23 Apr 19
Liv's Crafty Life

So I thought I’d update y’all on a few of my most recent crafts! They cover a wide variety of types and difficulty levels. I hope you like them! This was a fun and easy cross-stitch of my favorite Star Wars character— BB-8. There are only a few colors needed and it’s easy to pick […]

23 Apr 19

April Update: Technicals Ravencoin is currently sitting at its long-term support zone of 1150 satoshis and we expect a range trading from here to 1200 where it meets the MA200 that acts as a resistance zone. There is also this interesting interpretation from Twitter that is a stretch in our view as the next run […]

23 Apr 19
BB MTL Translations

Chapter 8 – Car AccidentTranslated by lazysoozan (@2323bloopboop) at . . . Yuan Xi was shocked and quickly asked: “What’s the matter?” The flaxen-haired teenager seemed to have run all the way back; he was exhausted and panting like an ox, and his face was even flushed when he said this (informed YX of […]

23 Apr 19
832 Days

April 22, 2019 – Frederick County, Virginia Ok, so it’s Monday and not really part of the weekend but it is a good time to catch up; otherwise, it’s a four sentence paragraph about how I drove to Bedford, PA and Winchester, VA as well as having an electrical issue with my trailer. First, the […]

23 Apr 19


4天復活假期過去了,嗯,回顧這個假期,每天都過得很充實,樂祈每天都玩得開心。 同老婆亦都有拍拖仔既日子,都幾滿意。 話說星期四我地已經等唔切買戲飛拍拖, 晚上10點去睇倫落人,黃秋生演得出色,個菲藉演員亦不錯,同老婆看過一套好戲。 老婆之後回家看看仔仔咩情況,大家又出外吃宵夜,12點到達元朗冰室,有顧客但不算多,這區的宵夜比大埔人流差太遠了。 大家吃了一個套餐,很飽很滿足,心想著還有四天假真令人開心興奮。 翌日,原定BBQ 因為天雨關係取消了。 我們回大埔探展裘個BB女, 探之前想去吃豬扒面, 嘩,巴士下車雨很大,大家探著樂祈,又撑著傘,真累人, 去到肥哥哥舗子, 有一張摺枱我地用晒真好 , 樂祈坐上疊椅,老婆同姐姐要邊護住他邊吃面真辛苦,不過我吃到喜的面食真開心。上展裘家,BB女 才2個月真輕真得意。 以為甘太都在場怎料到她要上班,樂祈對BB 無興趣,反而要玩哥哥既消防車同埋跑車。

23 Apr 19
Detroit Dreaming

Toledo Mud Hens 4, Louisville Bats 3 (F/11) (box) The Hens jumped out to an early 3-1 lead backing starter Ryan Carpenter with runs in each of the first three innings. Carpenter was solid over four innings, but a little wild, allowing three hits, three walks, and one run across four frames. He also punched […]

23 Apr 19
Life Journey of an Asian Girl

Assalamualaikum & Hi there guys! Today I will be reviewing Soopnature Airy Cushion, this is my first BB cushion that I have ever used, I bought the shade 01 milky tea So, here is my review: Price RM65 Packaging Very cute packaging, it comes with a sturdy house like box and the cushion itself is […]

23 Apr 19
Under The Radar Minors

  TOP NL UTR PITCHING PERFORMANCE   RHP Kyle Johnston (HiA Potomac – Washington) 22 year old 5.2 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 3 K, 6.88 ERA, Win 1-3 TOP AL UTR PITCHING PERFORMANCE LHP Adam Scott (HiA Lynchburg – Cleveland) 23 years old 5.1 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 8 […]

23 Apr 19

Possible Spoilers for James’ Run Towards the Million-Dollar Mark Tonight: Rebecca McNitt (Ann Arbor): Archivist Rob Hornick (San Francisco): Product mgr. BB: HAPPY EARTH DAY TO YOU! THE 20-TEENS REALITY TV DOUBLE-LETTER PLACES JEOPARD”IZED” THEY PLANNED THEIR OWN FUNERAL James has found a DD right away for the 1st time all this time he’s been […]

23 Apr 19
Augusta Free Press

UVA Baseball (23-18) wraps up a 10-game home stand with a pair of midweek matchups at Disharoon Park. The Cavaliers will host Liberty (29-10) on Tuesday and James Madison on Wednesday (April 24).

23 Apr 19
Titan112 Crossfit

Medford – CrossFit View Public Whiteboard Warm-up Warm-up (No Measure) General Warm Up 2 Rounds 10 Inch Worm Push Ups 25 Double Unders/50 Single Unders 250m Row 10 BB Front Squats Specific Warm Up 25 Plated Sit Up/Press 25/45 Chest Smash w/lax-tennis ball – 1 min per pec Skill Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups (technique / kipping / […]

22 Apr 19
Hassan Allah

On April 5th, 2019 at 11am, the North Carolina A&T football team held their 2019 spring football game at BB&T Stadium. Several students and alumni packed the stands and watched as the blue and gold teams took the field and put on a show. The expectations for the 2019-2020 season are very high. Last year, […]