Bonnie Jean

16 Dec 18
The Meaning of Forever

Bonnie, a retired Registered Nurse, describes herself as “steeped in Western science,” so it’s with a healthy dose of self-doubt that she recounts the following experiences. Last August, she helped nurse her dear friend Jennifer through the late stages of an aggressive cancer called mesothelioma. Bonnie sensed that her friend would soon die, but she […]

15 Dec 18
poetry, theology, faith

… and also in the new monastic community I belonged to until July – it’s time for a ‘what I’ve been reading’ summary post! Fiction This year hasn’t allowed me anything like the time I’d like for fiction, but what I have read I’ve hugely enjoyed. I spent a lot of 2016 & 17 catching […]

15 Dec 18
Pale Writer

Hattie McDaniel, born on the 10th of June 1893, is one of the most famous black performers to ever live. She was born in Wichita to former slaves, Susan and Henry McDaniel, and was the youngest of their thirteen children. She began songwriting, and performing in her brother’s minstrel show when she was a teenager, […]

15 Dec 18
The Mercury News
SAN JOSE — Mercury News Wish Book readers are responding generously to the annual entreaty to help their neighbors in need whose stories are being told in our news sections and online this holiday season. Through Dec. 10, readers have sent in $136,000 so far to Wish Book, which is in its 36th year of inspiring community giving. All of the money raised goes to the programs and families identified by Bay Area nonprofits, with The Mercury News covering all administrative costs of the program. You still have the opportunity to help make life better for people whose stories have been told and to support the programs that aid them. The Wish Book articles will continue in our news sections through Dec. 31, but donations are accepted year-round. All of the stories and details about how to donate can be found online at [related_articles location=”left” show_article_date=”false” article_type=”automatic-primary-tag”]Following is a partial list of Wish Book donors whose generosity we’d like to publicly acknowledge. Wish Book would also like to thank the many donors who wish to remain anonymous but whose gifts will help make a difference for so many people. A Ed Abad Carmen Ackmann Candice Akizuki Lane Albanese Donna Alongi Elaine Alquist Patricia C. Alves in honor of Joe Alves, Bill & Ken George Marianne Ambrosini Mary Artibee in honor of Sarah-Ann & Brian Badenoch B Carol Bacchetti Char Balanesi Barbara Balvanz in honor of Maureen Burt Cipriano Bareng Lorraine Bargagliotti J. Bartholet Fred Becker Tim Bekkedahl Deborah Best in honor of Chris Oreglia Shirley Blake in honor of CA wildfire homeless Frank Boitano Susan Bowers Bonnie Breda in honor of Lindy Jost Laura Brickman in honor of David A. Giblin – 508 Paratrooper Mary A. Bridgeman in honor of Mark Perusina Deborah Brown in honor of Connie Evans Lisa Buckingham Bob Burns in honor of Betty Ozawa Sherry Burns C Janice Cardona in honor of Renee Ortiz Celia Carrasco Marie Chan in honor of Edith Poon Theodora Chan in honor of Bunny Chang Edmund Chu in honor of Lillie & Alfred Kam Ronald Clazie Margaret Clear in honor of Elisa, Holden, Natalia & Dean Mark Costantini Craig Creer Connie Cunningham Patricia Curia in honor of Preservation Action Council of San Jose D Karl Danz Kathleen Daudistel Linda Davidge James Davidson Scott Dawkins Debbie Dean in honor of Onnolee and George Larson Allen Deguchi Naishadh Desai in honor of Mrs. Maxine Desai E Edward Elizondo Suzanne ElNaggar Anna S. Enfantino Maria Etheredge Judith A. Etherington Karen Eustis F Mark Farabaugh Stan Farkas Nancy Flanders Kathleen Fota Mike Frankel Mary Fujihara G Eve Gantley in honor of Gina, Amanda, Roman, Carmin Judy Gergurich in memory of my Mom, Shigeko Najima Lois Gragnola Jason Green Barbara Guard in honor of Fred Guard H Juliane Han Wes Harrison in honor of all women with mastectomy Amanda Hashfield Georgiana Hays Peggy Heiman Paul Henneke in honor of Victoria and Florentino Carreno Evan Hennessey Marie Hensley in honor of Marie Hensley Neal Herman Robert Hilton Alice Ho Van Hoang in honor of Tolan Ann Tran Kenny Hom Bonnie Home in honor of Holly Hayes I Joan Iorizzo in honor of In Memmory of Carlo Iorizzo Glen Ireland J Cynie Jackson in honor of Onie and Hank Schriefer Rose Jang Jacob Jensen Karen Johnson Jagdish Jois Dale Jones Ella Jones in honor of Grace Ann Goerzed K Kathleen Karmendy Barbara Kaufman in honor of Kevelyn Duarte Lana Kawakami David Keefer Lisa Kennedy Steve Kessler Judith Kinker in honor of Ellen, Eric, Jean Ring Howard Kitagawa Barbara Klyszeiko Joanne Kobori in honor of George Kobori Cynthia Kollerer Judith Kramer Bonnie Kraynick William Kunkel Gary Kushner L Leslie Lance in honor of Darshan Shah Corina Lanfranco Malle Lantz Bill LeBlanc Lynn Lehmann Christopher Lierle in honor of Kathy Lierle & Terry Galanoy Simon Linder Judy Livengood Mario Lowe Michal Lubin M Patricia Magolske in honor of Joseph F. Aquino and Raymundo F. Aquino Sharon Mahoney Uma Mantravadi Ernest G. March Peter Martineau Rita Mausler in honor of Colin Mausler Lin McGrath Jojy Michael Theresa Mintz Barry Mirkin Kathleen Moe Pamela Montgomery Myrna Moore Susan Moore N Sharon Nakagawa in honor of Tom and Mae Nakagawa Glendale M. Nakamatsu Richard Nedved Hang Ngo Andy Nunez in honor of young adults of Morgan Hill, CA O Julian Ong P Jaclyn Pasch in honor of Teresita Nava Carlo Pedron in honor of Francis & Susie Coghlan Ed Perry Phi Pham Warren Pierce Carol Pliner in honor of AchieveKids Richard Primont Thomas Prossima Q Lili Quiroz R James Reber in honor of Debbie Webster Donald Richardson Linda Roatch Michael Robbins in honor of Jen Collazo Stephen Robie Rocklin Family Jetty Rodriguez in honor of my little buddy Bandit Carrie Rose Becka Ross Larry Rugani Sharon Ryan S Charlotte Salomon Jamie Scalero Ellen Schwartz Maria Scott Lyle Sechrest Marialis Seehorn Jeanette Seiji Takashi Shiozaki Suman Shiralkar Pete Silva in honor of Marilyn Silva Gene Simon Ruth Sitton Robert E. Slye Myron G. Smith George Sousa in honor of Lisa Sousa Virginia Spencer Dan Stephens in honor of Frances Stephens Dan Stofle Lee Stone Cindy Sue Aileen Suplito in honor of Teresita Nava Jean Sutherland John Swartley Kirk Swedenborg T Elin Thomas in honor of Harriet Despeaux Geraldine Thompson Michael W. Thompson Rob Tibshirani Rebecca TotonQuinn Doris Tougas Brendon Towle Rosemarie Trillo in honor of Larry Trillo Tats Tsunekawa Judith Turner V Ingrid Voss Dell A. Vossbrinck W John W. Wasserburger in honor of Ethan Garcia Flynn Ken Weber Mark Weiner Linda Weinstein Jack Wiedlin in honor of Steve Wiedlin Richard Williams Robin Williams Caroline Wood in honor of Daniel Brown Y Amy Yeckel Edward Yu in honor of Katherine Tatley for her great work THE WISH BOOK SERIES The Wish Book is an annual series of The Mercury News that invites readers to help their neighbors. HOW TO GIVE Donate at or mail in the coupon. ONLINE EXTRA Read other Wish Book stories, view photos and video at
15 Dec 18

