19 Feb 19
Corner Cafe

Corner Cafe Show: February 23, 2019 Billboard charting jazz artist and producer Darren Rahn is back in studio! With over 25 #1 radio singles and multiple Grammy nominations over the past 11 years as an artist, producer and mixing engineer, Darren Rahn has become urban jazz’s premiere sonic architect, the “go-to” guy for established genre greats and […]

19 Feb 19

The Life and Death of an Accountant A Homage by the famous Red Cap. Johann 7/02/1954 – 7/10/2018 “Show me your face before your parents were born” the Buddhist Master will ask of his student, and most of the time he will whack him on the head if he starts to ramble about previous lives […]

13 Feb 19
चतुर नॉनसेंस

Jeden. Dwa. Trzy. Sto. How do you feel about being psychoanalysed by your own ma? Et tu, Ummi? In one’s heart of hearts (a figure of speech; I’m not really an Octopus with multiple hearts), one realises that ‘nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy (transl. as Not My Business)’ could very well act as a […]

08 Feb 19

The Grammys’ audio coordinator explains why there’s no substitute for live performance Michael Abbott has overseen audio at the Grammys for decades. It’s an extremely high-pressure position, so I expected Abbot to have the personality to match. But when I met him in the hallways of a trade show last month, I immediately noticed that […]

05 Feb 19

It’s been a whirlwind of new experiences since the new year began, from a much needed escape to Mexico to a flurry of preparations for upcoming recitals. It has truly been a joy to share my solo program from my heart and to be able to network and meet so many new and old friends, […]

04 Feb 19

Pianos are free, in case you’re not hip to the exciting world of musical instrument salvage. Yes, the home piano, once the pinnacle of upper middle class appreciation of the arts, is no longer. The piano your great aunt bought in 1963 is just taking up space, and it’s not like the guy on Craigslist […]

02 Feb 19
Andrew Hugill

In the previous post I described the background to this project to construct a digital piano that renders my diplacusis audible to others. This post describes my studio session with Craig Vear, during which we assembled the entire instrument. We worked in the Courtyard Studio at De Montfort University, which was the very first space […]

20 Jan 19

Ilya Kondratiev in Italy The Jewels in the crown “Ilya is a gem….No matter how many years go by I will always remember his performance .He is a natural beast..” Yvonne Georgiadou Artistic director of the Pharos Arts Foundation in Cyprus. The start of the Keyboard Charitable Trust 2019 annual tour of Italy. […]

15 Jan 19
Maria Radutu

Maria Radutu & Markus Adenberger Release date: March 2019 Contrasting classical collection. A clarinet and a piano, together like you’ve never heard before. Radutu’s and Adenberger’s unlimited love for music results in probably the most diverse album for clarinet and piano you’ve ever heard. Modern humor and dark deepness in Penderecki’s Miniatures, America’s jazz of the […]

06 Jan 19

Unlimited Talent Mathew Lau at St Barnabas CHRISTOPHER AXWORTHY·FRIDAY 4 GENNAIO 20195  Dr Hugh Mather with Matthew Lau explaining his programme to a rapt audience What a way to start the year at that Mecca for all young pianists in Dr Hugh Mather’s extraordinary series of concerts at St Mary’s Perivale and St Barnabas.Many of the […]

02 Jan 19
Regina Leader-Post

The Regina musician and producer announced the news in a Facebook post on Tuesday, the studio’s last day.