13 Dec 18
Bellan Fiction Stories

Eyes bored into her. She was attractive and she knew how to flaunt it. Her slim, well-shaped body looked like something out of a special mould. Moulded to perfection. Endowed with moderated curves and edges, flatness and turgidity at appropriate places. Her fluorogenic brown eyes radiated sputtering sparkles that sent shivers into men and made […]

08 Dec 18
Matteo c.

Jean Sibelius was born 100 years before my mother; Jean Sibelius died 10 days after my birthday, and 3 months before my father was born; Jean Sibelius hat was a Borsalino made in Alessandria; Jean Sibelius lived in Rapallo back in 1901, in an apartment that is now owned by my father’s brother. I feel that there’s a […]

07 Dec 18

UPDATED 11/30/2018 New & updated listings are displayed in boldface. Description Item Code SRP Expected In-store Date Vendor FATE GRAND ORDER SABER MIYAMOTO MUSASHI NENDOROID AF APR188313 $65.99 02/27/19 GOOD SMILE COMPANY A3 INFINITY WAR IRON SPIDER DS-015 DREAM-SELECT SERIES PX DEC178325 $30.00 01/02/19 BEAST KINGDOM CO., LTD ALICE IN WONDERLAND DS-010 DREAM-SELECT SER PX 6IN […]

07 Dec 18

Hello my loves! Ever heard the sentence “Never wear white after Labor Day.”? I call it a nonsense story at best. And if there’s one thing we can learn from fashion is that there are no rules (who believe’s in rules anyway?).  I believe there’s nothing more magical than walking in the snow, browsing around […]

06 Dec 18

The Forward has always been a progressive Jewish magazine.  Usually I could forgive their progressiveness because despite it, they were good about calling out Left Wing anti-Semitism. That was, until now. The Forward published an article that was so woke, I thought it was going to give me an intracranial bleed trying to wrap my […]

03 Dec 18

This Sunday, December 2nd, the first three historical chains could count on a satisfying audience. TF1, followed by its two competitors, remained in the lead with World War Z. More than 3.9 million French have followed Brad Pitt against the zombies, or 17.3% of the audience present in front of his small screen between 21:15 […]

29 Nov 18

You would be spoiled for ways to describe Finland’s natural bounty — a breathtaking tapestry of Arctic tundra, glacial fields, boreal forests, gin-clear lakes, and dramatic coastline offering easy access to the world’s largest archipelago. The landscape is as wild and untouched as anywhere on the planet; the air is relatively pollution-free, making the sunlight […]

27 Nov 18
Photo Snapping

In Bolivia, Chola is an ethnic denomination referring to indigenous and mestizo women. It applies to all those who use traditional clothes established during the initial process of mestizaje in the current Bolivian territory, and also extends to other mestizo and indigenous women, often used with a pejorative connotation due to racism. The personal arrangement […]

27 Nov 18

The hat was created as a partnership between the Alessandria-based hat maker and the Humphrey Bogart estate.

26 Nov 18
Lone Wolf's Library

“Seems i got company” he said under his breath. He turned around to face the source of the cold, and came face to face with a man. The man seemed familiar, but Wolf couldn’t exactly recall who it was. “Greetings Master Wolf” The man said, his voice was strong just as the overal appearance of […]

25 Nov 18

“If you don’t save your own…” Here is a poem inspired by John Clare’s “I Am.” Title – ” You’re and I’m ” 1. You’re and I’m. We both exist, We both rhy’m. I have an idea, If you have the time. I passed the Borsalino Test – I’m back in my prime. 2. So […]

16 Nov 18
The Picture Book Review

[Reviewed from Copy Courtesy of Chronicle Books] Do you know the difference between a rabbit and hare? What about a crocodile and an alligator? A clementine and a mandarin? Peach and a nectarine? Antarctica vs. the arctic? Great Britain vs. England? Holland vs. the Netherlands? A stetson vs a borsalino? (Admittedly, before this book I […]