These days closet and home organization are popular topics.  Some proclaim that hanging everything in your wardrobe, even your underwear, is the best way to control the clutter.  Others prefer folding all your clothes instead.  One thing is for certain, there are lots of options out there. What many of these systems often omit, though, […]

15 Dec 18
Regina Leader-Post

Here’s a list of the generous individuals and organizations who have donated to the 2018 Leader-Post Christmas Cheer Fund from Dec. 8-14.

12 Dec 18
Tempus Infinitum

I have a magic connection with my golems so within a certain radius I can tell where they are. I move quickly from room to room searching for a reaction. I need to get back to the second-floor nursery as soon as possible.   Glenn stands in the study scratching his cheek. “Right then. I […]

12 Dec 18

First of all – Welcome and thank you for visiting. I wanted to start by sharing a couple of my favorite beanies. A basic hat pattern knitted with a soft acrylic yarn, these hats are unisex and designed to fit most adult size heads. With their casual design these hats make for the perfect match […]

12 Dec 18
Lovely Strength

She is not discovering herself, she is uncovering herself. And, within the rubble that was her old life, her old way of being, becomes the fertile ground from which a new life and a new way of being emerges. Essence of the Feminine Soul Bonnie Jean Roberts 2018 I think about her from time to […]

12 Dec 18
Bonnie's Blog of Crime

Trudy Jean Darby Find-A-Grave: Trudy Jean Darby Man Convicted of 1991 Killing of Missouri Convenience Store Clerk Dies in Prison State of New Jersey v Jess Rush 1997 (conviction and sentence affirmed) Unsolved Mysteries Wiki: Trudy Darby Movies/Documentaries Welcome to Murdertown: Murder in Mack’s Creek Marvin Chaney INMATE INFORMATION DOC ID 515013 Offender Name Jess […]