18 Jul 19
The Sassafras Cottage

This week, my yoga classes used our bodies to feel and observe the physical force of gravity pulling us toward the Earth, and the resisting lift required of our bodies to hold us upright. There are about a million ways to teach a yoga class themed around balance, often phrased as “finding balance.” Over the […]

18 Jul 19
Life, the Obstacle Course

Because you’d provided her with the substances, and now, she’d, OD’d, you are, responsible, maybe not murder, but at least, a MANSLAUGHTER charge is, warranted here!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated… A seventeen-year-old girl was found dead, without her clothes on properly, next to a hotel in Taichung, suspected of drug abuse, the man […]

17 Jul 19
Toronto Sun

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns people to check under their arms, around their ears and even inside their bellybutton for ticks after possible exposure. The agency may have to add another, especially cringe-worthy tick harbour to the list: The eyeball. A Kentucky man says he went to the doctor for eye irritation […]

17 Jul 19
AltiusHospital - Gynecologists in Bangalore

Just about everyone feels pain from time to time. When you cut your finger or pull a muscle, pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Once the injury heals, you stop hurting. Chronic pain is different. Your body keeps hurting for weeks, months, or even years. chronic pain is any pain […]

17 Jul 19
Creative Criticality

Sarah Jane Adventures: Invasion of the Bane (1 episode, New Year Special, 2007)   The triumphant return of Sarah Jane Smith. Maria Jackson and her family are moving into their new home on Bannerman Road. After watching an advertisement for Bubble Shock soda, Maria briefly meets Sarah Jane Smith and finishes moving boxes into the […]

17 Jul 19

Body fat percentage is the mass of fat your body retains divided by its total mass, which contains the weight of everything else (bone, muscle, water, etc.). Body fat percentage can be a pretty good indicator of disease risk. For example, the higher your percentage of body fat (especially if it’s concentrated around your stomach […]

16 Jul 19
the remote yogi

Do you feel connected to your intuition? Whether you believe in a higher power or simply a higher version of yourself, we often feel disconnected to this intuitive power when we’ve been stuck in logic mode for too long. That’s when it’s time to activate a new way of thinking. In today’s printable PDF, we’re […]

15 Jul 19

It’s hard to say what led a person to abandon a baby in a plastic bag, tied to a tree at a coffee plantation in Vietnam. The tiny, helpless infant had been exposed to the sun and mosquitoes for several days, Channel News Asia reported. Not only was she covered in mosquito bites, but even […]

15 Jul 19
Galaktika Poetike "ATUNIS"

Fethi SASSI (Tunisia)   He was born on the 1st of June 1962 in Nabul ( Tunisia) . He is a writer of prose poetry and short poems and haiku ; translator of all his poems to English . A member in the Tunisian Writers’ Union ; and in the Literature club at the cultural […]

15 Jul 19

POETS F-J Poetry from Caron Freeborn Caron Freeborn is autistic, perseverating on details others discard. A novelist until gradually she became a poet, her poems have been published in magazines and journals, both with and without her collaborator, photographer Steve Armitage.  After winning the Earlyworks competition, her first full poetry collection, Georges Perec is my […]

15 Jul 19
Circus Out of Joint

So I’m going to start doing a few of these “train your zebra” posts here and there… for those who are zebras and those who teach zebras (Note: “zebra” here refers to a person with Ehlers-Danlos, but will also apply to anyone with hypermobility and possibly other chronic pain or conditions/disabilities [Second note: here’s why […]

14 Jul 19
Bengaluru Review

Five poems by Nilim Kumar, translated from Assamese by Dibyajyoti Sarma.

14 Jul 19
The Words & Madness of Chloe Stowe

Answering a question should not be so hard.
Or painful.
Or nausea-inducing and migraine-threatening.
It should not equate to plucking leeches from your bellybutton or extracting alien species from your gums.
When an author is asked, “What are you going to write next?”, convulsions of mind gremlins really should not follow.
Unfortunately, my whole life is a big ‘should not’ so, of course, my The Hushing Days answer would arrive in a frightfully messy burp.
Yeah, this is going to take a while to clean up.
Until tomorrow…

12 Jul 19
The Weekly Boost

There may come a time in some women’s lives where they begin to experience symptoms of uterine fibroids.  The formation of uterine fibroids is normal over time, and not all of them require surgery.  However, some impart very painful symptoms, such as severe cramps and heavy bleeding, and require medication or a procedure to remove […]

12 Jul 19
Madison Area Lyme Support Group FAQ: All About Ticks 2019 By Debbie Koenig July 2, 2019 — No matter where you are in the U.S., expect to find ticks.The blood-suckers are in every state – even Alaska and Hawaii. “Ticks are in more places than they’ve ever been before,” says Thomas Mather, PhD, known as “The Tick Guy,” director […]

12 Jul 19
Belle Citadel

Hi there! As per my last post on the Seamwork Tacara, I’ve been working on a lot of knits recently, which I tend to do after working on woven garments for any length of time. Woven, knits, woven, knits: I like variety! I need more simple summer tops in my wardrobe and decided to try […]