Bare Knuckle Pickups

10 Jun 19
Machine Mean

A few months ago, I began writing what I thought was going to be a short story. As I got into it, however, I realized that this was likely going to end up being a full novel. For posterity and maybe to motivate myself, I am sharing the first chapter with you now, in all […]

04 Jun 19
creative forces unfolding

**Warning: the following short story contains graphic scenes and content which include the abuse of illegal substances, graphic violence, and mature (or also considered immature) language. Reader discretion advised, also note the author does not condone the aforementioned activities of this story. 1 A faded white stop sign swings on a single screw. Swaying in […]

29 May 19

aristides 080 080 The 080S made its debut at NAMM 2016. We are extremely proud to bring this instrument to our customers. Artists from all genres, that prefer all different numbers of strings, love it for its balanced feel, tone, and perfectionist build quality. As always, a one-piece Arium construction ensures the best possible durability, […]

29 May 19
Stitched in Stone

Stick Shifts and Skipping Stones I don’t want to admit to you I peeked at other people’s love poems… I did not want to do it. You know I’m no voyeur. You know I don’t appreciate the swooning arbitration of Valentine’s day cards. I purposely did not want to be influenced by their intimate life […]

29 May 19
Site Title

  My first point of develpoment within my project is the overall sound of my band and the music. At the start of last year, we had the idea and the vision of writing classic rock sounding songs with influences from Guns n Roses, Alice Cooper, Inglorious, and old blues players like Muddy Waters. We […]

23 May 19
Outside Looking in for You

Want to get a sense of what life’s like in the heartland? Go turkey hunting in central Nebraska.

19 May 19

Bare Knuckle Pickups “Slow Hand” Magnet Profile: Flat Colour Finsh: Parchment Colour Type: Standard Polarity: RW/RP 1 kalibriertes Set Single Coils für Strat, handgewickelt in England. Incl. einem Satz Rotosound .010-.046, Bierdeckel, Plektrum und Zertifikat.

08 May 19
Electric Literature

Excerpt, Chapter 2 We used to drive forty minutes into Anchorage to shop at a Korean grocery. The one vaguely Chinese store was associated with a Chinese mainlander, and mainlanders lacked values. That owner, my mother said, stirred rat meat into the ground pork; when you unwrapped the butcher paper, you might catch a faint […]

24 Apr 19
The Long Way Home

Old Trucks Truck Stops First Coast-to-Coast Tour Queen of the Shipping Dept At the Loading Dock Low Bridges Truck Routes Desert Dawn Riding with the Rugrats Snowbound at Eisenhower Tunnel The New Pony Express A Typical Mail Run A 270-degree Backing Pivot My Favorite Trucks Tucson Sunrise Driving with Daniel The Lighter Side Ghosts at […]

22 Apr 19
Jeff Hughes Custom Guitars



The Irish Tour single coils take the 42 AWG plain enamel wind to the max with a clarity and depth that can only be achieved through hand-winding. Although big strings and strong hands result in a huge tone, the powerful output of the Irish Tour coils allows mere mortals an equally big and gutsy sound.

Low notes have a fuller, richer tone with more weight in the mids, while the high strings respond with a rounder chime and warmer harmonics. The hotter wound bridge can push a tube amp into natural overdrive while the calibrated mid and neck coils retain the hollow, woodiness of the Bare Knuckle Pickups Mother’s Milk coils but with extra output.

11 Apr 19
Reading Under The Blankie

I’m in a weird mood lately. Work’s been weird, I feel constantly tired, and despite being in the middle of April, I’m freezing my ass off almost every day. My usual reaction to work stress is a deep desire to resign and move to the countryside where I’d work in a cornfield (mind you, in […]

01 Apr 19

Johnny Marr is best known as the strikingly dynamic guitarist-arranger-songwriter behind the Smiths, who redefined and ruled U.K. pop in the 1980s. A master of melody, layering and texture, Marr has brought his own instantly identifiable genius to the proceedings ever since, in stints with The The, the Pretenders, Modest Mouse and the Cribs—to say […]

26 Mar 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

This 2016 U.S.-made Jackson is the signature model for Misha Mansoor from Perhiphery.  It’s an excellent choice for the metal guitarist that needs a reliable 7-string with unparalleled playability and tone.  This model had a crack in the top horn that was repaired by our in-house guitar tech, and it’s been fully setup and serviced.  […]

19 Mar 19
Lucian Poll's Web Ramblings

After the relative disappointment of Best New Horror 2 compared to the first volume, it’s pleasing to see a noticeable improvement in this third outing. Out go the sci-fi pretenders and bloodless time-wasters of book two to be replaced by some notably darker material – this was the year American Psycho hit the bookshelves, after […]

12 Mar 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

This is a Crawler humbucking pickup from Bare Knuckles inspired by the legendary Paul Kossoff.

11 Mar 19
Miranda Morrissey Books

On the day of his release from prison, James is surprised to see a woman in an expensive wedding dress waiting for him. With nowhere else to go he hops in the car with the mysterious bride and embarks on a journey he is wholly unprepared for.

Includes some strong language and violence.