23 Apr 19
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USING PERSONAL MIXERS – THE BASICS By Van Metschke & Mike Sessler Van Metschke is the Church Relations guy for CCI Solutions. He has more than 30 years production experience and spent 20 years on church staffs. He’s the co-host of Church Tech Weekly. He also posts to his blog churchtecharts.org. Follow him @thesoundbooth on […]

09 Apr 19
Justin Williams

I booked the Yamaha control room for studio time to record my keys. My setup and gear was simple, consisting of the more triton keyboard being di’d Into the analog inputs of the console. I also wanted to obtain midi tracks so that I could change the sound of the keys to what I preferred, so […]

19 Mar 19
Jaymu Audio

In most modern music productions, the vocals take the spotlight front-and-center. Obviously, for that reason, a lot of care should be taken when tracking vocals. Like any tracking session, it’s important to have the right mic choice, room placement, input processing, etc. when cutting vocals. There’s an added weight that comes with recording such a […]

05 Mar 19
Nate's Capstone

This was the biggest week of my project up to this point. As I mentioned in previous posts, my plan was to track the lead guitar, bass and drums all playing together to get a more live feel to the songs. I spent a good portion of the week going over what I had planned, […]

19 Feb 19

Aviom- the industry leader in personal monitoring- releases a tactile transducer experience you have to FEEL to believe.

31 Jan 19

There are plenty of advantages to working in a home studio, both financial and practical, but sometimes it’s more than worth it to record at least part of a project in a commercial facility. I had that experience this past week, doing a long tracking session with one of the bands I play with. …

29 Jan 19
Pretty Sweet

AVI-AN-16/i-M gjør at man kan få 16 mikrofonsignaler inn i Avioms A-Net. Har balanserte XLR & TRS jack tilkoblinger insert +48V lo-cut og trinnløs gain.