26 May 19
Kelsey Fagan

Book thirteen of my 2019 Reading Challenge. C.S. Lewis’s The Horse and His Boy The third book in the Chronicles of Narnia was one written after the original, more well known books with the Pevensie children as was the first, The Magician’s Nephew. The Horse and His Boy follows new characters Shasta and Avaris and Narnian horses […]

25 May 19
Ana's Column

Raven Blurb: Avari Terran wants nothing more than to live as normal of a college life as possible with his boyfriend, Chayton, despite having wings and superpowers, being an ex-supervillain, and dating his former superhero rival. His plans of flying under the radar are jeopardized when a fan of Raven threatens to reveal his identity, […]

24 May 19


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23 May 19
Gay Book Reviews

Title: Raven (Masks #2) Author: Amara Lynn Publisher: Self published Release Date: May 19, 2019 Genre(s): Paranormal Romance, Superhero/Villain Page Count: 154 pages Reviewed by: Tosha Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5 Rating: 5 stars out of 5 Blurb: Avari Terran wants nothing more than to live as normal of a college life as […]

22 May 19
Dinshaw Avari- Trying my Hand at Blogging!

Originally posted on Unum's Musings:
Ihave visited Avari countless times and have never been disappointed. Whether its Suzie Wong or Fujiyama or Asia Live or Sky BBQ, their food is better than all the five star restaurants I have been to. I have been to Avari with friends, family and even had a dawat…

22 May 19
Dinshaw Avari- Trying my Hand at Blogging!

(Photo Credit- https://www.digitalvidya.com/blog/impact-of-social-media/) May 22, 2019 The most hyped concept since the last decade – and growing ever stronger – has got some amazing advantages and strengths- It’s brought old friends, & “flames”, together! It acts as a mass “alerts” & warnings medium. Sharing of experiences, travels, musings, ideas and what-not! It’s characteristic of being […]

21 May 19
Valentina G. Bazzani - Writer

Realizzare un booktrailer efficace e ad effetto è così complicato? Sì e no. Dipende sempre da quanto tempo e risorse vogliamo investire per in esso. La prima cosa che ci serve per realizzare il nostro video è il software, ce ne sono tantissimi in commercio anche se ormai sono quasi tutti a pagamento. Io vi […]

19 May 19
dru's book musings

Eight new series debut this month from Ritter Ames, Christin Brecher, Hilary Davidson, Heather Day Gilbert, J. M. Griffin, J.A. Kazimer, Susan Van Kirk, Barbara Ross, a re-release from Sally Goldenbaum, and the book that I’m most anticipating is. . . “The Book Supremacy” by Kate Carlisle.  June 1 Pastries, Pies, & Poison by Katherine […]

19 May 19
Weapons and Warfare

The Egyptian Empire under Ramesses II (green) bordering on the Hittite Empire (red) at the height of its power in c. 1279 BC. The Hittite chariots attack the Ra division. Ramesses counterattacks. Final phase of the battle At this juncture there are a series of imponderables. Was the second group of Hittite chariots, fewer in […]

18 May 19
Russia News Now

This article from our archives was first published on RI in September 2015 RI Staff Sat, Apr 6, 2019 | 50 words 6,787 This post first appeared on Russia Insider The Lezginka is the best-known national dance from the Caucasus region, and varieties of it are danced by almost every national group – Georgian, Ossetian, […]

15 May 19
Milos Visic

Hvala na poseti! Niš je najveći grad u jugoistočnoj Srbiji i sedište Nišavskog upravnog okruga. Na području Grada Niša je, prema popisu iz 2011, živelo 260.237 stanovnika, dok je u samom naseljenom mestu živelo 183.164 stanovnika,[1] pa je tako po broju stanovnika Niš treći grad po veličini u Srbiji (posle Beograda i Novog Sada). Nalazi […]

15 May 19
Vivek's Blog

Harsha appears as a great devotee of Gautama Buddha in the account left behind by Xuanzang. Like many Indian monarchs of his time, he was eclectic when it came to matters of faith. His family revered not only the Buddha but also Surya and Shiva. But Buddhism, specifically Mahayana Buddhism, held a special place in […]

13 May 19
Vivek's Blog

Harshavardhana succeeded where others failed because of his superior administrative and military capabilities. The Chinese pilgrim and scholar Xuanzang noted the king’s diligence and attention to detail (“He forgot sleep and food in his devotion to good works”). Harsha undertook regular tours of his empire and organized assemblies to meet his feudatories and subjects. The […]