20 Feb 19
Non-Sport Trading Cards

1955 Mother’s Cookies Sport Cars #30 Borgward PSA 10 Gem Mint – Buy – 1955 Mother’s Cookies Sport Cars #30 Borgward PSA 10 Gem Mint

08 Feb 19
Driven To Write

As Jaguar’s Wayne Burgess hefts his amp and packs his guitar case, we ask, is his departure part of a broader trend? Something is afoot within the European motor industry and in particular, amidst the more creative end of the spectrum. What began as a slow drip is becoming a steady flow as more and […]

06 Feb 19
UAE News in Dubai

DayofDubai significant success of its launch in the GCC, Borgward is set to dominate new roads in Kuwait. UAE Corporate Business Media revealed that it has lately moved to establish its visibility in Kuwait as well as is eager to fully introduce soon its company visibility in the country through campaigns and activities. Borgward is set to draw […]

28 Jan 19
Driven To Write

A group of high-profile designers have left BMW’s design studios over the past few years. Time to assess whose loss turned into whose gain.  This photo, taken in about 2006, depicts BMW Group design at the height of its creative powers. Unlike giants such as Ford, GM or VAG, BMW achieved the seemingly impossible in running […]

23 Jan 19
Ed B on Sports

Nina-Friederike Gnädig was born on December 9, 1980 in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany. She is an actress, known for Inga Lindström (2004), SOKO Stuttgart (2009) and At Home in the Mountains (2018). Born: December 9, 1980 in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany Actress (45 credits)   Big Manni (TV Movie) (post-production)  2019 Professor T. (TV Series) Maren Krüger […]

22 Jan 19
Nouvelles Du Monde

Le marché automobile chinois connaît une croissance constante depuis 28 ans, à un rythme incroyable, mais en 2018, un tournant a été observé. La guerre commerciale avec les États-Unis, les turbulences sur les marchés boursiers et un ralentissement important de l’économie du pays ont entraîné une baisse des ventes de 2,8%. Il est curieux de […]

21 Jan 19
Driven To Write

More than five decades after the incident, Borgward’s dramatic bankruptcy is retold in dramatic fashion.  Carl F W Borgward is driving his wife in a Hansa 2400 saloon along a deserted stretch of b-road when he hears that the end for the company bearing his name has come over the radio. He immediately stops the […]

17 Jan 19

1 : The Flying car ; Flying car company Terrafugia hasn’t yet delivered a single example of its first effort, called the Transition, to customers. Of course, that hasn’t stopped it from releasing a new animation of its next product, the TF-X. While Terrafugia has made successful test flights—Slovak competitor Aeromobil wasn’t so lucky—and seems to understand how […]

14 Jan 19
News about CHINA

For most of us, cups of coffee and cars have little in common. But Lu Zhengyao, chairman and CEO of ride-hailing company and car retailer Ucar, said last week that he will sell them in the same way, starting with German brand Borgward. from China Daily > China Daily News

