Baby Phat

23 Jan 19
Tales from the Dog Trails: Canine Adventure's Blog

Hi Lauren!  My name is Teagan and I am a handler at Canine Adventure ! Today I got the pleasure of walking this lovely pup named Phat Baby! Phat Baby is a blonde lab/pit mix who is waiting at RACC for her forever home!  When I first met her, Phat Baby looked right at me […]

22 Jan 19
Asherah, Friends & Family

Thanks for joining me! Sherryl Jacobs You’re here, I’m pleased I really dig your company Your style, your smile, your peace mentality Lord, have mercy on me I was blind, now I can see What a king’s supposed to be Baby I feel free, come on and go with me Let’s take a long walk […]

21 Jan 19
The Life of Mama Bean

Soybean is as big as a papaya apparently and weighs around 1.2 pounds! Sunday– Grandma Soybean’s Birthday Celebration at my aunt’s house The last pic looks super strange, but my aunt had used most of her lettered candles so this was the only phrase I could use from the letters that were left! (But it […]

21 Jan 19
My Incredible Website

Famous, Rich, and Successful People Who Were High School or College Dropouts You don’t have to go to college to be a success. Even if you go for awhile, you don’t have to graduate to be a success. Here are just a few of the people who have become famous and/or successful without graduating from college […]

20 Jan 19
For my Taeng

Link full pics scan: English translation by ch0sshi & oniontaker When asked to choose who I wanted to meet from Girls’ Generation, my choice was always Taeyeon. Because her subtle, yet powerful voice was the strong first impression from a group called Girls’ Generation. 2014 makes 8 years for Girls’ Generation. They opened up […]

20 Jan 19
The Mash

I feel like I’ve started a million blogs. All for different reasons, like one for cooking, one for travel, one for surfing, one for cooking, travel, surfing and fashion! Oh and can’t forget the ones in high school dedicated to digital camera selfies wearing baby phat crop jackets and sunglasses at night(not actually sure how […]

18 Jan 19
Little Bookish Thoughts

Hey! So today, I’ll be interviewing Samantha on her books! If you’re lookig for a great book for your kid, then she’s the author for you💕 1. Hi Samantha! It’s nice to meet you! Do you mind introducing yourself? I graduated with a BS in Journalism from Florida International University in 2003. I wrote and […]

16 Jan 19
Paradise's Afromantic & eRAtik PoeTree

I buried my head between The two Sweet Dreams On her Bosom… Pillows from Heaven Melted my 6 Year Head Ache away… I gave thinks to the Witch Doctor (my Good Fortune) Who ordered me those 2 pills As I suckled her bulbous Sweet nipples Like a new born baby With a grown man’s hard […]