15 Jul 19

If you have a large property you are no doubt in need of something you can use to screen out your nearby homes and provide a bit of stunning backdrop. There are plenty of ways that you can create privacy screens or hedges using shrubs and trees. For larger gardens areas, trees can make for […]

14 Jul 19
The Street Tree

Ada Salter, was the driving force behind the transformation of Bermondsey from industrial slum to green oasis. By 1930, 7,000 trees were planted on the new estates and the streets of the borough.

14 Jul 19
Creative Endeavors

This post originally appeared on February 29, 2016 at On the sandy banks of Ayers Brook in Randolph, VT (the geographical center of the state), there’s a piece of land with my name on it – my name, and six mature Acer saccharum. Those less inclined to memorize epithets in a long-dead language know […]

13 Jul 19
D Ran's Photographic Journal

Food plants of the gibbons In 2014 and 2015, during behavioral data collection on a group of hoolock gibbons (Hoolock tianxing) at Jueyeping, Mt. Gaoligong Nature Reserve in Yunnan, China I photographed and identified 58 plant species (Appendix III) known as foods for the gibbons. Each species was featured for the leaves, bark, flowers and […]