29 Nov 18
THE BOUTIQUE BARRE STUDIO | Strong. Beautiful. You.

Das coole Workout-Weekend für einen heissen Body! Das erste “Winter Barre Camp” im Boutique Barre Studio Wien steht vor der Tür! Das Workout-Weekend ist die perfekte Gelegenheit, um in der coolen Jahreszeit so richtig in’s Schwitzen zu kommen! Wir veranstalten ein Wochenende gespickt mit vielseitigen und intensiven Workouts von Barre Workout, dem ballettinspirierten Workout an […]

28 Nov 18
Yoga Studio Guide

We were warned – Simona let us know from the start that we shouldn’t be expecting the usual, but we already realized that when we entered the building in Feldeggstrasse 4, which hosted an art exhibition in the foyer! Yes, this is certainly not the norm when we go to yoga 🙂 Simona is the […]

18 Nov 18
Tobias Edelmann

Between finishing my studies and starting my job I decided to take some time off to really focus on my physical growth this year. I wanted to improve my training sustainably in terms of used weights, reps, recovery and approach to a high volume. So what I did is a six week power program that […]

03 Nov 18
Elite Fitness Equipment Perth

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist BLACKROLL Exercises to get Yoga ready — Elite Fitness Equip (@EliteFitnessWA) November 3, 2018 via Twitter November 03, 2018 at 05:07AM

14 Sep 18
LACRUX Klettermagazin

Faszien und ihre Bedeutung für sportliche Aktivitäten sind in aller Munde. Ob und wie die Faszien beim Training berücksichtigt werden müssen, erklärt uns Katharina Völker von target10a im folgenden Gastbeitrag. Ein Gastbeitrag von Katharina Völker von In den vergangenen Jahren fanden Faszien immer mehr Beachtung in der medizinischen Forschung. Einige von euch haben womöglich […]

05 Sep 18
Elite Fitness Equipment Perth

BLACKROLL Mat — Elite Fitness Equip (@EliteFitnessWA) September 5, 2018 via Twitter September 05, 2018 at 06:08AM

04 Sep 18
Elite Fitness Equipment Perth

Blackroll Resistance Band — Elite Fitness Equip (@EliteFitnessWA) September 4, 2018 via Twitter September 04, 2018 at 10:45AM

02 Sep 18

Some of you may notice a foam roller as a tool for self massage. Thats mainly true. But it`s also a great tool for exercising., especially for functional training.

28 Aug 18

You really don`t need a lot of equipment to workout properly your lower body. What you really need is basically yourself, a bench or a box ……. READ MORE….

12 Aug 18

Yes you can massage yourself and release your muscle tightness or trigger points. Sounds funny? I`ll explain you my most favorite tool for mobility, rehab and recovery.