15 Apr 19
Nicolas Giles

58 Borgward Isabella Coupe

12 Apr 19

The reversing radar is called “Reversing Anti-collision Radar”, also called “Parking Aid Device”. It is a safety auxiliary device for parking or reversing cars. It is composed of ultrasonic sensors (commonly known as probes), controllers and monitors (or buzzers). Part of the composition. The BorgWard Parking Sensor can inform the driver of obstacles around with a sound […]

27 Mar 19
Favorite Car Photos
23 Mar 19
Drehmoment, Magazin für automobile Kultur

Foto: der Autor mit Jochen Neerpasch von UWE MAHLA Der Mann hat im deutschen und internationalen Motorsport noch heute einen Ruf wie Donnerhall. Wie kaum ein anderer Zeitgenosse hat er im nationalen wie internationalen Motorsport mit wegweisenden Impulsen und wagemutigen Projekten Aufsehen erregende Entwicklungen eingeleitet und voran getrieben. Im März wurde Jochen Neerpasch 80. Und […]

02 Mar 19
Ford Motor Company

via Dave Neifer

25 Feb 19

Oh, and it’s also possibly the final NBA game in Sacramento, meaning it should be a fired-up crowd against the Laker franchise that Kings fans love to hate. Cheap Jerseys NFL New Orleans Saints Cheap Jerseys Usa – Now do you believe me? In the Wholesale Jerseys Usa turnover department they are 17th with 14 […]

24 Feb 19
Driven To Write

We will conclude this small inspection of a modestly sized portion of a fraction of Europe’s motoring history by reviewing what the Daily Express said about Triumph and Rover cars in the late 60s. Every year the Daily Express published a guide to coincide with the annual London car show (which took place in London, […]

08 Feb 19
Driven To Write

As Jaguar’s Wayne Burgess hefts his amp and packs his guitar case, we ask, is his departure part of a broader trend? Something is afoot within the European motor industry and in particular, amidst the more creative end of the spectrum. What began as a slow drip is becoming a steady flow as more and […]

06 Feb 19
UAE News in Dubai

DayofDubai significant success of its launch in the GCC, Borgward is set to dominate new roads in Kuwait. UAE Corporate Business Media revealed that it has lately moved to establish its visibility in Kuwait as well as is eager to fully introduce soon its company visibility in the country through campaigns and activities. Borgward is set to draw […]

28 Jan 19
Driven To Write

A group of high-profile designers have left BMW’s design studios over the past few years. Time to assess whose loss turned into whose gain.  This photo, taken in about 2006, depicts BMW Group design at the height of its creative powers. Unlike giants such as Ford, GM or VAG, BMW achieved the seemingly impossible in running […]

21 Jan 19
Driven To Write

More than five decades after the incident, Borgward’s dramatic bankruptcy is retold in dramatic fashion.  Carl F W Borgward is driving his wife in a Hansa 2400 saloon along a deserted stretch of b-road when he hears that the end for the company bearing his name has come over the radio. He immediately stops the […]

17 Jan 19

1 : The Flying car ; Flying car company Terrafugia hasn’t yet delivered a single example of its first effort, called the Transition, to customers. Of course, that hasn’t stopped it from releasing a new animation of its next product, the TF-X. While Terrafugia has made successful test flights—Slovak competitor Aeromobil wasn’t so lucky—and seems to understand how […]