21 Apr 19

Enniskillen ComicFest returns for its fourth year next month, on 10th and 11th May, bringing the world of comicbooks and superheroes to the town to celebrate sequential art and storytelling

21 Apr 19
Beyond Tannhauser Gate

Surprises from The Meg and Lobo Today I took some time to watch a movie I wasn’t sure I’d like…The Meg. It actually was enjoyable and while it was a typical shark thriller I don’t regret spending my afternoon eating popcorn and watching the show…actually it could have been more fun in 3-D I’m sure […]

21 Apr 19

This tape opens with the end of an episode of Call Me Mister, the Steve Bisley drama There’s a trailer for South Pacific in London. Then, part one of Omnibus – Alfred Hitchcock. It’s a nice, in-depth look at his career, although, given he was working a long time ago, there’s a dearth of contemporary interviews, like this […]

19 Apr 19
EHT Comics

Verotika is an erotic horror anthology that attracted some of the best talent in the industry. Grant Morrison, Simon Bisley, and Frank Frazetta all worked on this anthology that offered creators the opportunity to unleash some of the most depraved, filthy, perverted and downright immoral stories ever told in comics. After every issue readers were […]

18 Apr 19
All my shit design

Dezeen promotions: British furniture brand Bisley has teamed up with designer Paul Kelley on a hand-finished modular storage system. Read more from Dezeen via IFTTT

18 Apr 19
Old Suttonian Rifle Association

The weekend of 13th-14th April saw a strong team of Old Suttonians return to Bisley to further hone their skills, hopefully beat the RAFTRC, and bask in the burgeoning success of OSRA as a club. Similar to our March event, OSRA talent shone throughout the weekend; further to last month, all Old Suttonians present showed […]

17 Apr 19
Bouncelight Photography

Mad Max continued it’s 40th anniversary celebration with special guests Hugh Keays-Byrne, Steve Bisley and Nathan Jones. Later in the day Jon Heder had fun with the audience before answering questions.  

14 Apr 19

SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music is proud to announce the selection for the latest NZ Composer Sessions. Eight New Zealand composers’ works will be rehearsed and performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and recorded by RNZ Concert next July: Brigid Bisley: Glimmer of Blue  Reuben Jelleyman: Vespro  Lucien Johnson: Axum  Alissa Long: The […]

14 Apr 19
Talking Comics

As I write this, it’s Sunday morning and I am sipping on some Champagne. I’m celebrating being alive and celebrating being involved in an industry which I love and where I meet some incredible artistic talents.  One such talent is Neil Blackbird Sims, someone whose art carries a deep narrative quality and portrays a powerful […]

14 Apr 19

I. Barton Family of Thornbury – Parish Registers Kindly contributed by Richard Byrd “I have looked through all five of the Thornbury Parish Registers and the Bishop’s Transcripts available online. I have extracted all the entries that I think are Barton.  I may have missed or misread some of the entries, so be sure to check […]

14 Apr 19
The Great War and Chalford

The Stroud News was in pensive mood. Musing on the effects of ‘this tremendous upheaval’ even in ‘remote Stroud and district’, it said: ‘the strain and stress and grief…is to be seen on the faces of the whole population’. Even Blighty provoked uncertainty -the beautiful weather brought worries about drought! However, the parents of Bernie […]

14 Apr 19

Hockey From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to navigationJump to searchThis article is about the sport. For other uses, see Hockey (disambiguation). Hockey is a sport in which two teams play against each other by trying to manoeuvre a ball or a puck into the opponent’s goal using a hockey stick. There are many types of hockey such as bandy, field hockey, and ice […]