18 Jul 19
The excellent dentist blog 6982

Beauty dentistry focuses on improving upon the Visible overall look, enhances the smile and helps to Increase the All round oral capabilities. Utilizing the new technologies as well as elements, the cosmetic dentistry became much easier and economical, so need not pay a visit to your dentist in Penrith with worry anymore. Listed here on […]

18 Jul 19
That little loud lady called Mom

“You can tell me the truth.”. “I call you mom but we both know I’m not your biological child.” my stolen son tells me. I slyly grin and tease him “How do you know I’m not your REAL mom?” We both laugh and he presses on “I’m just saying I know you love them more […]

18 Jul 19
My Emu Is Emo

I got a question from a music-lover about what streaming service fans should use, to best serve the artists we support.

18 Jul 19
Sincerely, Love.

It’s real y’all. Very real. From breastfeeding to going back to work, mom guilt sneaks up on you like a huge tidal wave that you feel you have no control over. My son is 8.5 months old and only now am I overcoming a lot of my guilt for various things. It took time, and […]

18 Jul 19
The Blind and the Elephant

  my connection to 23 is that 5 (2+3) days after my 23rd birthday i acted upon my choice of life over death for myself and my offspring. (the decision was 2 days after my birthday and 3 days before exodus.) for the six months preceding the day of the choice, i consulted the pendulum […]

18 Jul 19
Holy Joys

Spiritual transformation (metamorphosis) is change, governed by Christ, accomplished through disciplined cooperation with the Holy Spirit (Romans 12:3, II Corinthians 3:18). Spiritual transformation is multi-dimensional, whole-person change that occurs sometimes pivotally and sometimes incrementally.  We change by knowing (cognition), by choosing (commitment), by doing (character/conscience, competency), and by relating (communion, compassion).  Systemic assessment, disciplined whole-life application, and […]

18 Jul 19

Before Woodstock, there was the Monterey Pop music festival. The three day concert in June of 1967 was one of the greatest assemblies of the musicians and music lovers of the hippie generation. D.A. Pennebaker’s documentary, named after the festival, is an astonishing concert film that transports the viewer back to the festival, and more […]

18 Jul 19
La Shawn Barber’s Corner

Wunderlist For Business: How to Use Wunderlist Marketing Training: http://wow.YourBreakThroughBegins.Dom In this Wunderlist for Business video, I teach you how to use Wunderlist which is a productivity tool that can be used for your business or your personal life. You can use this to help with becoming more productive in your business by entering the […]

18 Jul 19

Kwa nini wanaume hununua sex? Mwanaume anaondoka na kwenda kumtafuta mwanamke wa kumlipa fedha ili ampe sex bila kuhusisha upendo au mahusiano wala kuhusisha hisia kati ya wawili. Suala la wanawake Malaya (prostitutes) kuua mwili kwa wanaume ni suala la dulia zima haijalishi ni mzungu au mweusi au muasia, wasomi na wasio wasomi, maskini na […]

18 Jul 19

Growing up in Burma, Baba had experienced a disruptive childhood, as my grandfather did a lot of moving around. Eleven siblings shared the family space; so, self-sufficiency must have been the first rite of passage. Pausing for gentleness, pushing through stumbling blocks, helping out fellow mates, asking questions, and looking at the bigger picture were […]

18 Jul 19
Diserre Grace Villanueva

A manager once said, “Don’t put to your head that you’re a manager. Have a time to talk with staffs. Ask how they are and how you can help them.” A very overwhelming answer I ever heard from a Head Supervisor. I have conducted an interview to Mrs. Jona Almazan. The Overall Head Supervisor at […]

18 Jul 19
Discount Chemist

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