Beetroot Hummus

23 Jul 19

Flax has many outlets in Mumbai. Flax is the best place for fitness enthusiast. Flax serves different varieties of healthy food like salads, veggies, chicken etc. Today after returning from the gym I decided to order some healthy stuffs from this place. What I ordered: POWER BOOSTERS SALAD: The salad was full of different veggies […]

22 Jul 19
Plant-Powered Pedalling

What a ride. I’m chuffed to have broken 400 miles for the first time. The wind and issues with the bike made this a real challenge. But it was what all good audaxes are: an adventure.

22 Jul 19
Living With a Sleeve

Polly has a lot of choice when it comes to crispbread and crackers these days (sorry – I couldn’t resist…). After a sleeve, lots of people feel that they can’t eat crispbreads or crackers as they’re carbohydrates or they’re slider foods, but it’s not always true. You just need to know which are the best […]

21 Jul 19

In the olden days, burgers were buns, meat and cheese – which for vegetarians, is a pretty shitty situation. But over the past few decades, the world we live in has made a realisation: just because you’re a vegetarian doesn’t mean you can’t stuff your face with delicious and diet-breaking burgers. This August, Wellington’s most […]

20 Jul 19
Chef's canvas

Falafel is a deep-fried ball, or a flat or doughnut-shaped patty, made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both. Herbs, spices, and onion are commonly added to the dough. It is an Egyptian dish as well as a very famous, Middle Eastern dish, that most likely originated in Egypt. The closest sibling to the Indian, […]

19 Jul 19

The Perfectly Pointless Picnic – how to get through the summer opera-festival season and still lose weight. 3 lentil salad recipes, baked salmon, and hummus. Plus the easiest Panna Cotta.

18 Jul 19
Anand Tiwari

Cardboard is a bar and restaurant located at BKC, Mumbai.

18 Jul 19

Day 1 Breakfast – blueberry chia puddingLunch – salad with left over turkey mince from night before – nut butter ballsDinner – cottage pie with loads of veg and cauliflower topCalories – 1,419Exercise – HIIT, yogaSteps – 6683 Day 2 Breakfast – skippedLunch – spring greens with poached egg, peanut butter on rice cake, fruit […]

18 Jul 19
Cameron Jurevicius

When I went to Tramlines last year, I didn’t expect much from the food. In honesty, I didn’t really consider the food at all. Suffice it to say what I ate over that weekend blew me away

18 Jul 19

A picnic sounds like a lovely idea until you have to decide what to pack. If making salads and sandwiches in the hopes that they travel well sounds like too much work, opt for one of these gourmet picnic hampers, to be enjoyed as you explore a beautiful setting in Ireland. You won’t regret leaving […]

17 Jul 19
simone says food

Hello, shalom and “welcome to the Middle East”, as Israel’s Omer Adam sings in his hit song, “Tel Aviv”. I briefly mentioned in my previous post that I’d be traveling to Israel for my summer adventure. Well, this trip is anything but brief as I just finished my first of two months in this beautiful […]

16 Jul 19

OMD! I think I just found our goto Halal place @thelebanesebakeryldn in @coventgardenldn with its authentic menu of popular Lebanese food. The Lebanese Bakery brings its speciality traditional street foods from Beirut to London recently opened in 2018 serving a delicious variety of Lebanese flatbreads (Manousheh), bite sized bakes (Mouajjanet), All Day Breakfasts, Fresh Juices […]

15 Jul 19

There has differently been an increase of ‘fear’ around carbs due to the ever changing diet culture we face on the daily. The main conversations tends to lean towards the ‘weight gain’ that could follower when including carbs into your everyday living.  This however is not true, and unfortunately the avoidance of carbohydrates leads to […]

14 Jul 19
And Anyways...

Okay, settle in guys, we have a lot to get through this week… The Ruby Announcement Remember a few weeks ago when I said I had some news that I couldn’t wait to tell you about? It was this: “Happy Ever After” is a finalist in the Romantic Book of The Year Awards. Even though […]

14 Jul 19
Nutrition by Georgie

Whilst helping my friend last month, a big part of making her weight-loss plan was finding alternative, healthy snacks. Snacking has had a bad rap over the years, but as long as you aren’t overstimulating your body with sugary, empty-calories which causes spikes and drops in blood sugar levels then snacking can be beneficial for […]