18 Apr 19

When running, there’s a difference between feeling sore and feeling pain. If you’re in pain, then you should take a break from running till the pain goes away. If it persists and/or is a strong pain, then you should get it checked out. Feeling sore however, is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. There […]

17 Apr 19

Some of these are from U of M’s website, some are from a friend that had a mastectomy a few years back, most are just unfortunate personal experience. Pre-mastectomy If at all possible, choose a surgeon that specializes in breast cancer vs a general cancer surgeon.  Ditto for the oncologist. If mammogram was clear & […]

16 Apr 19
Canterbury to Rome

April 15, 2019 I slept so well. Though I couldn’t walk this morning. It was brutal. After a lot of ibuprofen, water, stretching, Biofreeze, and Tiger Balm, I was able to hobble out of the room to find a stamp for my passport, some food, and  some help for what to do about my aches […]

14 Apr 19
Cupcakes, Coffee and a Toddler

So- I know I asked about this post last week, but knowing I had a race coming up (two in fact). I wanted to wait to write this post until exactly 24 hours before I had to be at a starting line. For me, it feels more genuine. Sometimes racing feels like childbirth- stick with […]

12 Apr 19
The Charts of Pain

I spent a little more than 10 hours at work today, and I expect to do the same tomorrow, but that list will get completed. If everyone who knows I’m working on it would just leave me alone, I might have finished today. But no, let’s have some more pointless meetings that could have waited […]

08 Apr 19
Top Endorsed NBA Players

Who is Damian Lillard? He is a point guard in the NBA for the the Portland Trail Blazers and was a first round, 6th overall pick in the NBA draft in 2012. He won rookie of the year in 2012 and has been picked for the NBA All-Star four times and has become one of […]

08 Apr 19
The Eclectic Mind of Ryan

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