Baby Dior

17 Apr 19
Ambo da'wah

Always have your mouth fresh minted. Ready to make out passionately with a bitch. Brainstorming maid yer phone hot? That earns me a maid in school uniform. Let’s pretend instagram is the new tinder. Then Star can have a step mother in 20 minutes. She might only last 20 minutes too. Boutique bazar shop for […]

17 Apr 19
On This Day On TV...

Now to one of the truly legendary series of British TV history and our first show on the blog from 1960. America had “The Ed Sullivan Show” and we had “Sunday Night at the London Palladium”, which marketed the fact it was being broadcast from perhaps the most famous theatre in the World and practically […]

17 Apr 19
Starry Constellation Magazine

By: Gladys Luna     Carlotta (Queen Latifah) and Maurice (Lance Gross) are looking at a record label competitor that has created promos for their artists in order to help them win the ASA’s. Maurice feels a little insecure about what they could do, but Carlotta assures him that she’s got everything under control and […]

15 Apr 19

UPDATE: Fans and some of our followers say Chyna was there and can be spotted in a video of Emani Dior singing her Dad’s song during is Victory Lap. Chyna Hussle is supposed to be the woman in the front seat, but we can’t confirm or deny if its her. She hasn’t posted any pics […]

15 Apr 19
Your Fashion Encyclopedia

An investment in luxury brand-wear in your wardrobe is never a waste! When these high-end brands are at their biggest heights designing wearable for the millennials, why do we leave the “mini-me”? These luxury brands hasn’t only left the choices to a certain age-group culture but the market for kids is at an ever- expanding […]

15 Apr 19
Guess What Beauty

Finished/Decluttered Items I didn’t finish up much this past month but I managed to finish up the Dior foundation sample pretty quickly. I love this foundation but I will not allow myself to buy it until I’ve used up a few more foundations in my collection. The bareMinerals gloss I’m decluttering. The color is gorgeous […]

14 Apr 19
Styled by MY

The start of a new season is a great time to try out some fresh trends – from accessories to hairstyles to silhouettes – there are endless ways to reinvent your look. For Spring, I gave my look a refresh and am super excited to tell you how I incorporated some of Spring’s hottest trends. […]