21 Apr 19
Best Blender

Whenever you are making a smoothie, the active ingredients like fruits and also veggies are usually combined making use of a little blender or food processor like a stick or hand blender or food processor. However, when iced up foods or ice-cube is required, the blender or food processor needs to have an ice squashing […]

16 Apr 19

Greatest Smoothie Blender for Nice Tasting Smoothies A blender, by definition of its options, gives you an excellent mix of fruit and veggies. To realize the most effective smoothie, you’ll need to buy the most effective smoothie blender! There are various sorts of smoothie makers which match into varied price range slots. Whereas mid vary […]

13 Apr 19
Modern Kitchen Witchery

In a very good blender (I use a Blendtec, a Vitamix could tackle this as well…the Bosch might…perhaps the Oster, but I think, quantity -wise, you’d have to do it in batches of blending…) Anyhow, in a very good blender (hee! I feel like I’m singing the song, “You’re Beautiful”), put about 7 Cups of chopped […]

12 Apr 19
Joel's Digital Marketing Blog

In this blog, we will go into detail on how what social currency is, and the value of it when it comes into marketing. In essence, Social currency is the influence that a consumer has around his or family and peers ect. As marketers it is important that we understand how our brand should give […]

11 Apr 19
The Sun
FRESHLY-made smoothies taste great and are packed with tonnes of healthy goodness. But the problem with grabbing them on the go is their cost, which is why investing in your very own smoothie maker makes sense. Fruit and veg smoothies are packed with nutrients Smoothies make for healthy breakfast drinks and naturally sweet snacks and having them at your beck and call is no bad thing. But to make them, you’ll need the right tool, which is why we’ve been hunting for the best smoothie makers on offer. We’ve checked whether the blades are sharp enough to chop up frozen fruit and ice and if they double up as a blender. They vary wildly in terms of price and power, but we’ve used our knowledge and user reviews to find you some of the best smoothie makers on offer. Best budget smoothie maker Compact and cheap, this blender does the job with no frills Smoothie makers can be pricey investments, especially for a non-essential item. You might think you need to spend over a hundred pounds to get a half decent one, but this option is a great pick on a budget. You blend straight into the bottle which is portable with a flip top lid, so it’s easy to drink from. It’s dishwasher safe too so cleaning is simple. It will only blend a personal portion but it’ll do it speedily. Breville Active Personal Blender, £24.99 from Amazon – buy here Speediest blender Speed is always a winner when it comes to making smoothies This smoothie maker blends finer than most – in fact, they claim up to 42% finer than other personal blenders. And because the container is made from BPA-free plastic, it’s shatterproof, unlike regular plastic offerings, and dishwasher safe. With a 1000W motor, it won’t just blend your fruit and veg, it’ll act as a high-speed machete, so you’ll have your drink in hand in no time. You can’t get much a much speedier offering, but it’s not cheap. Sage the Boss to Go Personal Blender, £105 from Amazon – buy here Best for most appealing smoothies If you want your smoothie velvety smooth this is the blender choice for you The Ninja is like a warrior, fighting its way through frozen fruit – unfortunately it doesn’t do it quietly. But if you can put up with a little noise – most smoothie makers aren’t quiet – then you’ll reap the benefits of how smooth it makes your drinks. One reviewer commented that her kids, who previously refused healthy drinks, now devours all the hidden fruit and veg in the smoothie because it produces such a silky finish. Its FreshVac technology is designed to keep those nutrients locked and draw oxygen out too, which keeps smoothies looking bright and appetising and means there’s less separation and foam. Nutri Ninja Vacuum Blender with Auto iQ, now £99.99 – was £129.99 – from Argos – buy here Best portable blender This option is portable and great on the go as it’s battery powered It’s the ideal size for smaller kitchens as it’s good to push into the corner of your worktop – and it stores easily if you want to put it away. However, this little juicer is all about its portability. It is perfect for camping or taking to work and has a rechargable battery so you don’t need to plug it in when in use. There’s now no reason to have tinned sausages and beans for breakfast around the campfire – with this you can stay healthy on the go. Alegender Portable Mini Juicer, £26.99 from Amazon – buy here Most powerful blender You’ll love the varying colours this smoothie maker comes in This is a seriously pricey smoothie maker, there’s no denying it. It’s powerful though and whizzes up frozen fruit and ice speedily, so you won’t be there all night making tomorrow’s healthy breakfast. Boasting different settings depending on if you’re after a smoothie or a juice, it cleverly self-cleans too. This maker comes in a whole array of colours too, so it’ll suit all kitchens. KitchenAid Jug Blender, £655.50 from Amazon – buy here Quietest smoothie maker You won’t be disturbing neighbours with this quiet blender Before you get too attached to this one, check out its price first. It is bank-breaking, so it really isn’t for everyone. If you’re a smoothie and blender enthusiast with a spare grand to hand though, this is your go-to. With a sound enclosure to ensure annoying the neighbours or disturbing your kids is practically impossible, it’s already a winner. It doesn’t just do drinks – it has 11 different settings from salsa to soup and its power means you won’t be hanging around long waiting for your snack. Blendtec Professional 800 Blender with Sound Enclosure, £1099 from Amazon  –buy here Best value for money smoothie maker This is a well-known brand that always delivers NutriBullet is a trusted name when it comes to smoothie making. This Magic Bullet is a handy invention that doubles as a food processor . What we love about NutriBullets is how compact they are on the kitchen surface and how they also come with handy tools from portable cups to steamer lids. It isn’t the cheapest option around but it’s not far off, it’s reliable, comes with extras and does more than just drinks. A great and inexpensive investment. NutriBullet Magic Bullet Blender, £39.99 from Amazon – buy here Best all rounder smoothie maker This piece of equipment is more than just a smoothie maker It can be tricky to find a machine that is equally as good at making nut butters and chunky sauces as it is liquidising a smoothie or shake to a velvety smooth consistency. But this Vitamix blender will do everything well: A pulse function is great for blending while keeping some chunks – ideal for making the perfect salsa – while varying speeds gives you utmost control. The vented lid is great for releasing steam when you’re mixing hot mixtures too. Vitamix S30 Personal Blender, £299.99 from John Lewis – buy here [article-rail-topic title=”MORE FROM SUN SELECTS HOME” term_id=”14223″ posts_number=”12″ /]   How about trying your hand at making ice-cream instead. We’ve reviewed the latest and greatest ice-cream makers for you to buy Find more great deals and recommendations in our home products section; from furniture to white goods and even cookery books Or head back to the Sun Selects hub page and take a look at our wide range of product recommendations? There’s something for everyone. 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11 Apr 19
Frequent Miler

