Baby Lock

24 Jun 19
Okay Donkey

for John Blase I lock eyes with it when I need more breath, more earth, more wood for my fire. I cheer for it. Stretch your legs! I say. Grow new but be familiar. Your beard, heart papoose. Your beard is a boy fishing on a dock. Why your words come out like two friends […]

24 Jun 19

You fight and kill at each others’ freedoms and limbs cuz the anger tricks you to whip and slave To nazi and to Jew To rock over the bus and light it on fire before you can climb out, dear I have watched from inside the house humming and singing as the pie bakes, the […]

24 Jun 19
Grammy Writes

I’d never been to France before our Rhine River cruise, and if Strasbourg is any indication, I believe I’ll need to go again! It was an early morning aboard the Viking Lofn. By 8:30, our shore excursion for the day was underway. In the heart of the Alsace region is Strasbourg, the largest port on […]

24 Jun 19
michael king

The first time I laid eyes on Lesley Nneka Arimah’s collection of short stories, What it Means When a Man Falls From the Sky, I was at the Strand, and I was trying very hard not to buy any new books. Reading over the back cover –– a child fashioned out of hair, a world seemingly […]

24 Jun 19
Diaries of a Penguin Dad (企鹅爸爸)

Currently I am switching between 2 types of diaper bags, a sling bag and a bag-pack. Main consideration for choosing the bag for daily use is duration and place that I am heading to. As a person who’s into tactical stuff, I tend to get items that can be customized and have more uses than […]

24 Jun 19

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