14 Dec 18

Benchmade Knife Co. has long been known for its extremely high-quality knives that carry equally high prices, but earlier this year the Oregon-based company began shipping a creation targeted towards a different market. That creation is the Benchmade 1500-181 Cigar Cutter, a single blade guillotine cutter that incorporates CPM-S90V stainless steel housed inside a carbon fiber handle. Measuring 4.15 inches […]

14 Dec 18

What’s up, BroBible? You might notice that my weekly ‘Things We Want‘ gear guide for men got a makeover this week. The new look design is meant to fit more with the style of my daily Everyday Carry Essentials features. In this new format, I’ll be featuring a handful of standalone items interspersed throughout grids […]

14 Dec 18
Fly By Knife

  Easily one of the best deals of the year, our Benchmade Knife Company Year-End Sale has begun! If you want to pick up a knife from one of the greatest knife companies out there, head over to KnifeCenter to… Continue Reading →One of the Best Deals of the Year: Benchmade Clearance Sale! published first […]

14 Dec 18
Captive Audience

In their hour of need, one cannot expect to be able to use the gear and weapons they have acquired, unless they have taken the time in advance to train to proficiency with them. One of the things I carry on my non-dominant side is a Benchmade SOCP Dagger or a Schrade Karambit of the […]

13 Dec 18
The Literary Workshop Blog

I have a favorite hand tool, one which has been with me (in one form or another) for most of my life.   It’s my most-used hand tool, and the one I would be most reluctant to part with.  It’s not my smoothing plane.  It’s not my drawknife or my backsaw.  It’s not even my […]

13 Dec 18
Captive Audience

I want to start by saying that, neither Captive Audience nor myself are paid or rewarded in any way for recommending anyone’s gear. As a gift to you, I would like to share with you my favorite brands, because they have been field tested by me for many years and I have come to rely […]

11 Dec 18
The Truth About Guns

Let me state right off the bat: I am not a prepper. I’m an urban dweller who usually has a stash of ramen noodles, rice, tuna, and the like in my home because I’m half Vietnamese and having extra food stores is what we do. Obviously, I carry everyday and also have guns that work […]

01 Aug 17
Gens Album

The world is facing overpopulation, socio-political tension, intensified natural disasters, terrorism, and a plethora of other issues. The vast majority of the population lacks the knowledge and preparedness to survive a SHTF scenario. Sadly, most people wouldn’t know the most basic skills such as fishing, hunting, water procurement, or shelter construction. They would be helpless […]

07 Dec 18
The Woodsman

Have you been eyeing a new hunting knife? Maybe a benchmade even? One thing you should consider before…

06 Dec 18
Waterfowl Hunter

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What is a Tactical Folding Knife? Well, that can be open for many interpretations, however, for us, a tactical knife is a versatile tool. It can be used to carry with you every day and become useful when hunting, cleaning wild game, camping, fishing, and pretty much anything in between. For some, a tactical knife […]

04 Dec 18
Jende Industries Blog

Sharpening Tips from Tom Blodgett at Using the dynamics of the Jende Nanocloth Strops once loaded with Jende emulsions allows you to tickle the edge by stropping with no pressure, or by using pressure to compress the nanocloth, which exposes more abrasive, making the stroke more aggressive at the same grit level. Strops: Jende […]

03 Dec 18
The Truth About Guns

Brian Burns, an electrician in Huntsville, Alabama says this is what he carries on a daily basis. There are days he carries more or less but it sounds like he considers this pocket dump to be the essentials. That means he carries a SIG P320, a GLOCK 43, a Benchmade folder, a vape kit, and […]