09 Jan 19
China’s electric automakers reached a new height in 2018—selling more than one million cars. Boosted by heavy government subsidies, the country is hoping to sell twice as many in 2019. That kind of growth has attracted a slew of startups, which have collected handsome sums of investment. Some of these startups have racked up billion-dollar valuations, even before they have sold a single new-energy vehicle (NEV), which is the Chinese government term for all-electric and plug-in hybrids. Weirder still, many of them don’t even have their own production lines. Instead, they turn to established companies to make electric cars for them, creating a complicated web of industry relationships. That makes it near impossible to answer a simple question: how many electric carmakers are there in China? The answers available are only rough estimates, even from the smartest industry analysts. “It’s very hard to get comprehensive data on new car brands. There might be more than 100 startups making NEV passenger cars in China and another 100 or so traditional manufacturers,” said Qiu Kaijun, who runs a website (link in Chinese) reporting on the NEV industry. Quartz conducted its own investigation to find a more precise number. Here’s what we found: In 2018, there are around 400 active electric-vehicle makers, including close to 90 NEV passenger car makers in China. To get this answer, we used monthly data published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology last year, which lists vehicles (including passenger cars, buses, coaches etc.) approved for sale. We were also able to identify active carmakers and car brands, with the help of Cui Dongshu, the secretary of China Passenger Car Association, an organization that gathered sales information from carmakers and retailers. We’ve published the full list below. It’s worth noting that the list will change as old models are retired and new ones are approved. For example, the monthly data captured Xiaopeng, a four-year-old startup which in December delivered 24 cars. But it could not include Byton, a billion-dollar startup which displayed an electric SUV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year and which is still in the process of building a factory (link in Chinese). There are also some oddities like the company Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus, which, despite the name, the ministry says also makes passenger cars. If you’re interested in keeping up with the changes, you can follow these steps: There are two ways to get MIIT’s data: either directly from the ministry’s website (search for keywords:道路机动车辆生产企业及产品公告, which means “product release of vehicles and their manufacturers”) or try, an auto blog that puts the MIIT’s monthly announcements in one place. Then further filter the date with these keywords: 纯电动轿车 (pure battery four-seaters),纯电多用途乘用车 (pure battery passenger cars),插电式混合动力多用途乘用车 (PHEV passenger cars),插电式混合动力轿车 (PHEV four-seaters). Passenger cars can include SUVs and coupes. There are 84 passenger car manufacturers in China who made new products in 2018. NEV passenger car makers (Chinese) NEV passenger car makers (English ) The parent company, type of firm, affliations 东风小康汽车有限公司 Dongfeng Sokon (DFSK) Dongfeng, state-owned, joint