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14 Dec 18
Hustler Money Blog

New York City is an amazing place to spend your winter because the city looks its best covered in snow. However, not even snow can stop this city from putting on shows and having events. Starting on January 21, 2019 through February 10, 2019, NYC is hosting a Winter Outing Promotion by offering visitors and […]

14 Dec 18
The Green Room

We went to see Yayoi Kusama’s infinity room exhibit in NYC. Our photos resurfaced recently after a *phone vortex moment* and the conversation turned to Art at large. Bruno hit me with: “What is art to you? How do you make art?” At my blank look, he offered: “For me, I think art is, more […]

14 Dec 18

In this freshmen composition class we learned to be in touch with our inner child, and used playing with things like water color, crayons, and clay. We were encouraged to use these things to help us write by using the creative and visual elements to influence our writing. We used the writing technique called PASS […]

13 Dec 18
Chic Color Closet

              Hello corduroy, my old friend… Sure, the ’80s are a thing right now, meaning we’re all a little experimental when it comes to fashion. I have been obsessed with corduroy since about this time a year ago when I purchased a mustard skirt from Amazon. I wore it […]

13 Dec 18
Mcilepri56 Blog

The Module will be available for sale starting 13th October 2018. Currently, the Module is in the final phase of completion. Some checks and additions are required before ready for sale. Essay writing for elementary upsr. by English for jobs essay writing topic spending money essay badge my agenda essay writing essay in english download […]

12 Dec 18
Isaac Does Drag Race

Welcome to Isaac Does Drag Race! All-Stars 4 is upon us, and I’ve taken it upon myself to FINALLY recap and review my favorite show on television. “But Isaac, what are your credentials?” you may be asking yourselves. Well let me tell you. I’ve never done drag. I know almost nothing about fashion. I know […]

12 Dec 18
vital endeavor

I haven’t written here in six months. Within that time span, I started to see someone new, intern at a beloved Asian American literary nonprofit, and took an online book art making workshop. Each endeavor making me happy in a variety of ways. In fact, I was at a baby shower, and my old friend […]

11 Dec 18

How We Met When I turned 19, I struggled to find a local dance studio for “adults.” I only lived about 10 minutes outside NYC, but between work and college, traveling into the city for dance class was not my first choice, so I decided to stay at my local dance studio that I danced […]

10 Dec 18
Janae Moon

I think the most shocking thing about coming back to the states has been the fact that everyone (well almost everyone) speaks English. And they speak it well and they understand it well, even when I speak quickly and quietly. The first day back, Hannah and her friend Angela and I were hanging out on […]

10 Dec 18
The Case for Theatre

There is no cut– they must constantly be alive. Theatre is never allowed to rest.

10 Dec 18

“Visual poetry” is a phrase that gets thrown around quite a lot these days. Poetry has its own complexities, as captured by Monique Mouton’s subtle work.

09 Dec 18
The Blog of one S. Butterflie

Same story, different teller- unexpected medical expenses + Holiday shopping + regular bills = my bank account is getting me by,  but there is very, very little margin of error.  I’ve been side-hustling on Ebay for a while now, so I promise I’m not going to stiff you, and if you’re looking for random stuff, […]

08 Dec 18
50th Music Anniversaries and Other Musings

  We’ve arrived once again at that sad anniversary for much of an entire generation, as well as for many music fans regardless of their age. This is not a date I have to look up or be reminded of. As far as sudden losses of individual well-known people go, this is the one of […]

08 Dec 18

Everybody I knew was going to NYC — and I was leaving. Leaving of my own, free, 21 year-old will. Moreover, I wasn’t going to the Bermudas or [fill in the blank with your furthest vacation destination]. I wasn’t going to stretch my legs on an Instagram-perfect beach. I was going 5000 miles away. To the place […]