16 Apr 19
PekoeBlaze - the official blog

Well, I’ve been meaning to read C. J. Sansom’s 2012 alternate history novel “Dominion” for a few weeks – ever since a relative found a copy of it in a charity shop and thought that I might be interested in it, given my enthusiasm for Sansom’s excellent “Shardlake” series. However, I should probably point out […]

12 Apr 19
Chickpeas And Garbanzo Beans

In my ever broadening quest for cheap wholesome meals, there are essential factors, which I search for. cheaper healthy meals need to have each a high dietary density in addition to an excessive satiety issue. The satiety of meals or meal is simply how full it makes your frame assume it’s far and for how […]

11 Apr 19
Global News

The City of Fredericton plans to develop a concert venue at Officers’ Square, but local historians are trying to preserve the site.

07 Apr 19
The Purple Book

26 March 2019, Jo’s place. Best known for his “Shardlake” series of mysteries set in Tudor England, C.J. Sansom has written two “modern” novels: Madrid in Winter, set in Civil War Spain and its aftermath, and Dominion. The action here occurs as a re-writing of history and explores an England  in 1952, in which the […]

06 Apr 19

“Bugger” is a coarse but expressive expletive the British sometimes use to describe situations that are simultaneously calamitous and comedic.  No word I can think of is better suited to describe the political fiasco the world has come to know as “Brexit,” which, as every day goes by, calls into further question the sanity of […]

05 Apr 19
GTA Real Estate Pros

The Top Homes For Sale in the GTA – April 5th 2019 All of the homes for sale in the GTA are right here, all in one easy, convenient place for you to search through. Find what you’re looking for, all right here. Search based on city/town and you’ll find something that fits your home […]

05 Apr 19
Queens County Heritage Blog

Did you know that 2019 marks the Diamond Anniversary of the New Brunswick Tartan? What began as a special gift from the Royal New Brunswick Regiment to their honourary colonel, Max Aitken Lord Beaverbrook in October 1958, blossomed in 1959 into one of the most recognizable symbols of New Brunswick identity. And all thanks to […]

03 Apr 19
Montreal Gazette

Pointe-Claire student Cassandra Gillen is one of 20 students selected from hundreds of applicants from across Canada to win the Vimy Pilgrimage Award.

02 Apr 19
Russia News Now

The structure of the Lend-Lease Act required the recipient nation to meet a number of conditions: 1) payment is not required for any items that go missing or that are lost or destroyed during hostilities, but any property that survives and is suitable for civilian use must be paid for in full or in part, […]

01 Apr 19
RGS History

The sterling crisis of 1931 saw the fall of MacDonald’s second government and the creation of a national government, the short-lived first version of which is shown above. To understand how that happened, and its true importance, we need to look either side of the year itself. For now, the years before. The argument is […]

31 Mar 19
The Fool From the Hill

(Note: this was originally published by The National Post on April 30, 2015) I am a monarchist — one who believes in the value Canadians derive from their relationship with the Crown. So upon hearing that the recent federal budget included an increase in the annual allocation to the National Honours System — one of […]