Bill's Khakis

22 Jul 19
Riding Two-Up

This week’s journal picks up where last week’s ended with us visiting my folks at The Briar Patch in Pennsylvania.  The most important thing for me to do was finding roses for Debbie as I always try to make sure she has fresh flowers for her birthday, valentines day and our anniversary; The Nose Gay […]

19 Jul 19
CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) – Bill’s Donuts is collecting school uniforms for Trotwood tornado survivors from now until Thursday. They are in need of black pants, khaki pants, and red, white, and black collared shirts. The owners say they are going to give the uniforms to students next Friday and also say that no donation is too small. “These kids, a lot of them aren’t even in the area right now. They’ve lost so much and I just feel it’s important for them to get new clothing to go start the school year back on good footing,” says co-owner Lisa Tucker. Donations can be dropped off at Bill’s Donuts at any time until July 25. Grab the FREE WDTN News App for iPhone or Android. Stay up to date with all the local news, weather and sports as well as live newscasts and events as they happen.  Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all the latest news, weather and sports.
24 Jun 19
The View from 66 Inches

We could go straight for the obvious gutter joke here and list Nasty Nurses, Shaving Ryan’s Privates and Good Will Humping as the movies that, ahem, moved me. Not this time. This series of articles is a literary wander through the movies that made enough of an impact on this scribe that even today he might find himself looking longingly […]

04 Jun 19
Blah, Blah, Blah...

We’re brought into the pre-op phase by a perky nurse named Becky. Bill is the first patient of her day which began at 5AM. As she feeds information into the computer and explains what to expect, the three of us laugh and joke around. She’s not only competent but funny and caring, too. Becky appreciates […]

01 Jun 19
Joshua Frick

Tom Stanley works in the sales department for Wired, a mid-sized company that specializes in phone installation for small businesses. Wired was recently bought out by a multinational corporation, Nile, who has been making some fairly drastic changes to the company, such as letting the old sales manager go and replacing him with the young and handsome Bill Traverse.

07 May 19

After fits and starts springtime seems to have arrived in earnest. Among the eighteen paddlers who showed up this morning short sleeves were much in evidence, and some Huligans had anointed themselves with sunscreen before leaving home. The only cloud on the horizon was a figurative one. The official marine weather forecast featured a Strong […]

16 Apr 19
Greg Paape: Articles / Essays / Fiction

A multi-character saga set against the backdrop of country club culture.

10 Mar 19
Muatve List

Here are the list of trendy but fashionable belts. Toneka ACCESSORY Material: Italian Leather ratcoo Accessory (TM) Men’s ERNEST CLEMENSE ACCESSORY  Bill’s Khakis ACCESSORY Gucci Accessory Men’s Versace ACCESSORY Paul Fredrick ACCESSORY Material: 100% Leather Lucky Brand Accessory Material: 100% leather mintu Accessory Men’s Material: Imitation leather Western Belts Accessory Men’s uniqueusp Accessory Men’s candyanglehome […]

18 Feb 19

‘Mister Chingombe is dead.’ I was standing on the verandah outside my office, and in front of me was a member of the office staff, Sergeant Gunda, in his khaki uniform with epaulettes denoting his rank. I had just arrived from Harare to start the day’s work, and Gunda was the first person I had […]

01 Feb 19

Coaching legend and fashion icon Bill Belichick will be making his ninth trip back to the Super Bowl as a head coach, which amounts to more times than I’ve visited my grandparents in the past decade. Just keep sending the savings bonds, nana, and feel free to throw in a Werther’s Original for good measure. […]

14 Nov 18
Chris Nickson

A few years ago, I wrote a novella, something a little different for me. Light-hearted crime. In Leeds, of course, but not something anyone was likely to publish. It’s been sitting around my various hard drives ever since,  mostly forgotten. However, I thought that, to fill the weeks between now and Christmas, I’d serialise it […]

12 Nov 18
Le Carré Archive

Spy Who Came in From the Cold My Immortal AU, for kicks and giggles. Chapters 1-12.

11 Nov 18
Tales From the Archives

When the Armistice was signed 100 years ago today, many took to the streets in celebration. This article was written by one of the North Devon Herald’s journalists and describes the scenes in Barnstaple on that memorable day. “PEACE HAS BROKEN OUT!” I was in the midst of a shorthand transcript in the reporters’ sanctum […]

18 Oct 18
The Out And Abouter

In response to a bumper crop of articles flooding the Canadian media scene on the subject of today’s official legalization of marijuana, the Canadian government has passed an emergency law officially asking people to just chill, the weed isn’t going anywhere.   The bill’s passing through the legislature was reportedly quick, efficient, and surprisingly unhindered […]