Bear Archery

20 Feb 19
Interior Dasein

“And when Orpheus, Apollo’s son, played the lyre, everything distempered was tamed, even the heaving shadows of the underworld.”  The Book of Symbols. Reflections on Archetypal Images. “Harp/Lyre”, p. 670 Hermes, in his swiftness, like all the men whose flesh gave rise to mine, could not bear the slowness of things. Hermes strangled the life […]

20 Feb 19
Ebooks in PDF

To get any of above e-book for free, e-Mail:   1 1492 Mary Johnston 2 1984 George Orwell 3 1000 Mythological Characters Briefly Described Edward S. Ellis 4 1001 Q and A on Orthography and Reading B. A. Hathaway 5 13 Days – An Escape from a German Prison John Alan Lyde Caunter 6 […]

19 Feb 19
Around The Bonfire

“Thankfully the heroes were relatively unscathed and pushed forward although the path to freedom and their escape was relatively obscured and hidden immediately. With the promise of treasure and a good few enemies to krump the heroes pushed forward deeper into the unknown. immediately, it became clear the threats to the group were immense with challenges presenting themselves immediately, a shrinking room, a crumbling bridge, even a crushing orange colored boulder the path to freedom and escape was a dangerous adventure awaiting the heroes with every perilous step.”

19 Feb 19

Bluegrass Undercover: Bluegrass Brothers #1 Romance > Mystery & Suspense Author: Kathleen Brooks FREE This is the first book in the New York Times Bestselling Bluegrass Brothers series. This series is the follow-up series to Kathleen Brooks’ bestselling Bluegrass Series. When danger and passions flare it’s best to find cover… Cade Davies is a former […]

19 Feb 19
F3Qsource Leadership Topics

Daily Leadership Message The transformative relationship between the Q and his wife Man’s Marriage Is His Most Important Relationship While Fitness is largely an inward-seeking endeavor, Fellowship is primarily outward-seeking. It is the sum total of a man’s relationships with his family, friends and Community, the people he will most directly IMPACT during his life. […]

19 Feb 19

This is the edited memoir of my great grandmother Clara Wordsworth Webster (nee Sargood) (1864-1955) who grew up at Rippon Lea in Melbourne, the home built by her illustrious father, which is now a National Trust house and garden. Clara wrote her memoir in two parts, with a 15 year gap in between, initially inspired […]

19 Feb 19
Random Scottish History

St Barbatus, bishop of Benevento, 684.   Born. – Nicolaus Copernicus, astronomer, 1473, Thorn, in Prussia; Henry Frederick Prince of Wales, 1594, Stirling Castle; Sir Roderick I. Murchison, geologist, 1792, Tarradale, Ross-shire.  Died. – Dec. Albinus (Emperor), killed, 198, Rhone River; Erasmus Reinhold, astronomer, 1553, Thuringen; Lucilio Vanini, 1619, burnt as an atheist, at Toulouse; […]

17 Feb 19
Small Town Outdoors

In this week’s Small Town Outdoors blog, Tyler Ripper talks about Sunday hunting in PA. It’s a little longer of a blog, but we hope you enjoy it and share your own opinion on the matter! What can you do on a Sunday? Well just to name a few things: go to church, hike trails, […]

17 Feb 19
The battle within

THREE CURSES OF KARNA Karna’s life is one that is filled with tales of epic warriorship. It is also filled with inexplicable melancholy and obtrusive misfortunes. The legendary warrior is burdened with three curses which predominantly directs his life. Curse 1: Guru’s Curse Being ostracized from his homelands for trying to better royal families, Karna […]

16 Feb 19
A Semi-retired Kind of Life

Interesting title, right? It looks like it’s drawn you in. Racoons, in cages, in trees. Kind of a strange childhood memory.  Not exactly Dr. Seuss. It’s only a small part of a larger memory of a place that played an important part of my Slatington childhood. Drive out Chestnut Street until it crosses into Washington […]

16 Feb 19
theinvisiblestaircase's Blog

To save the earth the Elders Of Twelve along with the tribal leader Papa Jinx unleashed a spell against their enemy. They had no idea that the spell would not bring down their powerful foe, but also wipe out most of humanity and decimate all of the others races from the face of the earth. […]

14 Feb 19

Get it 😉 Let’s raise a horn of meade to a behind the scenes heroine of A Song of Ice and Fire. The Melantha Jhirl from Nightflyers. The Janis/Bitterspeaker from And Seven Times Never Kill Man. The Valerie/Cynthia from Fevre Dream. The Maggie from Armageddon Rag. The Glenda from Weekend in a War Zone. The […]

14 Feb 19
M's Photography

Hi everyone. Welcome to my photography blog. I haven’t written a blog in a while so it’s going to take some time to get used to it again, but bear with me. I hope you all have a good time reading my blog though. I have such a passion for this art and really want […]

14 Feb 19

Sweet hope Montana From the end, let's say grotesquely, Far Cry 517 years have passed. the Deus ex machina nuclear has razed half of the country to the ground. In Hope County, the survivors lived underground before exiting to resume the surface. Men in studded leather underpants, quadriceps, weapons of luck and endless deserted places: […]

13 Feb 19

Summer has always been my favorite season. Traveling, beach hopping, bonding with my family and just relaxing.. These are just some of the ways to release stress and just shake off the work feels. Heading back home from our 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Party last Saturday, we went to Chateau Royale in Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines. We […]

12 Feb 19
Emergence Campaign Weblog

The Great Powers inhabit the capital cities and hidden fastnesses. There they practice the martial skills that challenge the gods themselves and the magics that reshape the world. They Resurrect The Dead, they bring Wishes into reality, and they forge devices of godlike power. But there aren’t very many of them about – and so […]