venture (Xiaokang) 东风汽车有限公司 Dongfeng Motor Company Limited Dongfeng, state-owned, joint venture (Nissan) 东风柳州汽车有限公司 Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Dongfeng, state-owned, joint venture (Liuzhou Motors) 东风悦达起亚汽车有限公司 Dongfeng Yueda Kia Motor Dongfeng, state-owned, joint venture (Yueda Group and Kia Motors) 东风汽车集团有限公司 Dongfeng Motor Group Dongfeng, state-owned 东风裕隆汽车有限公司 Dongfeng Yulon Motor Dongfeng, state-owned, joint venture (Yulon) 郑州日产汽车有限公司 Zhengzhou Nissan Dongfeng, state-owned, joint venture (Nissan) 上海通用汽车有限公司 SAIC General Motors SAIC, state-owned, joint venture (GM) 上海汽车集团股份有限公司 SAIC Motor SAIC, state-owned 上汽大通汽车有限公司 SAIC Maxus SAIC, state-owned, subsidiary 上汽大众汽车有限公司 SAIC Volkswagen SAIC, state-owned, joint venture (Volkswagen) 上汽通用五菱汽车股份有限公司 SGMW SAIC, state-owned, joint venture (General Motors, Liuzhou Wuling) 北京奔驰汽车有限公司 Beijing Benz BAIC, state-owned, joint venture (Daimler) 北京汽车制造厂有限公司 Beijing Auto Works BAIC, state-owned,subsidiary 北京新能源汽车股份有限公司 BAIC BJEV BAIC, state-owned, subsidiary 北京汽车股份有限公司 BAIC Motor BAIC, state-owned 北京现代汽车有限公司 Beijing Hyundai BAIC, state-owned, joint venture (Hyundai) 北汽新能源汽车常州有限公司 BJEV (Changzhou) BAIC, state-owned, subsidiary 北汽(广州)汽车有限公司 BAIC (Guangzhou) BAIC, state-owned, subsidiary 北汽(镇江)汽车有限公司 BAIC (Zhenjiang) BAIC, state-owned, subsidiary 江西昌河汽车有限责任公司 Changhe Auto BAIC, state-owned, subsidiary 北京宝沃汽车有限公司 Borgward BAIC, state-owned, subsidiary 北汽福田汽车股份有限公司 Foton Motor BAIC, state-owned, subsidiary 广州汽车集团乘用车有限公司 GAC Motor GAC, state-owned, subsidiary 广汽三菱汽车有限公司 GAC Mitsubishi Motors GAC, state-owned, joint venture (Mitsubishi) 广汽丰田汽车有限公司 GAC Toyota GAC,state-owned, joint venture (Toyota) 广州汽车集团乘用车(杭州)有限公司 GAC Motor (Hangzhou) GAC, state-owned, subsidiary 广汽本田汽车有限公司 Guangqi Honda GAC, state-owned, joint venture (Honda) 中国第一汽车集团有限公司 FAW Group FAW, state-owned 一汽吉林汽车有限公司 FAW Jilin Automobile FAW, state-owned, subsidiary 天津一汽丰田汽车有限公司 Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor FAW, state-owned, joint venture (Toyota) 天津一汽夏利汽车股份有限公司 Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile FAW, state-owned, subsidiary 华晨宝马汽车有限公司 BMW Brilliance Brilliance, state-owned, joint venture (BMW) 福建新龙马汽车股份有限公司 NLM Motor Fujian Motor, state-owned, subsidiary 东南(福建)汽车工业有限公司 South East (Fujian) Motor Fujian Motor, state-owned, joint venture (China Motor Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors) 福建省汽车工业集团云度新能源汽车股份有限公司 FJ Motor Group, Yudo New-Energy Automobile Fujian Motor, state-owned, subsidiary 陕西通家汽车股份有限公司 Shaanxi Tongyongjia Auto SXQC, state-owned, subsidiary 湖南猎豹汽车股份有限公司 Hunan Leopaard Leopaard, state-owned 安徽江淮汽车集团股份有限公司 JAC Motors JAC, state-owned 奇瑞商用车(安徽)有限公司 Chery commercial car (Anhui) Chery, state-owned, subsidiary 奇瑞汽车股份有限公司 Chery Automobile Chery, state-owned 奇瑞新能源汽车技术有限公司 Chery New Energy Chery, state-owned, subsidiary 重庆长安汽车股份有限公司 Chongqing Changan Automobile Changan, state-owned 河北长安汽车有限公司 Hebei Changan Changan, state-owned, subsidiary 长安福特汽车有限公司 Changan Ford Automobile Changan, state-owned, joint venture (Ford) 合肥长安汽车有限公司 Hefei Changan Changan, state-owned, subsidiary 杭州长江乘用车有限公司 Hangzhou Changjiang Passenger car CITIC Group, FDG Electric Vehicles, state-owned, subsidiary 华晨雷诺金杯汽车有限公司 Renault Brilliance