one of the wealthiest regions on earth

16 Aug 18

Over the summer, I’ve really enjoyed the work of Philip Auerswald, an academic who focuses on population trends, in addition to “firm learning,” or the study of how companies improve. I first heard Auerswald on EconTalk discussing the reasons why populism is taking hold worldwide. Auerswald said that a “trend hidden in plain sight” is simply the population […]

03 Aug 18

Few of the images by formerly homeless youth are traditionally beautiful, but each offers a rare window into life far away from linen napkins and wine lists This is what it looks like to be young, homeless and hungry in a city preoccupied with food the locavore life, the scrupulously sourced, the beautifully butchered, the […]

28 Jul 18
Nightfall News

[ad_1] Sometimes a society’s values change sharply with almost no one noticing, much less anticipating the consequences. In 1968, according to a Gallup survey, 70 percent of American adults said that a family of three or more children was “ideal” — about the same number as Gallup surveys starting in 1938. That number helps explain […]