14 Feb 19
Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Outraging the bully-dykes, crybaby-queers and unhinged ladyboys of the LGBTQWERTY lobby is like shooting rainbow fish in a barrel. These authoritarian offenderati live to be ‘outraged’, because fake indignation has been their heaviest weapon in the culture wars. By flouncing and throwing tanties, the “Waffen SSM”, as Bill Leak called them, have effectively cry-bullied nearly […]

22 Jan 19
Ozone Market Reports

Backpack Baseball Bags-Global Market Status & Trend Report 2013-2023 Top 20 Countries Data offers a comprehensive analysis on Backpack Baseball Bags industry, standing on the readers’ perspective, delivering detailed market data in Global major 20 countries and penetrating insights. No matter the client is industry insider, potential entrant or investor, the report will provides useful […]

10 Jan 19
Jessica Bakkers

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my beloved, late dogs – Holly and Shilo. Long time readers will know my girls were my everything and it’s been so hard since they crossed rainbow bridge. While musing on them, I started thinking about all the names we called them. Now, I’m not sure if this […]

06 Dec 18
Hubblaa news

Who remembers the Ali G show? This is a show we loved, mainly because he crossed the line with so many comments Da Ali G Show is a British satirical television series created by and starring English comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. In the series, Baron Cohen plays three unorthodox journalists — faux-streetwise poseur Ali G, […]

13 Nov 18
Matt Landis

Stringing a Boombah Compressor head Does anyone have a suggested stringing pattern for the Boombah Compressor head (mid pocket preferred)? Alternatively, if anyone knows what more common head is most similar in shape and design to the Boombah Compressor, that would be helpful too. Submitted November 12, 2018 at 05:49PM by JohnHillman2 via reddit

08 Oct 18
Flags Fly Forever

As I am writing this, the Astros are pouring it on the Indians. Literally, Carlos Correa just sent a dagger into Cleveland afternoon. I think he even yelled, “Beat The Traffic” as he rounded third base to the crowds at Progressive Field. The only way to sum up the last few innings is below. Down […]

06 Oct 18
RnB Site :)

(Japanese Version) [Romanized:] [Jennie:] (Hot) BlackPink in your area (Hot) BlackPink in your area [Lisa:] Been a bad girl, I know I am And I’m so hot I need a fan I don’t want a boy I need a man [Jennie:] Click clack, botta bing, botta boom All eyes on me when I step in […]

26 Sep 18
Flags Fly Forever

“Okay start with straight shots and then pop bottles” – Birdman circa 2008  – Alex Bregman circa 2019 *Featured Image of the article is the man, the myth, the legend himself Hank Conger who I dearly miss* 100 wins. AL West Champions (again). Our Houston Astros did the damn thing. On the run of an […]

04 Sep 18
Fahti Boombah Lahti

  Ingredients 1clove garlic 1lb ripe plum tomatoes, quatered 1 small onion, finely chopped 1Tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil chopped fresh parsley, plus more for garnish dash of salt  dash ground pepper 2 sprigs  fresh basil, chopped  crumbled feta cheese/parmesean cheese 1 large egg Hot sauce for serving Directions Preheat oven to 450°F. Smash garlic clove. Toss […]

02 Sep 18
Fahti Boombah Lahti

Love ❤️ Love ❤️ Love So many ways to love. So many love ripples extending out from every act of love. When I feel the least lovable and I’m really beating myself up, mentally, for whatever perceived lack of perfection pops into my internal negative chatter loop, I actively remind myself to put my open palm on […]

02 Sep 18
Fahti Boombah Lahti

with Isha Lerner’s Triple Goddess Tarot 6. Open Heart Infinite. Eternal. Goddess of Love. Goddess of Beauty. The essence of love manifest. Just for this week~ i will be the love. i will shower myself in loving kindness. i will gaze in the mirror and whisper “i love you”. i will become the love source, […]

01 Sep 18
Fahti Boombah Lahti

I Am Safe ✨I Am Protected ✨ I Am Abundant ✨ I Am Wealthy ✨ I Am Prosperous ✨ I Am Strong ✨ I Am Stable✨ I Am Secure✨ I Am Courageous ✨ I Am Powerful ✨ I Am Grounded ✨ I Am Successful✨ I Am in Control ✨I Am Connected to the Earth ✨ I Am vitalized and energized ✨ I Am Connected to Nature ✨ I Am […]

01 Sep 18
Fahti Boombah Lahti

“Slow down. You move too fast. You got to make the morning last. Just kicking round the cobblestones. Looking for fun and feelin’ groovy. La dah dah dah Dah  dumdah Dah dumbdah feelin’ groovy.” The 59th Street Bridge Song, Paul Simon Sometimes I find my mind and my doing/nondoing can disconnect from my physical being. […]

31 Aug 18
Fahti Boombah Lahti

Thanks for joining along! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

29 Aug 18
Flags Fly Forever

You’re damn right its SHARK WEEK. Tyler White plays superhero and walks off the Oakland Athletics for the series win! Damn, that was fun to watch, and I do not even care I yelled let’s go in the office. ( I see you Frank over there in accounting doing the Tiger Woods fist pump because […]

23 Aug 18
Flags Fly Forever

I thought it was going to be a day where we would coast to a series win but as soon as I jump in the truck and take on the Houston traffic. A 9-1 game turned into a 9-7 game in the blink of an eye. Tio Chuck (13-3) ran out of gas, and the […]