Brilliance, state-owned, joint venture 长城汽车股份有限公司 Great Wall Motors Great Wall, private 海马商务汽车有限公司 Haima Commercial Vehicles Haima, private, subsidiary 海马汽车有限公司 Haima Automobile Haima, private, subsidiary 一汽海马汽车有限公司 FAW Haima Haima, private, subsidiary 比亚迪汽车工业有限公司 BYD industry BYD, private, subsidiary 比亚迪汽车有限公司 BYD BYD, private 威马汽车制造温州有限公司 WM Motor (Wenzhou) WM Motor, private 湖南江南汽车制造有限公司 Hunan Jiangnan Qiche Zhizao Zotye, private, subsidiary 明君汽车有限公司 Mingjun Automobile Group Mingjun Group, private, subsidiary 汉腾汽车有限公司 Hanteng Autos Hanteng, private 江西江铃集团新能源汽车有限公司 JMEV Jiangling, private, subsidiary 浙江豪情汽车制造有限公司 Zhejiang Haoqing Geely, private, subsidiary 浙江吉利汽车有限公司 Geely Geely, private 大庆沃尔沃汽车制造有限公司 Daqing Volvo car manufacturing Geely, private, joint venture (Volvo) 兰州知豆电动汽车有限公司 Zhidou Electric Vehicle Xindayang, private 重庆金康新能源汽车有限公司 Chongqing Jinkang Xiaokang, private ,subsidiary 重庆力帆乘用车有限公司 Lifan passenger car Lifan Group, private, subsidiary 重庆力帆汽车有限公司 Lifan Motors Lifan Group, private, subsidiary 江铃汽车股份有限公司 Jiangling Motors Jiangling, private, subsidiary 江铃控股有限公司 Jiangling Group Jiangling, private 领途汽车有限公司 LinkTour Auto LinkTour, private 江苏九龙汽车制造有限公司 Jiangte Joylong Automobile Joylong, private 南京金龙客车制造有限公司 Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Sky-well New Energy Automobile Group, private, subsidiary 华晨鑫源重庆汽车有限公司 Brilliance Auto Brilliance, joint venture (Shineray) 河北红星汽车制造有限公司 Red Star Auto DFD Group, private, subsidiary 荣成华泰汽车有限公司 Hawtai Motor Hawtai, private 四川野马汽车股份有限公司 Yema Auto Yema, private 湖南恒润汽车有限公司 Hunan Hengrun Auto Hengrun High Tech, subsidiary 金华青年汽车制造有限公司 Youngman Youngman, private 山西成功汽车制造有限公司 Victory Auto Victory Group, private, subsidiary 河北御捷车业有限公司 Yogomo Yogomo, private 江西大乘汽车有限公司 Dorcen Auto Dorcen, private 观致汽车有限公司 Qoros Auto Qoros, private 国能新能源汽车有限责任公司 NEVS NEVS, private 浙江合众新能源 Hozon Auto Hozon, private 前途汽车(苏州)有限公司 Qiantu Motor Qiantu, private Some of the 84 carmakers are making 81 brands of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in 2018. One manufacturer can make different models of different brands. NEV passenger car makers (English ) BEV brand names by carmaker BEV brand name (English) 奥路卡牌 Aoluka Haima Commercial Vehicles 宝骏牌 Baojun SGMW 北京牌 Beijing Beijing Auto Works,BJEV,BAIC Motor,BAIC (Zhenjiang),BJEV Changzhou branch,BAIC (Guangzhou) branch 北京现代牌 Beijing Hyundai Beijing Hyundai 宾果牌 Bingo Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile 宝沃牌 Borgward Borgward 别克牌 BUICK SAIC-GM 比亚迪牌 BYD BYD industry, BYD 长安牌 Changan Changan Auto,Hefei Changan,Hebei Changan 昌河牌 Changhe Changhe auto 长江牌 Changjiang Hangzhou Changjiang Passenger car 奇瑞牌 Chery Chery Automobile,Chery New Energy 腾势牌 Denza BYD industry 东风牌 Dongfeng Dongfeng Sokon,Zhengzhou Nissan,Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor 东风日产牌 Dongfeng Nissan Dongfeng Motor Group, DFL 大乘汽车牌 Dorcen Dorcen Auto 帝豪牌 Emgrand Zhejiang Haoqing 理念 Everus Guangqi Honda 一汽牌 FAW FAW Group 一汽佳星牌 FAW Jiaxing FAW Jilin Automobile 风神牌 Fengshen Dongfeng Motor Group 福田牌 Foton Foton Motor 福建牌 Fujian NLM Motor 富康牌 Fukang Dongfeng Motor Group 广汽(GAC)牌 GAC GAC-Toyota,GMMC 吉利牌 Geely Geely, Zhejiang Haoqing 海马牌 Haima FAW Haima, Haima 汉腾牌 Hanteng Hanteng Auto 华泰牌 Hawtai Hawtai Motor 恒润牌 Hengrun Hunan Hengrun