Baby Beehinds

06 Jun 19

This blog post has been years in the making, and I’m finally getting a chance to post it now! We started using Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN) with BJ when he was 7 weeks old, he’s now 2 and we still love using them. Full disclosure: we don’t use them at night as he is a […]

11 May 19
The Well Space

It is important for our health to use certified organic natural fibres because they are breathable, warm and don’t contain chemicals that can penetrate our skin. Using certified organic natural fibres also has less of a harmful impact on our environment. I have spent many hours searching for natural, certified organic, sustainably and ethically produced […]

05 Apr 19
Two Nests, One Tree

I (Gail) put my kids in disposables. Cloth diapers always were a mystery to me. My mother used them on me but in the eighties and nineties disposables were the thing. It’s not that I didn’t try cloth – I did, but washing them was awkward, inconvenient, messy, and time-consuming. And I wasn’t convinced that […]

04 Feb 19
Little Green Footprints

These gorgeous Baby Beehinds Bandana Bibs are so practical & a bib that actually absorbs & protest at the same time! Designed with our new Organic Cotton Jersey fabric on the upside, with an cotton terry absorbent inner PLUS a waterproof PUL under side these bibs are not to be messed with! Unlike most bibs […]

22 Jan 19
Dairyland Diaries: Year Two (and then some)

Hazel has been progressing quite well, so I recently treated us both to our traditional McDonald’s biscuits by the lake. Speaking of treats, Hazel never hesitates to seek them out wherever we are, even at her rehabilitation appointments. Her weekly sessions are getting increasingly interesting. Hazel did well tippy-tapping over the poles like a boot […]

24 Aug 18

 Here are our top 3 plant based detergents for Australia and New Zealand!   OMO/Persil Eco Active liquid is fragranced and is suitable for both soft and hard water.  ecostore powder is fragranced and is suitable for harder water.  Rockin’ Green Platinum powder is low fragrance, low suds and works in soft water.  OMO/Persil Eco Active […]

21 Jun 18
Normalize Cloth

Anyone initially looking into cloth diapering can very quickly become intimidated by the price tag. Afterall, how can you save money if you have to spend $20 on just one diaper? But, fortunately, there are actually many options available for those who want to cloth diaper but are on a tight budget. You can get […]