Travel Mileage/Points Increases Merchant Best Rate on 04/11/2019 Best Rate on04/10/2019 Adidas 5 (1) mi./$ 1 mi./$ Best Rate History Ann Taylor Factory 3 (2) mi./$ 2 mi./$ Best Rate History Barneys New York Warehouse 7 (2) mi./$ 5 pt./$ Best Rate History 5 (1) mi./$ 3 pt./$ Best Rate History Bank/Credit Card Points […]

11 Apr 19

Blendtec – Designer 650 Blender – Stainless Steel – Buy – Blendtec – Designer 650 Blender – Stainless Steel

09 Apr 19

Healthy Roasted Red Pepper Soup that’s delicious hot or cold. It’s the perfect way to get your veggies for the day! Are you fond of red bell peppers? If yes, then this is a perfect soup for you! I love that you can have this Roasted Red Pepper soup both hot and cold. It’s pretty […]

09 Apr 19
Best Food

Day by day our life is becoming more and more complicated. Our hectic life is taking away time from us. Every second is becoming more and more worthy. So we need the help of machines. With the evolution of time, our kitchen components must get developed. Here comes the Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender series to […]

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Blendtec Designer 725, Stainless steel fra Blendtec

06 Apr 19
Om Mamas Doulas

This shake got me through pregnancy and my fourth trimester. I sometimes add Almond Butter too for a bit more protein. It’s delicious, tastes like chocolate ice cream and replaces afternoon coffee for a pick me up. We discovered this shake 15 years ago when we lived in St. Augustine at a tiny raw restaurant […]

06 Apr 19
Simply Divine Recipes

I tell you it took me quiet a bit of years to perfect this recipe! I love potato pankese, they are crispy of outside and a nice soft inside. The amount of ingredients, and the way you prepare it makes all the difference. With this recipe, you just throw all the ingredients in a blender, […]

04 Apr 19
Documentaries for English students.

Vocabulary Word count: 7792; Percentage in wordlist: 3.6% Academy word list.  adjacent, consultants, differentiate, resources, media, dominated, created, found, drama, promotion, convince, primarily, classic, investment, achieve, traditional, publishing, dynamic, founded, principle, distribution, publisher, corporations, channels, consumers, channel, create, relevant, Channel, access, consumer, preceded, defined, communicating, potential, creating, generation, neutral, accurate, unbiased, source, economically, environment, conventional, editorial, component, […]

04 Apr 19

Spring is here and that means fruits and vegetables are about to get super affordable.  If you’re like me, you like to drink your vegetables.  This is horrible, but I sometimes convince myself that if I get 5 servings of fruits and vegetables out of the way in the morning, that gives me license to […]

04 Apr 19
I Heart Vegetables

I post a lot of recipes that require blending and I wanted to share some tips for anyone that is working with a “regular” blender, food processor, immersion blender or bullet style blender. I absolutely love my Vitamix blender but I know that they’re an investment and not every kitchen has one. You can achieve […]