Bjorn Borg

23 Feb 19
Martin Simpson

So I was traveling for a big chunk of the last week, and now that the news cycle moves at the speed of light, I feel like I’m a month behind on mocking every public figure in the news.  So this is going to be a “lightning round” kind of a column. First, I think […]

22 Feb 19
Confessions of a Middle-Raged Dad

I grew up in a village called Poynton, which is roughly equidistant between Macclesfield and Stockport, in the County of East Cheshire (in case you aren’t familiar with this part of the country, and were desperate to place it geographically). In terms of East Cheshire (bear with me here, this is going somewhere), Poynton is […]

21 Feb 19
the diary of an indie kid

The self-proclaimed ‘Chopper Squad’ rode the popular Raleigh wheelie bikes with its saddler-giving long-backed seat and groin-crunching three-speed gear lever. Joseph’s was mustard yellow while Jonas’s was ketchup red. Each had green and gold ribbons flaming from the end of their high handlebars and an annoying honking horn, which signaled their imminent arrival. The boys rode with their elephant bell-bottoms tucked into their Bjorn Borg Fila socks, resplendent in matching, hand-knitted tank tops with a kaleidoscopic zig-zag pattern on the front; their long, chestnut-coloured hair flowing behind them as they cruised the estate singing their playground-chant songs.

21 Feb 19
Chasing the Puck

Welcome once more to one of my “special” articles; articles that get you thinking because they are not about a specific club. This time I explore the story of the play-off beard and how it came about. Have you ever wondered it yourself? I’ll be honest though, in all the years that I have been […]

21 Feb 19

SHAHEED ALAM – With the sport itself, having gone through all the changes and evolved through time, I can’t help but look back on my own journey in retrospect too.

21 Feb 19
Fotbollsmagasinet Offside

Franz Beckenbauer och hans världsmästarkollegor kom när Ronnie Hellström kallade. 35 000 tyskar välfärdade för att se den svenska målvakten firas av med en avskedsmatch.

20 Feb 19

It was the best of times, it was the grooviest of times.  It was a time of great political, cultural, and sexual revolution.  It was also a Golden Age in the world of sports.  Some of the greatest and most iconic world events happened in the two decades we’re focusing on for this article, including […]