19 Feb 19
Dandelion Sleeves

It more than just occasionally feels as if the act of gardening amounts to not much more than shifting a lot of dirt around. Then shifting a lot more. Then shifting it all back again. Dig, shift, dig, shift, dig, shift, dig…

19 Feb 19

A natural experiment on plant acclimation: lifetime stomatal frequency response of an individual tree to annual atmospheric CO2 increase by Wagner F., Below R., De Klerk P., Dilcher D. L., Joosten H., Kürschner W. M., Visscher H. (1996) Friederike Wagner-Cremer, Utrecht University R. Below,  Pim De Klerk,Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Karlsruhe David L Dilcher, Indiana University Bloomington Hans […]

18 Feb 19

Interesting Facts Birch is in the genus Betula. The birch family Betulaceae contains six genera of deciduous nut bearing trees including birches, alders, hazels, horn beams and hop-hornbeams. There are about 40 species of small to medium trees and shrubs, in Northern temperate climates Average lifespan of the birch is 40-50 years. In favourable conditions, […]

17 Feb 19
Miles Hearn

This is the 13th post that I have made from Cedarvale Park (also called Cedarvale Ravine). Torontonians are happy to have this wild area so close to downtown and right at the St Clair West Subway stop. I have visited this park in January, March, July, September, October and December but this was my first […]

17 Feb 19
Carla Harren

BENZOE (YANG) CONTRAINDICATIE; gebruik in minimale dosering. Net als de kleur geel, te veel Benzoe kan leiden tot hoofdpijn en misselijkheid. Sleutelwoord: Stabiliteit Botanisch: STYRAX TONKINENIS CRAEB (SIAM-BENZOE)STYRAX BENZOIN DRYAND(Sumatra-benzoe) De styrax is een middelgrote boom met dunne schors, die vooral in Maleisië, India, Thailand en Sumatra voorkomt. Het hars wordt gewonnen door insnijding in […]

15 Feb 19
Betula Vallis

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

15 Feb 19

Measuring and modelling stomatal conductance and photosynthesis in mature birch in Sweden by Uddling J., Hall M., Wallin G., Karlsson P. E. (2005) Johan Uddling, a, Marianne Hall, b, Göran Wallin, b, Per Erik Karlsson, c a Botanical Institute, Göteborg University, P.O. Box 461, SE-405 30 Göteborg, Sweden b Department of Environmental Science and Conservation, Göteborg University, P.O. Box 464, […]

14 Feb 19
Len's Oils

Did you know Birch is the oil of support? Birch offers support to the unsupported. When a person is feeling unsupported or attacked by friends or family, Birch offers courage to help you move in a positive direction alone. It helps assist people overcome negative generation patterns especially when you are being rejected for choosing […]

13 Feb 19
Flower of the Sky

Butterflies The butterfly’s body is covered by tiny sensory hairs. The four wings and the six legs of the butterfly are attached to the thorax. The thorax contains the muscles that make the legs and wings move. Butterflies are very good fliers. They have two pairs of large wings covered with colorful, iridescent scales in […]

12 Feb 19

Having been cooped up over the weekend by a mixture of weather and commitments, yesterday morning seemed like the perfect opportunity to bunk off for a couple of hours and head back to Raisby Hill. I learned on Sunday that the Wildlife Trust are bringing in an excavator on Wednesday to strip off topsoil as […]

12 Feb 19

Using long-term data to reveal the geographical variation in timing and quantity of pollen and seed production in silver and pubescent birch in Finland: Implications for gene flow, hybridization and responses to climate warming Publication date: 15 April 2019 Source: Forest Ecology and Management, Volume 438 Author(s): Matti Rousi, Boy J.M.H. Possen, Pertti Pulkkinen, […]

11 Feb 19

Ten of us met at the Dove on Saturday. We all missed Clare’s flapjacks, but Pauline brought a jar of Birch-sap caramel, which we passed round and sampled … it was rather like a very soft fudge with an unusual after-taste. Pauline has been visiting a downy birch on Exmoor (Betula pubescens, one of our […]