Barry Pepper

17 Jul 19

Written by Michael and Shawn Rasmussen and directed by Alexandre Aja, “Crawl” is a tight thriller about a young woman helping her estranged father survive a hurricane while fighting off numerous alligators. The heavy marketing of Sam Raimi as a producer may have caught my attention, but it was the prospect of a competent summer […]

16 Jul 19

By: Justin Hopkins Going into Crawl, didn’t have much expectations. I love Animal style creature films. From the good ones, like Jaws, Lake Placid and…. Piranha. To the dumb such as Sharktapus, Python, and Piranha. So, went in pretty open minded. Expecting a good, fun movie, but not in the league of Jaws, but wow. […]

16 Jul 19

***Originally posted on The Film Experience*** Alexandre Aja is a filmmaker who doesn’t get enough credit for the grimy thrillers he’s been putting out since High Tension in 2003. Piranha 3D is modern camp at its finest and his remake of The Hills Have Eyes is the rare redo to outdo the original. His latest, […]

16 Jul 19

“Just keep swimming”     Di tengah horor dan thriller yang membanjiri lanskap perfilman, Crawl memang bukan ‘monster’ yang besar. Dia bahkan tidak ambisius. Tapi siapa sangka, film garapan Alexandre Aja ini, yang nyempil ‘malu-malu’ di antara film-film box office, ternyata dalam diamnya mampu memberikan pengalaman menakutkan paling murni yang bisa kita dapatkan. Dan ya, […]

16 Jul 19
Critic for Hire

Close quarters with a gator.  So a category 5 hurricane is headed straight towards Florida.  A young woman (Kaya Scodelario) decides to investigate the home of her father (Barry Pepper) when he doesn’t answer his cell phone.  She finds him incapacitated in the crawlspace along with something else: an enormous hungry alligator.  Now I was […]

16 Jul 19
Dr. Saint, D.D.S.

In a summer filled with sequels, it’s refreshing to see a blockbuster with a running time less than 90 minutes. French director Alexandre Aja is known for directing the 2006 remake of Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes and the 2010 gorefest Piranha 3D. He returns–along with producer Sam Raimi–with an original monster movie Crawl (although […]

16 Jul 19

In summer where there are plenty of blockbusters breaking the box office, CRAWL is the thrilling movie that will not disappoint you. Last time in summer 2016, The Shallows and Don’t Breathe provided a mega and efficient thrill. Crawl is a killer movie in which a hurricane stranded Kaya Scodelario and she meets the pack […]

16 Jul 19
Rosa's Reviews

This film is directed by Alexandre Aja and it stars Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper, Morfydd Clark, Ross Anderson, Jose Palma and George Somner. This film follows Haley (Kaya Scodelario) in search of her father, Dave (Barry Pepper), as nobody has been able to contact him and there is a dangerous hurricane approaching. Haley gets to […]

16 Jul 19
Christian Stirling

No-nonsense action horror that may do for alligators and flooded houses what Jaws did for the ocean. Giant killer alligators? A Category 5 hurricane? People trapped in a flooding house while making stupid decisions? I’m there!! This basic premise makes Crawl a simple but very entertaining ride that – despite its major plot holes – makes for […]

16 Jul 19
Bookshelf Battle

March 20, 2003, 10:00 P.M. (SST – Standard Saddam Time) – Baghdad, Iraq               Uday Hussein was such a raging psychopath that even his father, the despised Iraqi dictator Saddam, often found himself aghast at his son’s behavior.  Rape, torture, murder, kidnapping, theft, failure to rewind videotapes – and that was just a typical Tuesday […]

16 Jul 19
Vic's Flick Picks

It’s suspenseful torture.

As a viewer I rarely felt at ease, whether it be in the crawl space below the house or within the flooded streets you always had a feeling that one of these reptiles was watching, waiting to leap from the waters and take with it an arm, leg or head.

16 Jul 19
Defy Life

I watched both of these films last week, so I have them in the “ring” together for a head-to-head match up!