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11 Jun 19

Favorite baby things I compiled this list into registry form My #1 tip, make multiple registries so you can utilize the discount each place offers for stuff left on your registry. You can add whatever you need to each registry after your baby shower and use the discounts. I made one at baby list, […]

22 May 19

Moms tend to get so consumed in caring for their littles that they push things in their own personal life to the back burner. It isn’t until those things start to boil over or we smell then burning that we finally deal with them. It’s not that we want to neglect or put them off, […]

12 Apr 19
Something About Molly

Today we went walking at Lake Anne in Reston, Virginia. It was nice to get out on this beautiful spring day. “The wooden footbridge was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, who often painted similar looking bridges in Arles, France.”

04 Apr 19
A cop who nearly resigned after posting a racist meme on Facebook has been named the his town’s new police chief. Wayne Welsh, who is now the head of the Estherwood, Louisiana police, sparked outrage in July 2017 when he posted the image depicting a white woman drowning a baby with the caption ‘When your daughters (sic) first crush is a little n***o boy.’ Welsh was suspended from the police force when he posted the picture and later apologized – but that did not stop him from being named the new police chief after he ran unopposed in November. Louisiana cop who was suspended for sharing a racist image on Facebook becomes his town’s police chief just two years later (Picture: Estherwood Police Department) This is the meme shared by Wayne Welsh in 2017 that resulted in his suspension (Picture: Facebok) The village of Estherwood is predominantly white and less than 5% of its 900-person population is African-American, according to CNN, who tried to interview six black residents who all declined to go on the record for fears of retaliation. Welsh also declined to be interviewed but sent a text message to CNN claiming that he did not think the meme was racist, ‘it was just sharing something off of Facebook,’ he said. [metro-zone-post-thumbnail-link] ‘What happened(ed) two years ago is behind me and my punishment was done to me and now I’m moving forward with my life and as the new chief of police,’ Welsh wrote, who has since deleted the Facebook account. Although Welsh received statewide backlash following the offensive post, many in his own village do not see it to be a problem – including the new mayor. ‘As the new mayor I don’t see any problems or foresee any future problems with him. I was hoping this would have been taken care of,’ Estherwood Mayor Donald Popp said. Welsh was briefly suspended but has now become police chief in Estherwood. Immediately after the incident Welsh defended his actions in sharing the meme (Estherwood Police Department) Residents seemed to echo their mayor’s sentiment. ‘It doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, he’s still here to do his job and he does it to the fullest and he would give you the shirt off his back whether you are black, white, Mexican, Asian,’ said Tyler Lantier, 20, who added that he uses the N-word ‘often,’ claiming ‘he doesn’t use it as a racist because he has plenty of black friends.’ [metro-zone-post-thumbnail-link] Even the police chief who suspended Welsh for sharing the offensive content appeared to take it easy on his soon-to-be successor. ‘I know Wayne didn’t do this on purpose,’ said former Police Chief Ernest Villejoin, adding ‘He didn’t do this to offend anybody. I apologize to anybody that it offended, believe me.’ Mayor Donald Popp said he ‘doesn’t foresee any future problems with Wayne Welshe.’ (Picture: CNN) Welsh texted CNN: ‘What happen(ed) two years ago is behind me and my punishment was done to me and now I’m moving forward with my life and as the new chief of police.’ (Picture: KTAN) Welsh was originally set to resign for the post, and even filled out his resignation, but the village board refused to accept it, including the then-mayor Anthony Borill who reportedly said ‘I backed the chief. His opinion is the one that counts.’ The promotion of Welsh to the position of police chief, although an apparent nonissue for Estherwood residents, has sent a loud, clear message to the state’s African-Americans, Louisiana NAACP president Michael McClanahan told The Black Detour. ‘What I take from all of this is when I go through that little town, I better be doing five miles below the speed limit, and I better go through there in the day time and not darkness and (I) tell all my family the same. Don’t stop at no store, just go through there and keep going,’ McClanahan said. [metro-zone-post-thumbnail-link] Welsh’s meme was not the only incident that forced him to take time off from working law enforcement. In 1992, he was hired as a police officer in the nearby town of Jennings, but he was fired in March 1995 after it was discovered Welsh had sex with a woman while on duty, according to police records. He has since refused to comment in the matter, although he claimed he did not do anything wrong.
26 Mar 19
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racism in advertisement In advertisement one must perform a tight rope balancing act when they wish to connect to their selected audience. If one shifts their weight properly through this act then they succeed. However, one must never lean too much onto one side; it could mean failure. One form of advertisement that can be […]

