13 Dec 18
Greater Boston Becca

Whether it’s the beer or the experience you’re chasing – or both – you won’t have to go far to find them in Boston.

All across greater Boston, breweries are popping up on residential corners and sprouting from rustic, urban buildings, growing into warm gathering places.

13 Dec 18

Okayyyy okayyy okayyyy FULL DISCLOSURE.. this is NOT a post shitting on Chinarrrr, it’s literally just highlighting what I experienced while living in this magical country- and honestly, I genuinely love experiencing these things.. It makes it feel… real. I literally laugh to myself every day because of the things that happen- nothing big happens […]

13 Dec 18
Lexis Sydney

It is a busy time of the year and there are plenty of job opportunities around Manly! Click on the job below for more information or search for a job more suitable for you at gumtree jobs Waitstaff – Manly Cafe Casual Food & Beverage Attendant  (Manly)  Casual Wait Staff (Manly Greenhouse) Barista Opportunity (Dee […]

13 Dec 18
Pergerakan Difabel Indonesia untuk Kesetaraan - perdik

Tentu saja terjadi pro dan kontra. Cara berpikir memisahkan difabel ke dalam ruang khusus alias eksklusif bukan sekali dua kali dilakukan negara. Tetapi sudah berlangsung lama dan menjadi normal pejabat berpikir dan bertindak dengan cara begitu. Dalam kajian yang saya tekuni, cara berpikir seperti ini merupakan praktik atau bagian dari teknikalisasi permasalahan dalam menangani isu disabilitas. […]

13 Dec 18
This Blog Address Has Already Been Taken

I find that a lot of people (myself included) get caught up in the extravagance of the Christmas season, focusing on the big gestures, the perfect gift. Today though, in line at Second Cup, I was reminded that small things make a bigger impact than you think they will. What can I get you today? asked the […]

13 Dec 18

Christmas is 13 days away! Can you believe it? I definitely can’t, but I am also bursting with excitement. It is a truly magical time of year, but it is also a time when keeping your regular routine can be very, VERY difficult. Between holiday parties, work functions, Christmas shopping, traveling and needing time to […]

13 Dec 18
World of Sam

  Amelia de la Cruz, 59, buys her fresh vegetables at the Mercado Torrijos every other day, she buys her meat at the neighborhood butcher and when she goes grocery shopping she sticks to the organic section in the supermarket. She used to purchase canned food because It lasts longer and wasn’t very conscious about […]

12 Dec 18

This lounge is actually a Plaza Premium co-branded lounge at Jakarta International. I am entering this lounge not on my PP, but on my First Class ticket coming up on SQ, as there is no dedicated Singapore Airlines Lounge at this airport. Although quite empty, it is a huge lounge, almost like a Tardis as […]