09 Jun 19
Border District

The recently completed June 2019 operating session proved a milestone session in the life of the Border District for a number of reasons. After an operations hiatus for a few months – a little planned, a little unplanned – the June session saw the ‘District record operating session number forty … yes, the big “4-0”, […]

08 Mar 19

THE TUESDAY NIGHT MAIL TRAIN For Tuesday March 5 2019 on the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway Thanks to those who came to this session. PROGRESS The roof of Liam Logistics at Kanunda has now been attached. Also there is a bitumen road to the building and grass growing in the yard.  Liam Logistics named […]

06 Nov 18
Morpeth In O-Scale

About nine months ago I agreed to take Morpeth to the New England Convention in November. That’s nine months away, then six months away and now it’s less than two weeks away. A friend is booked to help me load the layout into the trailer in under two weeks and when that happens the layout […]

12 Sep 18

THE TUESDAY NIGHT MAIL TRAIN FOR TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 5 2018 There was no operating session on the K&EFR in August. Thank you to those who came to this session. Sorry for the lateness of this issue of the “Mail Train” PROGRESS 842 the Auscision 830 has now been fitted with genuine Kadee couplers. The clones […]

22 Jul 18
Border District

Above: VR 280HP Walkers railmotor, 91 RM, is in the process of being stabled in the carriage siding at Tatiara Downs, having earlier worked the morning school train. The shunt loco for the ‘Downs, SAR mustard pot Alco and class leader 830, can be seen in the headshunt, awaiting a clear signal. Image thanks to […]

07 Jul 18

THE TUESDAY NIGHT MAIL TRAIN For the operating session on the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway July 3 2018 This was the first session since April. Thank you to those who came along. WORK AND NEW STUFF I added ground cover using static grass to the Adelaide Model Railroaders’ module. This is how it looked […]

13 Jun 18
Under The Clocks

Introduction Readers who have read the previous Counterfactual scenario on improving the Victorian Railways country passenger services in the year 1975, using existing resources, will note that there is a logical step into undertaking the same exercise for the Public Transport Commission of New South Wales (PTCNSW) in 1975. It is a fascinating year to […]

14 Apr 18
Under The Clocks

A bit of time travel: A journey back to the Victorian Railways of 1975, to improve the country passenger service within resources available. Images based on auscision diagrams. Background This flight of fancy has been based on a simple premise, one that has underpinned the story of Victorian Railways country passenger services over the decades, […]