Betsey Johnson

23 Jan 19

“Harry was left to contemplate peacefully the profundities to which young ladies would sink to get exact retribution.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince labels: young ladies, exact retribution 1820 preferences Like Zayn Malik “This is for young ladies who tend to remain up around evening time tuning in to music that […]

23 Jan 19

I purged my eBay store and it feels pretty good. I got rid of items that weren’t selling and I didn’t think would sell. Plus; with all my time spent at the hospital the last 3 months, I haven’t done much shopping. My store went from nearly 500 items listed to 303! I’m even ready […]

22 Jan 19
Best Buy Blog

Valentine’s Day is a great time to gift your loved one with a new piece of jewelry. Start your search in late January to find the perfect set in time.

21 Jan 19

As of two days ago, butterflies are my new favorite thing. It started when I saw this beautiful necklace at TJ Maxx. The designer was Betsey Johnson. It was a rose gold chain with little flowers and a pearlescent butterfly incrusted with pearls and rhinestones. There was also matching earrings. The jewelry was gaudy, but […]

21 Jan 19
WOWBK: Words of Wisdom by Keely

The beginning of each new year sucks. My motivation is gone, so I just blanket burrito while downloading memes to keep me content. Appelsin is next to me as I write this post, she’s watching the letters appear on the screen, she’s getting ready to attack. I can tell because she does this cute head […]

20 Jan 19

‘Black Monday’ costume designer Melissa Bruning reveals the ’80s icons that inspired her, and Don Cheadle’s preference when acting in a suit.

19 Jan 19
You Need To Appreciate Shopping Stores

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18 Jan 19
Ronnie Rambles On

Basic rules: keep it simple: bling to a minimum. For all my “jeans-tees-and sneakers” girlfriends… You all rock!

18 Jan 19

Nobody loves Betsey Johnson as much as I do! This cute seersucker vintage dress is scalloped at the bottom of the skirt and also comes with a cute matching jacket that you can wear with it or with something else! This from the tag looks late 80s or early 90s. 

Measurements taken laying flat

DRESS- Bust 15.5 / waist 13.5/ hips 18.75/ length 32

JACKET- Bust 16.6/ waist 15/ length 24/ sleeve 22/ bicep 6