21 Jan 19
Sydonie Raben

Since writing out how to do groceries cheaply, I got a couple of requests to write a post about some fun items to have during your first trimester! Honestly? I can’t complain. My pregnancy has been really good so far. My sister struggled with the nine month nausea, so I was worried I would also […]

19 Jan 19
Beauty 101

Let’s dive into my favourite  skincare trends for 2019!  1. Skincare ampoules Why ampoules you ask? They provide an individually packed home for the serum to remain airtight keeping the product fresher. The packaging is purposeful for ingredients such as vitamin C or hyaluronic acid, which is often in a highly concentrated form. Check out […]

17 Jan 19

After a month long wait, we have posted our first episode on soundcloud! We are pending approval from a few podcast hosting services (i.e. apple, google, stitcher, etc), so we hope to be up and running on those soon. Here is the link for our podcast below: Check it out on SoundCloud now. Featured in […]

16 Jan 19
Olive's Journey

Kuliner dengan selera lokal salah satu target yang harus digenapi ketika melakukan perjalanan ke tempat – tempat yang jarang atau baru dikunjungi. Karenanya ketika menyusun rencana perjalanan, pencarian calon target operasi pun dilakukan baik – baik dengan mempertimbangkan lokasi, jarak tempuh dari tempat menginap, serta mempelajari ulasan yang pernah dibuat oleh pejalan lain. Tahun lalu […]

14 Jan 19
Yamaha RX-King Indonesia (YRKI)

anggota resmi Yamaha RX King Indonesia

14 Jan 19
Stuff Sunshine Says

It’s been a minute since I did a post like this. It’s also apparently been a minute since I’ve been thru my makeup bag. Whew, it was kinda bad. This is what I found: 6. Yes, you read that correctly. There are 6 lip balms in my makeup bag. The one I wear the most […]

12 Jan 19
Melissa Montoya Photography

LIFESTYLE photos: Revenge Bakery Work Out & Laundry Happy New Year! It’s the first full new year week and I’m sure everyone is excited to follow through on their New Year’s goals! Maybe? If one of your goals is to work out more or be better at keeping up with your laundry take a look […]

10 Jan 19

Get everything from Khloé Kardashian’s favorite workout machine to Jennifer Garner’s beloved yoga leggings

10 Jan 19
IcanGWP Gift with Purchase

First free 12-piece beauty sample bag at Sephora 2019! Also, great limited edition beauty box: Lookfantastic x Erno Laszlo Beauty Box! Sephora and Sephora.ca (NEW) (NEW) Receive a January Skincare Sample Bag with any $35 purchase. Use code DREAMSKIN. See what’s in the bag here. (NEW) 2x points on skincare, ends 1/21. This post may […]

09 Jan 19


Bhabinkamtibmas Desa Kadipaten Menghadiri Pelatihan Peningkatan Kapasitas Kader di Desa Binaan. Polres Majalengka. Polsek Kadipaten Polres Majalengka Bhabinkamtibmas Desa Kadipaten Brigadir Heri Supriadi menghadiri kegiatan Pelatihan Peningjatan Kapasitas Kader, bertempat di Balai Desa Kadipaten Kecamatan Kadipaten Kabupaten Majalengka. Rabu, 09/01/2019. Kegiatan ini dilaksanakan dalam rangka Pelatihan Peningkatan Kapasitas Kader KDRT, BKR, BKL dan BKB dengan […]

05 Jan 19
Les Lamas Fûtés

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04 Jan 19

Museum Perjanjian Linggarjati terletak di Desa Linggarjati, Kecamatan Cilimus, Kuningan. Lokasi museum ini berada pada kaki Gunung Ciremai. 27 Oktober 2018  merupakan kali pertama saya mengunjungi Museum ini.  Saat itu saya berkunjung sore hari sekitar pukul 15.00, Alhamdulillah-nya museum masih bisa dikunjungi 🙂 . Kunjungan di Museum Perjanjian Linggarjati ditemani oleh seorang guide yang menjelaskan mengenai asal muasal […]

03 Jan 19

GE TC4040SSE1C 3 Pole 4000 Amp 600v LSI RMS-9 Circuit Breaker BKR-364 FLAW – Buy – GE TC4040SSE1C 3 Pole 4000 Amp 600v LSI RMS-9 Circuit Breaker BKR-364 FLAW

02 Jan 19
IcanGWP Gift with Purchase

I went to Sephora to grab my free Sephora birthday gift 2019 (no purchase necessary).  They made my day! So I’d like to share my Sephora birthday gift from Drunk Elephant review and instructions how to get your Sephora birthday gift at Sephora.com/birthday-gift below. There are four options this year!! First time ever, if you’re […]

02 Dec 18
Private Lease Top 5.nl

Uitvoering: Volkswagen Touran Highline Benzine, handgeschakeld Airco: ja Navigatie: nee Verrekening gereden km’s: ja* Eigen risico bij schade: ja* Registratie schadevrije jaren: zie* BKR registratie: ja* Opzegbaar: ja* Kosten opzeggen: variabel* Vanaf € 652,32 p/m, zie site Volkswagen zelf