22 Apr 19
Mildred Borrelli
20 Apr 19
Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

Después de su paso por Córdoba, el encuentro organizado y protagonizado por mujeres, pasó este viernes por Rosario en una jornada de convivencia, pluralidad y visibilización marcando el inició de un camino que tiene mucho por delante

20 Apr 19
Best Online Shopping website

“Chocolate For A Happy Heart” [ad_1] What Delectable Treat Will Leave You Not Only Wanting More, But Feeling Better Because You Ate It?     The craving for this sweet treat is as old as the hills and we’re only now discovering some of the added benefits from enjoying it.  This amazingly decadent yet natural […]

16 Apr 19
State of Reform

With three and a half weeks to go before our 2019 Northern California State of Reform Health Policy Conference, we are putting the final touches on our list of more than 65 speakers. And, since those folks are working on the issues that we are all watching in California health care, we wanted to feature some […]

14 Apr 19
A Little Rickie Bobby Knowledge

Frankie is a well know Yankees and a “diehard” islanders fan.  He’s been going to islanders game since he was a little boy (at least that what he says) and he has probably been rooting for the Yankees since the 2009 world series.  He will root for his teams and support them through thick and […]