Blind Horse Knives

12 Jun 19
A Practical Guide to Evil

“You who would be mighty, seek excellence in all things, for the conquest of eternity must be earned with every breath.” – Extract from the ‘Tenets Under Night’, Firstborn religious text Well, shit. I guessed you could always count on good ol’ Larat to make a bad situation incredibly worse. And I wasn’t the only […]

06 Jun 19

  My father taught me to count each line of memory cut into a woman’s wrists. The red, round sores beneath her tongue. The tiny pinholes behind her knees. Those hidden marks that remain hidden, invisible. The ones no one could see. Not with their eyes. The ones that can only be known through touch, […]

06 Jun 19
Vivek's Blog

The text below is from the seventh chapter of the ‘Harshacharita’ (Deeds of Harsha) as translated by E. B. Cowell and F. W. Thomas. Harsha decided to conduct a punitive campaign against the Gaudas to avenge his  elder brother, Rajyavardhana. The journey of the Pushyabhuti army, the members of the expeditionary force, the routine of […]

05 Jun 19

However, Xiao Yue think there is another next cheat, just as he and the sea fishing three brothers and spoils, ready to go to celebrate the birthday of Yu Ying-men, the more you want to think more and more wrong big fat man back to a carbine.   Indignant Xiao month a few people, commanded to […]

05 Jun 19
Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

A welcome back to the entertaining Joy Lennick with a short story about a date in the forties….with an unexpected ending!!  Based on her own experiences I am reliably informed! A Date in the Forties by Joy Lennick. Josie looked across at the Heathway cinema where she had arranged to meet Dave. He was there […]

05 Jun 19
Chu Chuan Biography

Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 361-380 (unedited) By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er, translated and arranged by Angel Chua

05 Jun 19
Chu Chuan Biography

Web Translation version of Chu Qiao Chuan Biography Chapters 161-180 (unedited) By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er, translated and arranged by Angel Chua

03 Jun 19

  *I took the advice of some lovely people who kindly gave me their feedback on my last post and said that an accompanying audio post could be a good idea. So, you can read on and you can also go HERE if you want to hear me  read it for you, ( you can […]

29 May 19
Mondo Vulgare

Whether there is actually a renaissance of interest in Baywatch that is leading to its reevaluation as a time capsule masterpiece of campy junk food television or if that’s just something that’s occurring in my own mind, I’m not sure. Frankly, its recent, remastered resurfacing on Amazon Prime and Hulu is enough to convince me […]

24 May 19


DIARY: LATE MAY 2019 18 May GERMS AND JEREMY The Jeremy Kyle show, ITV’s most popular daytime programme, has been cancelled after a participant died shortly after filming. The show’s YouTube Channel has been taken down. Where will aspirant Henry James girls and boys now find their story germs? In my mind, the show undergoes […]

24 May 19
Rebecka Jäger

Whether you write thrillers or fantasy, you’ll engage your Main Character in battles for life and limb. Nothing beats experience when it comes to describing a sequence of near combat. Take classes in Jiu Jutsu or Krav Maga if your hero uses his body to stand up for himself. You don’t have to engage in […]

21 May 19
henry flower

The call to adventure passed Nuneaton unnoticed shaking a severed head, after what you said and done when you were out sneak thieving sun I saw you turn away in shame, pretending you done looking for blessings to count, working on a wake up listings, chambermaiding. Sunlight on spring sill brings shivers. Evening post reports […]

12 May 19
Navi Aria Knives - Light Novels

Chapter 6: Welcome to Fight [Flash Step!!] Helion213 reappears right beside a charred spot on the field. At Tier Three, I would be completely roasted by that. But, it’s still too early to give up. Helion213 fired a few more bolts at the Dragon. [Prismatic Bolt] is a Tier One spell, given to all beginners […]

11 May 19
Evie Town's Film Studies Blog

Introduction– Cinematography is the technique in which a film is shot and developed, this is done through camera positioning and special effects, the use of cinematography is important as it helps create atmosphere and create meaning. Cinematography is used in both Pan’s Labyrinth (Guillermo del Toro, 2006) and House of Flying Daggers (Zhang Yimou, 2004) […]