22 Oct 18
The Manuelle

(But not really, because your girl has to compensate somehow for the height) I’d like to think of this as a companion piece to the last thing I wrote, which was about going through the aftermath of a back injury through an unexpected accessory. This time around, it’s a different coping mechanism—one that’s very near […]

17 Oct 18
Manitowoc Company Jobs

via MChris Benson

02 Oct 18
The Manuelle

Wow, when Backjoy said they were out to, “Change Your Posture. Change Your Life.” they weren’t kidding. It’s a well-crafted phrase that sums up Backjoy’s promises, likely crafted by someone who makes more than I do, which is kind of fair considering all I ever come up with are lame puns and even lamer copy. […]

23 Sep 18
Nice Things

new never open – Roller Balls –Portable Self-Massage Roller  for Back Neck Legs Feet & More Posture Band – gently pulls shoulders back to improve posture =

31 Aug 18

I’ll tell my story shortly.. I am Misho from Georgia.. what do I mean in”saving my house”? 3 years ago I started internet project, to finance this project my friend took bank loan and lend it to me. time passed and the project failed,of course I had to cover bank loan my friend took to […]

28 Aug 18

It rained this morning, so Cow and Bunny were allowed to come into the room. Happiness is… Of course Indy is still monopolising my Backjoy!

24 Aug 18

I’ve been having severe lower back pain since March this year. Visits to three chiropractors revealed that it’s a case of a bulging disc on my spine.  All three chiropractors said they would be able to “fix it”, but so far, the fixing attempts have all failed. Sigh… And because of this bulging disc, I […]