13 Mar 19
Leila's Blog

Hari ini di grup whatsapp Jakarta Babywearers ada pembahasan singkat tentang jenis-jenis gendongan. Diawali dengan dikirimnya gambar berisi informasi dari AE Babywearers (komunitas lokal menggendong di Madiun dan sekitarnya), lalu pada tanya-tanya tentang easy wrap, hybrid wrap, dan stretchy wrap itu lebih jelasnya seperti apa, apakah bahannya sama atau berbeda. Berhubung saya kadang baca-baca soal […]

08 Mar 19
still small moments

Diving into the baby world is intimidating and overwhelming. Everyone has opinions about all the things and different experiences with their baby needs. Your values and personality will frame the way you prepare and get set up for having a baby. Simplicity, quality over quantity, and items that have longevity and multi-use are all important […]

28 Jan 19
Volga Pass

Shop Target for a great number of baby carriers, including Ergobaby, Infantino, Moby Wraps, Slings, backpack model carriers and extra in front and rear going through styles. When shopping for a baby carrier, your baby’s safety should at all times be the primary precedence. The provider provides padding on the shoulders with the intention to comfortably […]

27 Jan 19
Volga Pass

In search of the perfect child carrier for if you’re on the go along with baby? The point is, a carrier that’s versatile, simple to make use of, simple to wash and supportive to your child is the ideal one. Well, the forged keeps the infant’s legs apart, in a frog leg place. This wrap […]

26 Jan 19
Volga Pass

New analysis has revealed the healthy carriers of a gene that causes a rare respiratory illness are taller and larger than average, with greater respiratory capacity. According to this website , for a child carrier to reinforce your baby safety, it ought to hold the infant close to your body and at the same time […]

02 Jan 19

What are the Best Gifts for New Moms? 21 experts share their top recommendations. Sharon Linder – Janes If you have ever waited in an examination room to see your doctor while wearing an ill-fitting, thin, scratchy patient gown, you will want to read on. After interviewing nurses, doctors, and patients, Sharon designed Janes! Based […]

25 Oct 18

Babywearing on a Budget

Welcome to the Babywearing on a Budget Blog! My goal is to help out all the Babywearing mama’s and all the wannabe Babywearing mammas. I will tell you how to find the best deals on baby carriers. The carriers that you want to try… how to sell/swap them. Give reviews of different carriers and probably […]

24 Oct 18
Keira Leane

Since my original post on must-have newborn products I have been keeping a list of everything else I couldn’t have lived without, with the intention of giving new mummas some product advice for slighter older babies. This is not posted in real time, Thalia is 8 months old now… the blog has escaped me for […]

14 Oct 18
La Mama Bear

Okay, so if you are a first time mom like me, you may already be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of baby products and brands that are out there. You are probably wondering, do I really need all of this? I came out alright and I am positive I did not have half of the […]

21 Sep 18
Everyday with Jax

Here we have the very first Side by Side review. I hope to have many more. When I found out I was pregnant, I really wanted to have a nurturing bond with my baby and “baby wear” constantly. I was going to be the attachment parent and constantly do skin to skin etc etc. Well […]

13 Jun 18
Mom, a YYC story

Los meses más lindos pero más duros! (En mi opinión). Las dos primeras semanas de nacido Sebas fueron particularmente difíciles pero al mismo tiempo aportaron muchas enseñanzas en nuestra familia. Sebas tenía ictericia que es cuando a los bebes se les sube mucho la bilirrubina al nacer, duermen mucho y están amarillitos. Por poco lo […]