Auto 红旗牌 Hongqi FAW Group 华骐牌 Horki Dongfeng Yueda Kia Motor 哪吒牌 Hozon Auto Hozon Auto 华凯牌 Huakai Mingjun Automobile Group 江淮牌 JAC JAC Motors 江铃牌 Jiangling Jiangling Motors, Jiangling Group, Chery commercial car(Anhui) 江南牌 Jiangnan Hunan Jiangnan Qiche Zhiao 解放牌 Jiefang FAW Jilin Automobile 金杯牌 Jinbei Renault Brilliance 金康牌 Jinkang Chongqing Jinkang 大马牌 Joylong Dama Jiangte Joylong Automobile 俊风牌 Junfeng Dongfeng Motor Group 骏派牌 Junpai Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile 开瑞牌 Kairui Chery commercial car (Anhui) 起亚牌 Kia Dongfeng Yueda Kia 猎豹 Leopaard Hunan Leopaard 力帆牌 Lifan Lifan passenger car, Lifan Motors 领途牌 LinkTour SAIC Motor 纳智捷牌 Luxgen Dongfeng Yulon 大通牌 Maxus SAIC Maxus Automotive, Hawtai Motor 名爵牌 MG SAIC Motor 龙基牌 NEVS NEVS 蔚来牌 NIO JAC Motors 欧联牌 Olian Youngman 欧拉牌 ORA Great Wall Motors 前途牌 Qiantu Qiantu Motor 观致(QOROS)牌 Qoros Qoros Auto 红星牌 Red Star Red Star Auto 荣威牌 Roewe SAIC Motor 瑞驰牌 Ruichi Chongqing Jinkang 大众汽车(VOLKSWAGEN)牌 SAIC Volkswagen SAIC Volkswagen 森雅牌 Senya FAW MC 鑫源牌 Shineray Brilliance Auto, SAIC Motor 奇点牌 Singulato Changhe auto 国金汽车牌 Sinogold Shaanxi Tongyongjia Auto 开沃牌 Skywell Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus, SAIC Motor 思皓牌 SOL JAC Motors 太行成功牌 Taixing Chenggong Victory Auto 通家福牌 Tongjiafu Shaanxi Tongyongjia Auto 传祺(Trumpchi)牌 Trumpchi GAC Motor (Hangzhou), GAC Motor 启辰牌 Venucia DFL (VOLKSWAGEN)牌 Volkswagen SAIC Volkswagen 威阔牌 Weikuo WM Motor Wenzhou Manufacturing 威尔马斯特牌 Weltmeister WM Motor Wenzhou Manufacturing 小鹏牌 Xaiopeng Haima Automobile 野马牌 Yema Yema Auto 易至牌 Yizhi JMEV 御捷马牌 Yogomo LinkTour Auto,Yogomo 云度牌 Yudo Fujian Motor Group, Yudo New-Energy Automobile 知豆牌 Zhidou Zhidou Electric Vehicle 众泰牌 Zotye Hunan Jiangnan Qiche Zhizao And some of the 84 carmakers are manufacturing 25 plug-in hybrid passenger car brands. PHEV brand in Chinese PHEV brand in English PHEV makers 北京现代牌 BAIC Hyundai Beijing Hyundai 宝马(BMW)牌 Brilliance BMW BMW Brilliance 别克(BUICK)牌 Buick SAIC-GM 比亚迪牌 BYD BYD Industry, BYD 长安牌 Changan Chongqing Changan Automobile 东风牌 Dongfeng Dongfeng Sokon (DFSK) 帝豪牌 Emgrand Zhejiang Haoqing 风神牌 Fengshen Dongfeng Motor Group 福特牌 Ford Jiangling Motors, Changan Ford Automobile 广汽(GAC)牌 GAC GAC Mitsubishi Motors, GAC Toyota 吉利牌 Geely Geely 吉利美日牌 Geely Merrie Geely 江铃牌 Jiangling Jiangling Motors 起亚牌 Kia Dongfeng Yueda Kia 领克牌 LINK&Co Geely 梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)牌 Mercedes Benz Beijing Benz 名爵牌 MG SAIC Motor 荣威牌 Roewe SAIC Motor (VOLKSWAGEN)牌 SAIC Volkswagen SAIC Volkswagen (TOYOTA)牌 Toyota GAC Toyota 丰田 Toyota Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor 传祺(Trumpchi)牌 Trumpchi GAC Motor 沃尔沃牌 Volvo Daqing Volvo Car Manufacturing, Zhejiang Haoqing 魏派牌 WEY Great Wall Motors 之诺(ZINORO)牌 ZINORO BMW Brilliance
09 Jan 19
EIKE - Europäisches Institut für Klima & Energie

von Holger Douglas
Es ist eine Art Themenabend für das Auto bei der ARD. Zunächst geht es um die Borgward-Pleite. Dann um den aktuellen Diesel-Skandal. Das Ergebnis ist erfrischend und verblüffend für die ARD.

06 Jan 19
News about CHINA

Borgward is likely to see a turn for the better in 2019 now that its owner Foton Motor has introduced partners to finance the manufacturing plan and help boost sales. from China Daily > China Daily News