06 Jan 19

I used to have models of the US battleships that served in WWII. When I got the bug about painting them in camouflage colors it led me to research which ships carried what patterns. I got a lot of enjoyment out of both the research and the painting.  

25 Aug 18

One central idea that ran through my entire collection was that each model represented a specific ship.  I tried to make every model appear as the original ship by painting them in the actual camouflage patterns they carried and modifying their armament, and sometimes other equipment, to match what was actually fitted at the time […]

13 Apr 18

It was more than 50 years ago when I first made alterations to a commercial model.  I always collected models on the basis of each model representing a specific actual ship. Using that criteria I had acquired 3 models of the Midway class aircraft carriers from Comet-Authenticast.  They were all identical. The US Navy began […]