10 Dec 18
Little Red's Fashion Adventures

Hellooo to you all! I hope you had a lovely weekend! Now, it’s your second week in December and it’s time to talk about special gifts to men. No, not that kind of “special”, you pervs :p I’m talking about thoughtful, funny and smart gifts that you can give this Christmas! I had so many […]

08 Dec 18
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06 Dec 18
Perfumes Hut 668

Unique Branded Perfumes in Pakistan – Smells play a significant function in existence; it is like perpetually open gates of the soul, uncontrollable.

04 Dec 18

Mohamed Youssef, the interim coach of the Al Ahli club, announced the team's list for the Egyptian championship match. The two teams are facing Wednesday at the peace stadium in the postponed match of the seventh round of the Egyptian Premier League. Youssef was joined by Moamen Zakaria after being eliminated from the team's list […]

03 Dec 18
News Exc Celebrity

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With the festive season in full swing, high street stores are clamouring to create the ultimate party frock.

And it appears great minds think alike with not one but eight retailers selling different variations of the same silver sequin dress this year.

Major brands including Zara, Primark and H&M have jumped on the bandwagon with a version of the ultra-sparkly frock with subtle variations of the hemline and neckline. 

Indeed, the biggest difference is the price tag with retailers charging from as little as £20 up to to £90 for the strikingly similar party pieces. 

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03 Dec 18

Everyone deserves to smell the best, even when they’re ballin’ on a budget.  Although a lot of the really good quality perfumes on the market are a bit on the expensive side, it is always possible to find the right perfume at the right price. Check out our top 5 best perfumes for men who are […]

02 Dec 18
Archy news nety

He wrote: Ramadan Hassan Friday, November 30, 2018 12:55 Mohammed Yousef, interim coach of Al Ahli, announced Saturday the preparation of his team on Petrojet in the postponed game of the ninth round of the competition. The list saw the return of Moroccan Waleed Azzaro after he was recovering from an injury sustained in the […]

29 Nov 18

He wrote: Abdelkader said Friday, November 30th 2018 01:23 p Hussein Al Shahat starred with Al Ain team of the UAE and Mohammed Al Nini with a goal for Arsenal.Amr Warda showed up well with Baouk on a good day for the Egyptian pro, and Zamalek continued his Arab preparations . Shahat records Hussein Al […]

22 Nov 18

Hello fashion addicts, today the topic will be the coming  launch of  a menswear collection by Celine. At the arrival of Hedi Slimane as the new Artistic Director of Celine, Bernard Arnault gave him the keys of the house on the fashion woman department, the perfume department and especially the fashion man department. The opening […]

28 Nov 18

I don’t know what’s with me this year. But I am all about scents! Ever since last Christmas, when I found my most favorite perfume ever!! So I thought I would share my recommendations for this year. I found a sample of it, smelled the women’s, and mens, both are awesome! Link to Coach Eau […]